Here’s where we give you our digits, tell you what to do if stuffbreaks, dole out some friendly advice, and generally welc...
3 Welcome3 Offices3 Important Phone Numbers3 Facebook & Twitter4 Glory Days4 Rad Your Pad4 Rent Schedule4 Evacuation Locat...
You’re here! Now the party can start. After all, our property’s pretty                       sweet, but it’s people that m...
They say college is the time of your life. We say it’s entirely up to you.                                        And you’...
Mailboxes are located at the Clubhouse. There is only one mailbox per                                       Apartment, and...
Make your move to The Grove much easier by figuring out exactly what to bring ahead of time. Here’s a handylist of the ess...
Tips to make your life easier—now, while you enjoy your kitchen, and definitely later, when you move out.   STOVE         ...
FURNITURE                                                             WALLSYour sofa and chair have scotch guard on them t...
FURNITURE                                                                MATTRESSWipe furniture with a damp cloth to keep ...
‰‰   All personal belongings must be moved                              ‰‰   Be sure there are no tacks, nails, etc in the...
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Grove living 101 campus crest - grove apartments handbook


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Here is the official Grove Living 101, Grove apartments handbook!

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Grove living 101 campus crest - grove apartments handbook

  1. 1. Here’s where we give you our digits, tell you what to do if stuffbreaks, dole out some friendly advice, and generally welcomeyou to the best year of your life.
  2. 2. 3 Welcome3 Offices3 Important Phone Numbers3 Facebook & Twitter4 Glory Days4 Rad Your Pad4 Rent Schedule4 Evacuation Locations5 Mail5 Service Requests5 Health and Safety Inspections6 The Smart List: What to Bring7 How to Take Care of Your Kitchen8 How to Take Care of Your Common Room9 How to Take Care of Your Bedroom9 How to Take Care of Your Bathroom9 Guidelines for Moving Out10 Move Out Checklist
  3. 3. You’re here! Now the party can start. After all, our property’s pretty sweet, but it’s people that make a place great. So we’re excited to kick off a brand new year with you and create some crazy memories. Get to know your neighbors. Get to know the Grove team. Don’t be shy – we’re here to help you find whatever you need. If you have any questions or concerns while you’re settling in, give us a ring or drop by the office. You can find The Grove Management Office in the Clubhouse. We’re open: Monday - Thursday - 8 am - 10 pm IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS: Friday - 8 am - 8 pm Office Phone: 000-000-0000 Saturday - 10 pm - 8 pm CA emergency line: 000-000-0000 Sunday - 1 pm - 6 pm Internet/cable: 000-000-0000 *Note: This is where you call for assistance, pay rent, pick up packages, check out cornhole boards etc.Of course you’re on Facebook. And maybe you’re on Twitter. We are too.If you haven’t already, you should like our community page and give usa follow. Consider it your year-round invitation to join the fun. We postevent info, community news, pictures, contests, reminders, and otherstuff you’re gonna wish you knew. It’s also a great place to meet yourGrove neighbors, or get questions answered 3
  4. 4. They say college is the time of your life. We say it’s entirely up to you. And you’re off to a good start by living here. We’ll do everything we can to make your college experience exciting and meaningful and connected. But the rest? Well, you write your own stories. So blaze a new trail. Stay up late with your best friends. Take naps. Work hard and play harder. Try new foods. Be fearless. Dance. The moments you live right now will be the stories you tell years down the road. Make them glorious.You’re gonna be here for a while. Why not make your place somewhereyou want to be all the time? Or better yet, a place your friends want tobe all the time. This fall, if you spruce up your place, it’ll pay off. Our RadYour Pad contest has two big prizes for the winner of Best Bedroomand Best Common Area, plus other great prizes for participating.Grab your roommates and start decorating. Look for more details onmove-in day!Rent is due on the first of every month. Handy tip: failing to pay rent is one of those tricky things that seemspretty inconsequential now, but will hurt you big time when you graduate and get your next place. Late feesdon’t hurt, not paying hurts. So pay rent on time! You’ll thank us later. Whether it’s you or your parents paying,we’ve made it easy every month: 1. Sign up for ACH, and we will automatically deduct your rent out of your checking account each month. (No remembering! No late fees!) 2. Pay online using a debit or credit card. 3. Pay in person, at the office by: check, debit card, money order, or credit card.In the event that The Grove needs to be evacuated, all residents need to exit their apartments and report tothe parking lot farthest away from the buildings. In case of inclement weather, take shelter in the closest roomwith no windows in your apartment. (We recommend your closet or bathroom.) 4
