HEAR AT ULSTER (Ruth Wasson)


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HEAR AT ULSTER (Ruth Wasson)

  1. 1. HEAR AT ULSTERPresented byRuth Wasson9thMay 2013
  2. 2. HEAR AT ULSTER• Introduction• Background and Context• What is the HEAR?• Why Develop a HEAR?• Benefits for Students and Staff• HEAR at Ulster - The Progress So Far• HEAR…. What’s Next? The Challenges Ahead
  3. 3. HEAR AT ULSTER• Background and Context– Bologna Declaration– Burgess Review (2004)– Burgess Implementation Steering Group (BISG)(2005)– Steering Group proposals (2007)
  4. 4. HEAR AT ULSTER• What is the HEAR?• The HE White Paper for England (2010) noted– ‘the higher education sector has been developing theHEAR to provide a richer description of studentachievement, including information about modulemarks, academic credit and other achievements thatcan be verified by their institution…..we expect to seemost institutions developing HEARs for all theirundergraduate students from September 2012’– Core template framework reflecting a more detailedand rounded view of a student’s experience andachievements
  5. 5. HEAR AT ULSTER• Why Develop a HEAR?• Greater financial investment than ever before.• All stakeholders should have detailed information onwhat is behind a particular class of degree.• Students require more than just a certificate.• Employers have clearly defined qualities they arelooking for in graduates.
  6. 6. HEAR AT ULSTER• … So a HEAR =• Academic Transcript (module marks and grades)• Diploma Supplement• Additional Information esp Section 6.1 a ‘richer picture’of student achievement, verified additionalachievements recorded under on of three headings:– University, Professional and Departmental Prizes– Measured or assessed performance in non-academic contextsaccredited by, or with external accreditation recognised bythe University, eg employability awards– Additional formal roles for which no recognition is provided interms of academic credit, eg Students’ Union officers.
  7. 7. HEAR AT ULSTER• In Other Words….– The HEAR has 2 main parts:• Accredited achievements in the formal curriculum• Verified achievements in the co-curriculum– In Addition:• Template - simple, clear, consistent, stringently definedwith core elements• Electronic – allowing details to be added as a studentprogresses through their course• Acceptable, Equitable, Transparent, Reliable,Administratively Manageable, Motivational andVerified
  8. 8. HEAR AT ULSTER• What are the Benefits for Students and Staff?– Enhances student experience giving a more holistic and transparentacknowledgement of achievement– Explicit record of employability skills with evidence– Encourages students to articulate why they are employable– To be used formatively as a means for student development– Encourages students to be reflective– Supports more strategic approaches to public and communityengagement– Strengthens the links between the institution and Students Union– Ulster perspective: Employability is critical, Student Experience,Widening Participation and Fees Agenda.
  9. 9. HEAR AT ULSTER• HEAR Key Sections– Section 4 Information on the Contents and Results Gained• Mode of Study• Programme Requirements• Learning Outcomes; Knowledge and understanding of; Intellectualqualities, Professional/practical skills, Transferrable skills• Programme Details including qualification obtained, date ofaward, grading scheme, award classification and Ulster graduatequalities.– Section 6 Additional Information• Additional Awards, Study Abroad, Personal and ProfessionalDevelopment, Additional Recognised Activities eg Tutoring inSchools.
  10. 10. HEAR AT ULSTER• HEAR at Ulster – the Progress so Far– Work on the European Diploma Supplement meantthat much information required for HEAR was alreadyavailable:• Transcripts, University Prizes, Study Abroad, AdditionalAwards, eg EDGE– Working with Faculties and Schools, Departments andStudents Union to establish process to allow forverification of additional achievements– Ensure equity of access– HEAR on Student and Staff Portal– Section 6.1 ‘Live’
  11. 11. HEAR AT ULSTERStudent HEAR Section 1
  12. 12. HEAR AT ULSTERStudent HEAR Section 2
  13. 13. HEAR AT ULSTERStudent HEAR Section 4
  14. 14. HEAR AT ULSTERStudent HEAR Section 4.2
  15. 15. HEAR AT ULSTERStudent HEAR Section 6
  16. 16. HEAR AT ULSTERStaff Portal View
  17. 17. HEAR AT ULSTERStaff Portal View Section 1
  18. 18. HEAR AT ULSTERStaff Portal View Section 4.2
  19. 19. HEAR AT ULSTER• HEAR…..What’s Next?• Challenges ahead– What does Verification look like and who will do it?– Verification of recently approved 6.1 activities– Training and Guidelines– How do we ensure equity of opportunity for all students?– Inclusion of Learning Outcomes, University Prizes,Placements and Study Abroad– Digital Signature– Scaling up to work for all students– What about part timers, PG students?
  20. 20. HEAR AT ULSTER• Other useful sites– http://www.recordingachievement.org/– http://www.universitiesuk.ac.uk/Pages/default.aspx– http://www.heacademy.ac.uk/resources– http://hear.ac.uk/– http://www.ulster.ac.uk/academicservices/student/DipSupp06.pdf