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After enjoying a day at outdoor, you may need hot shower before going to bad. Zodi shower is a lightweight instant hot water supplier that promise to keep you clean anywhere. Read more detail visit: http://www.campingshowerworld.com/

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zodi shower

  1. 1. All you Need to Know About Zodi Shower Zodi products have made the life easier at outdoor. These are ideal for family campers, hunters, professional RVs and everyone who is at outdoor. Fulfilling the endless demand of hot water, the product proves to be a great invention of technology for people who love to travel for adventure and fun. Benefits:  Unlimited hot water any time, anywhere.  High performance: heat up freezing cold water to 100 degrees in seconds.  Premium quality: Made from tough material for durability.  Easy to use: Place the pump in water source and ignite the heater. Use ignition button for extra convenience.  Compact: Entire Zodi package fits into waterproof case.  Reliable: built to supply on-demand hot water instantly. Working: A complete Zodi product package includes stainless steel camp shower, extreme stove, storage bag, shower head along with instruction manual and warranty card. They are famous for portable water heater and zodi shower. Attach cylinder to the gas valve on stove and place stove under the O-ring at level ground. Now coil the shower around top of extreme water tank and fill it with 3-5 gallons of water. Now place the filled tank on stove ring while ensuring stability and then lit up the burner with matchstick or lighter. A thermometer will indicate the temperature of heating water. After obtaining the desired temperature level, turn off the stove valve. Lift the tank carefully from stove and place it on ground. To start water flow, push the lever up and stop the flow by pushing it down again. Attach a zodi shower nozzle to the tank and enjoy a 5-8 minutes comfortable hot shower. Tips for better performance:  Unit emits carbon monoxide. Therefore, do not use them inside enclosed places. Operate them only in well ventilated outdoor areas.  Do not touch the tank right after heating. System gets hot during usage.
  2. 2.  Ensure safety by testing the gas leaks before usage. To check the leaks, apply soapy water around the area where gas valve on stove connects to cylinder. If you see bubbles around the area, it indicated gas leakage.  Cold temperature can cause propane cylinder to have low gas pressure and burner to ignite slowly. For a long time usage, wrap around the propane tank with warm cloth like blanket or towel properly.  Detach propane gas cylinder from extreme stove only after stove has cooled. After detaching, place a protective cap on cylinder's nozzle.  Clean the unit with wet a cloth after usage. Do not put entire tank under water.  After usage, disassemble stove and propane cylinder. Empty the tank from water. Wrap up the shower head and stove in a cloth for protecting them from dust or any damage. If you keep these tips in mind, Zodi products can make your camping easier, luxurious and more comfortable. This easy to set up and portable product provides instant hot water at good water pressure. You can see our twitter profile: https://twitter.com/campshower