  5. 5. Mailboxes are located at the Clubhouse. There is only one mailbox per Apartment, and each resident will get a key to this box. Make sure that mailing addresses only include the apartment number so your mail is delivered properly. If you receive a package, we’ll let you know, and you can pick it up at the front desk. The Grove is not responsible for your packages after the day of delivery. To claim your package, you must present a valid photo ID to the Community Assistant and sign the logbook verifying your receipt of the package. The desk will only hold packages for up to 5 days upon delivery. After 5 days, the package will be returned to the sender unless you notify us.If anything breaks in your unit, please fill out a You might need to fill out a service request for:service request by calling, stopping by the office, or • Loss of power or heatcompleting an online service request form at gogrove. • Water leakscom. Service requests are picked up throughout the • Pest control issuesday and completed on a priority basis. In case of • Broken appliancesan emergency, call the Grove office for immediate • Furniture repairsassistance. When service requests are completed, our • Key, lock, or other door problemsMaintenance Staff will leave a copy of your completed • Major plumbing issuesservice request in your apartment. If you have an after- *Please note that you could be billed for any Service Requesthours emergency, please call our emergency line at caused by improper use, neglect, or other damages not due to000-000-0000 normal usage. So play nice with your apartment!Our staff will visit your apartment routinely to change your air filterand generally check on the place. We just want to keep you safe, theapartment looking good, and everybody healthy and happy. 5
  6. 6. Make your move to The Grove much easier by figuring out exactly what to bring ahead of time. Here’s a handylist of the essentials we’ve created for you: ‰‰ Toilet paper ‰‰ First aid kit ‰‰ Toilet brush & plunger ‰‰ Trash cans ‰‰ Shower rod & curtain ‰‰ Coasters ‰‰ Bathroom mat ‰‰ Meds (ibuprofen, Tylenol, etc) ‰‰ Shower caddy ‰‰ Alarm clock ‰‰ Toothbrush holder ‰‰ Posters and wall décor ‰‰ Bathroom towels ‰‰ Curtains and rods ‰‰ Mop & broom ‰‰ Key rack ‰‰ Vacuum cleaner ‰‰ Thumbtacks ‰‰ Cleaning supplies ‰‰ Hand soap ‰‰ Laundry basket ‰‰ Laundry hamper ‰‰ Laundry detergent ‰‰ Closet accessories (shoe rack, etc) ‰‰ Dryer sheets ‰‰ Iron & ironing board ‰‰ Bedding (sheets, comforter, pillows) ‰‰ Bulletin or dry erase board ‰‰ Hangers ‰‰ Potholders ‰‰ Dish towels ‰‰ Dish rack ‰‰ Sponges ‰‰ Computer paper ‰‰ Kitchen supplies (plates, bowls, cups) ‰‰ Light bulbs ‰‰ Silverware ‰‰ Chip clips ‰‰ Blender ‰‰ Cookbooks ‰‰ Toaster ‰‰ Air freshener ‰‰ Coffee maker ‰‰ Food ‰‰ Pots and pans 6
  7. 7. Tips to make your life easier—now, while you enjoy your kitchen, and definitely later, when you move out. STOVE DISHWASHER WASHER/DRYER• Clean your drip pans every time you use Unless you want a soap suds disaster on Washing machines are made to wash them. your hands, only use detergent designed fabrics, not items with plastic or cotton• Wipe the stovetop surface every day. specifically for the dishwasher! When you backing such as plastic tablecloths.• Clean your oven once a semester; more are putting the dishes in the dishwasher, Do not overload the machine! If the often if you’re Martha Stewart. You can remember the water jet in the middle of agitator inside the machine cannot move find oven cleaners at any store, but be the bottom rack must have room to pop freely due to overloading, it will cause sure to read the label for any warnings up and spin or it will not clean the dishes. permanent damage to the motor. Make about fumes. If the jet is blocked, it could also cause sure you don’t leave your clothes in the• If your stove/oven isn’t clean when you damage to the dishwasher. The key is washing machine overnight, or they will move out, it will cost you. So take care of to not overload it. mildew. And no, throwing them in the it along the