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2013 media guide pitch


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2013 media guide pitch

  1. 1. Who is ?In short, Campfire is a story telling company. We eat, sleepand breathe engaging imagery. We focus on the little things thatmake a story unique in order to build a tangible bridge betweena message and those that need to hear it. Our Team is carefullyselected to create an atmosphere for personalities to thrive andcreativity to flourish.
  2. 2. CASE STUDY Scroll through page-by-page or click on projects here to jump to them*MENU Walking Tree Travel Indochina Austria Tourism
  3. 3. Case Study 1:
  4. 4. Walking Tree Travel is a high school volunteerProgram that facilitates Adventure Travel andVolunteer Projects in Costa Rica, Peru, Guatemala,Nicaragua, Mexico, Senegal and China.The Problem:Walking Tree needed to reach thousands of HighSchools in America to raise awareness about theirSummer Volunteer programs.The Strategy:The project was broken into two phases.
  5. 5. 1Strategy: Walking Tree TravelThe project was broken into two phases. PHASE ONE: We started by creating five country videos, including thousands of still images. We highlighted the opportunity and experience Walking Tree offered their students. Combining the power of an aggressive online marketing campaign and distributing Media packets to the thousands of high schools in the United States, Walking Tree was able to share their story more efficiently and to a larger audience.
  6. 6. 2Strategy: Walking Tree Travel PHASE TWO: We expanded the use of digital media and maximised the power of social media. We created a Media Guide Internship program that mobilized professional filmmakers/ photographers to document their students experience.
  8. 8. Who is a Media Guide? Media Guides are young professional filmmakers & photographers. each one of our guides has been hand picked from a select group of Industry professionals. The Guides serve as embassadors of your brand and can either join travel Programs to document the journey of your travellers or travel independently.
  9. 9. What’s a Media Pack ? portraits of the participants homestay family Portraits working on the service project of each participantIndividual portraits and headshots Group shots throughout the of the participant program And More...
  10. 10. Photo & Video blog updates so students 7-10 Minute Mini-Movie for students to re-liveand family can experience it from home the highlights of the Program again and again
  11. 11. Results: Walking Tree Travel Delivering nearly 100 videos & over 25,000 images in the last 3 years WT has equipped their students & Alumni with high quality imagery to tag, tweet, post, re-post and share with high schoolers nation-wide. Students have flooded facebook with branded content, delivered countless classroom presentations, and shared their experience thanks to the thousands of images & videos created by the Media Guide Program. Walking Tree was able to harness, “word of mouth” advertising, and the program has adoubled in size.
  12. 12. CaseCase Study 2:
  13. 13. Case Study: Travel Indochina The Hurdle: TIC offers a truly unique travel experience using Small Group Journeys and wanted to capture the essence of how they travel in an authentic way. Objective: Develop an extensive library of stills & video footage in order to create an ongoing dialogue with past, present & future travellers. Solution: We implemented our Media Guide Program, packed our bags & documented the journey as it happened. This allowed Campfire & TIC to streamline production costs and develop a cohesive plan. Together we we able to create engaging content with TIC’s clients, hear their stories and give TIC travellers a voice to share their experience. Now TIC is utilizing branded video content & Still imagery to tell their story all over the web. Media has become the cornerstone of their campaign. How did they do it?...
  15. 15. Action Plan: Travel Indochina Branded Video & Distribution “Prep it & Plan it” “Shoot It”Key Components of • Using DSLR cameras weTravel Indochina: travel light and blend in. no big crews!• Story• Demagraphics • We shoot stills & video,• Prioritize Countries matching medium for the• Special Features moment.• Timelines • joining a group “levels• Cost the playing field” & builds trust with passengers. Using current itineraries we were able to take the hassle & time out of pre-production.
  16. 16. Content Breakdown & Distribution” Branded Video & Distribution “Break it Down” “Channel it” “Share It”• County profiles• Itinerary Outlines• Special Features• Leader Bios• Company Values Views 75k• hotels, restaurants, vendors• Customer Testimonials { ... ...
  17. 17. a years worth of customcontent for your brand
  18. 18. Case Study 3:
  19. 19. Austria Tourism: The Project: Create 6 videos for the Austria Tourism Board (5 city overviews, 1 country overview) The Objective: Deliver 35 videos!! (5 city overviews, 1 country overview and additional 29 blog videos) The Plan: Campfire teamed up with Tripfilms host, Kelley Ferro, on a 10-day shoot around the beautiful country of Austria. We added to the journey with daily updates and video blog posts throughout.
  20. 20. {1 Campaign (10days) = 35 Videos Niche Channels Airline Partners Tripfilms x Vimeo etc... Blogs travel sites Social Lifting local Businesses Cross Promotion Traditional Distribution Channels:
  21. 21. Start sharing your story.Get in touch!
  22. 22. Case Study Wrap Upwe love what we do & you will too. This is just a few of the projects that we’ve worked on over the years, so if they doesn’t suit you or you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch, Thanks for you time & we look forward to hearing from you soon. All the best, Team Campfire