Our solar system


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Our solar system

  1. 1. By Robyn CampbellANOTHER WORLD!!!
  2. 2. The sun The sun is a star and also the centre of our Solar system. If the sun should die so would the rest of the solar system. It could hold 1 million Earths comfortably inside it. On the sun the white areas are even hotter than the rest of the sun!
  3. 3. Mercury Mercury is only 5% of the earths size It is only 36 million miles away from the sun. this may seem a lot but actually it is reasonably close. So therefor it is very, very hot. The maximum temperature for Mercury is 465 Degrees centigrade. Mercury has no moons.
  4. 4. Venus Venus is 81% of the Earths size. It is 67 million miles away from the sun but it is still extremely hot. It takes 24316 Earth days for Venus to spin round once. Venus does not have any moons.
  5. 5. Mars Mars is 10% of the Earths size. It is also the closest planet to our home planet Earth. It is 142 million miles away from the sun. It takes almost the same time as the Earth to rotate-24 hours and 37 minutes to be exact! Mars has two known moons.
  6. 6. Jupiter Jupiter is 317 times the size of the Earth an is the biggest planet in the solar system. At 483miles away from the sun Jupiter is considerably colder than the Earth. Jupiter is made up of different gasses and is the first planet after the asteroid belt. Jupiter has 61 moons and we are currently counting!
  7. 7. Saturn Saturn is the second biggest planet in the solar system after Jupiter. It happens to be 888 million miles away from the sun! It is known for its famous rings made from space rocks and dust. Made of gasses it is the second planet after the asteroid belt. Saturn has over 30 moons!
  8. 8. Uranus Uranus is 14.6 times the size of the earth. Uranus has rings just like Saturn also It spins on its side! Uranus has 21 moons and one named Miranda looks a bit like a jigsaw puzzle!!
  9. 9. Neptune Neptune is 4 times the size of our planet Earth. It takes 12 years to get to Neptune from Earth. Neptune has a water got named after it. It also has 12 moons orbiting it!
  10. 10. Our moonOur moon is the only piece of land in theuniverse(except Earth) that man has ever set footon! This is because there has not been technologytrustworthy enough for man to reach there safely.Neil Armstrong- the first man on the moon isfamous for saying these words: “One small step forman, one giant leap for man kind!”Fun factThe moon does not give off any of its own light-the sun shines off it and this is the light we see!
  11. 11. Thank you for watching mypresentation about theunknown world!!!!!