way. (P.S. you can buy drip dryer with a dryer sheet will not eliminate pans from a local store to replace them when you move out. They cost just a few MICROWAVE that mildew smell. dollars, and will save you a potential Use only microwave rated cooking dishes. Check your clothes labels before you dry kitchen cleaning charge.) Clean the surface after each use if there is them, to make sure you don’t shrink or any food spill. Do not put anything metal ruin that shirt you love. Be sure to clean or tin foil in the microwave; this will cause the lint filter after each use. A clogged COOKING TIPS damage. Dishes that are used to heat food lint filer will cause improper flow of heat in the microwave can be very hot, even and air, which can prevent your clothes• Cook on medium. It will cook your food from drying and can become a fire hazard. more evenly and reduce the chance that though the food may not be. Liquids that get heated for more than a minute can be Please do not have friends over to use food will stick to the pan. your laundry machines, if you do, you will• If you start a kitchen fire, DO NOT extremely hot, so be careful. be charged for excessive use of utilities as try to put it out with water. Use a fire stated in your lease. extinguisher.• In the oven, use an oven-safe dish with a GARBAGE DISPOSAL cover, or cover with aluminum foil to cook Make sure to always run the water when TRASH food more evenly and reduce clean up you use the disposal. Only small amounts You are responsible for taking your trash from splattering. of food (no bones or other hard objects) from your apartment to the designated• Use utensils and pans that are designed should be put in the disposal. To control trash compactor—not outside your door. for heat, so they don’t melt or break. Use odor, occasionally mix some disinfectant Trash left outside in breezeways is not a potholder when carrying or transferring cleaner with water and run it through sanitary and can lead to bug and rodent hot dishes. the disposal, or simply run cut-up citrus infestation, which is gross for everybody. fruit through it. Running your disposal If you fail to take your trash to the REFRIGERATOR regularly will help prevent bugs/flies from finding their way into your apartment. designated areas, you’ll end up with trash fines. Trust us, they aren’t cheap—and it Set your temperature dial to the middle just cuts into your weekend money! number. If you find your food is not cold enough, you can always adjust it later. TILE FLOORS Place an open box of baking soda inside COUNTERTOPS of the refrigerator/freezer to help reduce The kitchen floor has a no-wax finish. Use a mild cleaner to clean it. The label should All counter surfaces can be cleaned odors. The inside shelves can be cleaned say whether the product is safe for no- with mild soap and water. Cleaners that with a mild soap and water. (Failure to wax floors. If you have wood flooring in are abrasive can cause damage to the keep a clean refrigerator could result in your apartment, always sweep or vacuum counters. Do not put hot pots or dishes a cleaning charge upon move out.) before cleaning. Then clean it with a directly on the counters because they microfiber cloth and a product specifically could leave a burn mark. made for this floor called Allure Onestep (available at Home Depot) OR a non- rinsing, biodegradable cleaner and water. 7
  8. 8. FURNITURE WALLSYour sofa and chair have scotch guard on them to help protect We encourage you to personalize your apartment and we knowfrom stains. However, if something is spilled on them and not that means hanging posters and pictures throughout your place.cleaned immediately, it may leave a permanent stain. If you Just be smart about it, because residents are responsible for allnotice a stain, check with The Grove maintenance staff to find damage to the wall, including damage to paint due to tape marks,out how to best remove it. furniture marks, etc. We recommend 3M Command Hooks.HEATING & COOLING SYSTEMYou will have control over the temperature in your apartment. There is a temperature gauge at the top of the thermostat box thatyou can use to change the temperature. Having the temperature set too high or too low can cause the HVAC system to malfunction.Remember, there is only one thermostat box in each apartment. Therefore, if you set the temperature on the thermostat box, you aresetting the temperature for the entire apartment. The vents are located on the ceiling, and can be opened and closed at any time.CARPET BLINDSVacuum often and clean up spills. Using carpet deodorizer The blinds should be dusted throughout the semester.powders or sprays