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Lexer - Using Social Proactively @ Ad:Tech 2012 Sydney


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Lexer explains how to use social media to help prevent social and business catastrophes.

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Lexer - Using Social Proactively @ Ad:Tech 2012 Sydney

  1. 1. Using Social ProactivelyAd:Tech Sydney, 2012
  2. 2. Brand Customer PublicPerception Service Relations
  3. 3. CrisisManagement
  4. 4. Incident or Public Brand Event Vocalisation Response Should or how doWhat’s happened... What’s been said... we respond...
  5. 5. Network AlertFacebook Events, Groups, Likes & Shares of planned activity Twitter Blogs Sharing & endorsement of planned activityGoogle+Forums Detail & rationale of planned activityYouTube
  6. 6. Why aren’t more brands using social to predict the future?
  7. 7. Case Study: Risk Analysis> Issue: “We’ve got word a group of people will be convening at one of our centres to mourn a lost friend”> Solution: Review social mentions, indicating attendance, demographic, scale of awareness> Response: Increase security presence, alert centre management, put PR on stand-by for worse case scenarios
  8. 8. Case Study: Operations> Issue: “Our amenities are being used in a very inappropriate manner!!”> Solution: Started monitoring ‘dating’ websites and notify operations when these acts are planned to take place> Response: Increase of security presence, potential closure of amenities
  9. 9. Review> Beyond marketing, How can the business benefit from listening proactively?> What issues do your Security, HR, Finance & Ops. teams have that social could resolve?> What activity does your business fear most? Are there obvious triggers to this activity taking place?> What social data are you throwing out? Could someone in the business be interested in this data?> What can your brand learn by monitoring and analysing your competitors response to incidents?
  10. 10. Thank youAaron Wallise: 0404 044 031