Make your camping easier with portable shower


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Portable shower is a great way to keep up with hygiene and enjoyable camping. It comes with a shower tent to allow privacy while showering. Read more:

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Make your camping easier with portable shower

  1. 1. Make Your Camping Easier With Portable Shower Recurrent campers have all required add-on to their camping setup. They are experienced with the agony of lack of home amenities associated with insufficient home amenities with off-the-grid camping places. Ease of clean and warm shower is a prerequisite for a nice camping vacation. Yet, campsites normally lack easy water. If you have been camping for a couple of nights, there is nothing like a nice warm shower after adventurous activities that leave you covered with dirt. Bathing in the bush is invigorating, warm water against your skin counteracting the cool air outside, all whilst standing amongst the shrubs and animals. Here the significance of Portable shower comes into the picture. Portable shower is available in a range of models according to size, functionality and price. These are discussed below in detail: Lightweight Solar Bag: This really is an ideal bathing option for backpacker and hikers who love to travel by walking. It consists of a bag that is filled with water and left in the sun for hours to heat through. The bag is made of windshield reflector and heat absorbing material on one side and transparent on the other side. To heat the water, ensure that the side with absorbed material must confront the sun. The major disadvantage of solar bag is that it works only if you have been camping on locations where the days are sunny for long enough. Thus, solar bag is an ideal, lightweight solution for backpackers, although just when you're certain that solar will shine for very long sufficient. Propane Gas Shower: It is the simplest model in case you have also been car camping. This sort of lightweight portable shower runs through gas propane and also called tankless portable shower due to absence of water storage tank in the unit. No water is preserved for afterwards use. In fact, as soon as the tap is turned on and water flows through the unit, water is heated and passes out through shower head. Thus, gas- powered model is an efficient solution as it provides instant hot water with a flow rate of around a gallon on water per minute. All you need is to affix the unit with a propane bottle and water faucet. Battery powered shower: Manufacturers have developed the simplest and efficient model of lightweight product powered by simply just a 2d type battery power. It consists of an inlet pump that is immersed into water sources and pumps out the water through an outlet pump. The entire unit weighs around 1KG and takes less than 30 seconds to produce clean water. The only disadvantage is that it just cleans the water, but do not heat up the water. Yet, it is the most widely used and cheapest Zodi shower model. Portable shower should be combined with a shower tent if you wish to preserve the comfort. Shower tent in addition includes a variety of designs, wants as well as costs. They pack down to a small size and are ideal if you are car camping or wild camping.