will help to keep the carpet fresh and clean.SMOKE DETECTORS FIRE SPRINKLER SYSTEMThere are smoke detectors in the apartment for your safety. You will notice there are fire sprinklers hanging in each room ofIf your smoke detector starts beeping and there is no smoke in the apartment. Do not touch or hang anything on them. If youyour apartment, don’t disconnect it, simply replace the batteries. attempt to hang anything from the sprinkler, it could activateThe beeping generally means the battery is low. Disconnecting it and flood your apartment and possibly others. Anyone whoit will cause a break in the circuit and other smoke detectors in is found responsible for causing a sprinkler to discharge will bethe apartment could start beeping. Tampering with fire safety held responsible judicially and financially for all damage toequipment is serious, and will be dealt with as a judicial offense. The Grove property and the property of other residents(Yikes.) damaged by the water. (Double Yikes!) 8
  9. 9. FURNITURE MATTRESSWipe furniture with a damp cloth to keep clean. Don’t place Mattress pads are recommended because any spills could leave afurniture directly against the wall to avoid leaving marks. stain on the mattress—and the mattress must be stain-free whenBe sure not to mark on the desk with markers, pens, or crayons. you move out.The more you clean in the beginning, the easier it will be when you move out. So clean your bathroom once a week, using products thatwon’t leave soap scum behind. Remember that our toilets are 1.5 liters, low flush. This means you shouldn’t flush feminine products downthe toilet. If the toilet starts to overflow, turn the valve located on the wall right below the tank all the way off. Oh, and if you wish tosoak in a hot bath, watch how high you fill the tub. Too much water and you could create a leak in the apartment below you. Nobody likesgetting rained on indoors!Whether one or all of the residents of your apartment are leaving, we will Just know that staff membersinspect your apartment. The terms of the lease state that the apartment conducting the pre-inspection canmust be returned in good condition with the carpet professionally make no decision as to whether youshampooed. A staff member will do a pre-check in the apartment prior will be charged. A final inspectionto the person(s) vacating to determine the overall condition of the is completed once we have receivedapartment and check for any damages. If there are any damages, this is your keys. At that time, if the room/an excellent time to talk with all of your roommates to determine if the apartment has not been left in cleanresulting charges should be split evenly among the residents or if one condition and/or there are damagesperson will accept responsibility. It is also an excellent opportunity for to the apartment, assessment willthe staff to look at any specific items you may be concerned about (i.e. be determined.stains in carpet, holes in walls, etc). 9
  10. 10. ‰‰ All personal belongings must be moved ‰‰ Be sure there are no tacks, nails, etc in the walls ‰‰ Wipe down all furniture with a soft cloth to remove dust ‰‰ Vacuum carpet, inside closets, and under all furniture ‰‰ Clean all mirrors ‰‰ Clean all sinks and bathroom areas; remove any mold build-up ‰‰ The tubs and showers must be cleaned, soap scum removed ‰‰ Bathroom sinks and toilets must be cleaned ‰‰ Clean all tile floors ‰‰ Dust all the blinds ‰‰ Empty all cabinets and wipe them out ‰‰ Clean appliances (refrigerator, oven, microwave, dishwasher) ‰‰ Put dishwasher detergent in the dishwasher and run it empty to clean it ‰‰ Empty the lint trap in the dryer ‰‰ Be sure to officially check out with The Grove Staff ‰‰ Turn in your keys and sign off on the Move-Out form NORMAL WEAR & TEAR DOES NOT INCLUDE: • Dirty or stained carpets • Dirty counters • Dirty appliances • Dirty bathroom • Dirty, torn, or broken furniture • Dirty or stained kitchen tile • Marks or holes on the walls • Missing furniture or contents • Torn or stained mattressResidents are responsible for properly maintaining their apartments and leaving them in good condition upon check-out.Failure to consistently maintain condition of all areas of apartment during the term of the lease will make it difficult toproperly clean/repair during move out; residents could be charged with cleaning and damage fees as a result. Please beadvised that the best way to avoid these fees is to regularly clean and care for your apartment. If an outside craftsman isrequired due to neglect, improper use or care, damage, or accident caused by a resident, the total bill is passed onto that resident. 10