Bits of tips to buy Camping Shower Tent
Camping locations like mountains, hills and forests usually lack private shelters ...
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Bits of tips to buy camping shower tent


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To buy a shower tent for camping, there are many things to keep in mind. Check out few tips for a worthy and long term investment on privacy tent. Read more detail visit:

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Bits of tips to buy camping shower tent

  1. 1. Bits of tips to buy Camping Shower Tent Camping locations like mountains, hills and forests usually lack private shelters for bathing. Lack of privacy makes camping miserable for people and discourage them to stay at outdoor for days. Eliminating this dilemma for camp lovers, advance technology has introduced many camping products like portable water heaters, shower, camp kitchen, toiletries, privacy enclosure and many more. These products have made it possible to stay clean anywhere at outdoor. For privacy, portable privacy tent is really convenient at campground. These are available in different styles, range and durability for different needs. It is not only used for bathing, but also as toiletries and changing room. These simple to set up tents can be used at any location. Before buying a shower tent, consider the following things:  Sturdy poles: Some enclosures have poles made from light material that will bend or break easily. Such privacy enclosure will last not more than two or three trips. Therefore, always buy durable product to make your investment worthwhile for a long time. Fiberglass and aluminum are good material for tent poles that can withstand in wind. Sturdiness of the poles is important because poles can be used to hang shower bangs on them.  Size: shower tent come in various sizes. Always buy an appropriate size so that no one in your party may feel restricted in enclosure. It is better to choose open-topped and square shaped tent. An open-topped tent is usable for persons of every size. Before buying an enclosure, check the dimensions of tent from all sides.  Fabric: A tent should be made from heavy duty waterproof fabric. Fabric should not be seen through. For this, always buy dark color fabric to avoid transparency.  Ventilation: Portable showers used inside the tent produce lots of heat. Especially, propane shower produce gas. In order to avoid enclosure from getting too hot and steamy, ventilation inside enclosure is necessary. Ventilation also help to dry out the wet enclosure before packing.  Sturdy and removable floor: A tent without floor may keep your body clean, but your feet will remain muddy. So, it is a good idea to buy a privacy enclosure with floor. The floor should be removable for easy cleaning. Besides this, there are many features to look for while buying a shower tent like hangers and door size. Before making a final decision, it is good to read user's reviews about services of a manufacturer. There is no shortage of designs, styles and price of shower enclosure in market today.