SSNS 2012 Detailed Services Presentation


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SSNS Team - Cutting edge services for complex networks.

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SSNS 2012 Detailed Services Presentation

  1. 1. Systems Solutions And Services 1st Quarter – 2012High Level Presentation SSNS www.SSNSGlobal.Com
  2. 2. SSNS Service Suite PresentationCore Project Solutions & Services
  3. 3. SSNS General Services•Technical Project Management Solutions•Data Engineering, Integration and Migration Solutions•Switch Engineering, Integration and Migration Solutions•Transport Engineering, Integration and Migration Solutions•Database Support Technicians•Telco Provisioning Services•Outside Plant Service Solutions•Structural and Civil Engineering, Architectural Design Engineering•Staff Augmentation Solutions
  4. 4. SSNS Core Project Services
  5. 5. 3G/4G Data Engineering Technologies Supported Vendor & Device Support LTE EVDO Cisco HSPA ALU HSPA+ Juniper Starent  Design Engineering Riverstone  Installation Nortel  Configuration Ericson  Integrations Nokia  Implementation Samsung  Migration Motorola 2G/3G/4G Technologies Supported LTE Core Network Support CDMA GSM IP Voice Networks IP VOIP Packet VoLTE ATM MPLS Configuration PDSN Integration SIP Network Integration  IP Planning SIP Network Implementation  Network Audits GSM Design Engineering  DB Updates
  6. 6. Switch Engineering Engineering Support Vendor & Device Support  Design Engineering ALU  Installation Nortel  Configuration Ericson  Integrations Nokia  Implementation Motorola  Migration Switch Engineering Project Support Mobility Managers ATCA• Translations for Cell Rehomes UNC• Re-Grooming RNC• Capacity Engineering MSC• Consolidation Projects BSC
  7. 7. Transport Engineering Transport Engineering Vendor & Device Support Transport Design Engineering ALU Migration [DS0 to OCn] Tellabs Port Recovery Projects Turin/Force1 Telco Provisioning Services Nortel Ericson Ciena Fujitsu Cisco Juniper Brocade Eastern Research DNX Project Support DACS Systems• Translations for Cell Rehomes  E&I• Re-Grooming  Configuration• Capacity Engineering  Migration• Consolidation Projects
  8. 8. SSNS Database Update Services  Granite [Xng]  TIRKs  Network Flow  IP Management Databases  Visio/CAD Network Diagrams  GeoPlan  SQM  Network Health DBs  Solarwinds
  9. 9. Benefits To CustomerCompetitors require elongated forms that Customer Engineers are required to complete Several hours and man power expended Frustration and loss of critical implementation time resultsSSNS Engineers perform the leg work on most projects working to eliminate the pain Our Engineers have Information is gathered experience with Implementation completed much like a Customer providing the data for independently or in concert with Engineer from Existing EQPT Projects (e.g. CIQs, ODD) local Operations Team/s ; Database and databases; Project from several MSC updates are completed immediately Engineering is completed integrations following network changes from data retrieved
  10. 10. Custom Tailored Project Support Large Scale Projects  MSC Integrations; Switch Cuts  Microwave Integrations  TDM to Packet  Ethernet Backhaul/LTE OSP Site Surveys  TDM/Layer 2 DACS Integrations/Migrations  Dark Fiber Integrations/Migrations General Projects  Database Updates (Granite Xng, etc.)  Data, Transport, DACS Network Diagrams  UNC/RNC Integrations  Cell Rehome Translations Migrations  7705 Installation & Integration  HLR Migration  Voice Mail Migration  Cluster Testing  911 Testing & PSAP Coordination
  11. 11. Expert Technical Project Management Focused On Customer DeliverablesSwitch Migrations Experienced Staff Augmentation OptionsLeadership – Alcatel-Lucent, Experienced Project Managers –Ericson, Nortel, Nokia All PMs have experience in Engineering and OperationsTransport Migrations – Microwave rolls prior to Projectdeployments; EOS, Ethernet Management roll.Deployments Alternate Solutions for Large ProjectsHLR, Voice Mail, Data Project Team Project ManagementSupport Services Support – Switch Cuts etc.
  12. 12. OSP Outside Plant Services  Final drawings A&E “redline” post build  Project close-out documentation and pictures  Work implementation to new site configuration  Bring the project pieces together!  Vendor equipment installation site inspections  Build ready drawings based for Construction Vendors  Verifications as built updates to “redline” drawings Initial Site Surveys “redlining” detailed drawings Telco fiber build outs for LTE Tower audits and builds Various BTS Project EQPT Builds We are LTE Ready!
  13. 13. SSNS SOLUTIONS FOR DATACENTER INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGEMENTSSNS engineers provide network design,to include documentation of the physical Site Buildsand logical infrastructure of networksand datacenters.The creation of complex and qualitynetwork diagrams, floor layouts, andrack elevations can be utilized in DACs Path Crossdatabases such as Granite [XNG], TIRKs, Connects DatabasesNetwork Flow, IP ManagementDatabases, GeoPlan, Solarwinds andSQM.Delivery formats include MS Visio, CAD Portand PDF. Assignments
  14. 14. Network Data Infrastructure Management
  15. 15. Granite Database Support Solutions XNG SITE BUILD
  16. 16. SSNS GRANITE DATABASE SERVICESUpdating the facility database is critical to thenetwork; especially when troubleshooting Site Buildsoutages.A complete, accurate and compliant databasemeans less downtime during outages andfaster data collection for engineers andoperations teams. DACs Path Cross Databases ConnectsHaving a fully compliant database will ensurethat there are no non-compliant issues oninternal executive reports.SSNS Granite database professionals build new Portsites, cleanup path databases, correct DACs Assignmentscross connect information or input newequipment to include port assignments.
  17. 17. Telecom Provisioning ServicesSSNS Provisioning Teams are located acrossthe USA and have seasoned experienced Researchwith National LECs, ILECs and IXCs. Circuit/sTeam Support allows for large scaleprovisioning needs to be addressed quicklyand efficiently from cradle to grave. Close Update Submit Database ASR/sAll Circuits Supported – Ethernet, TDM,Trunking, E911, Government, SS7, etc.As desired status updates(daily/weekly/monthly) are provided on allLEC/ILEC/IXC ASR orders.• Carrier Interconnect Ordering Telco Follow Lock Desired• IP Service Provisioning Thru Dates•Access Network Provisioning•Transport Network Provisioning
  18. 18. Dedicated Team Support
  19. 19. Questions? Detailed SolutionsJohn Campochiaro Lisa PowellSr. Solutions Engineer / Owner / CTO Solutions Engineer / Program Lisa.Powell@ssns-inc.com860-681-4511 817-751-235940 East Street [2nd Floor] 10224 Paintbrush DrivePlainville, CT. 06062 Keller, TX. 76244Amit Atri Lisa KueglerPrincipal Data Engineer Principal Lisa.Kuegler@ssns-inc.com206-914-2937 978-808-235712407 Thomas Shore 203 Kendall RoadCypress, TX. 77433 Tewksbury, M01876