Ccn plan aug 14 gs 2012 final ks


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Ccn plan aug 14 gs 2012 final ks

  1. 1. The CCN Business PlanPart 2 of 2
  2. 2. MasterCard Use Our Card To Save The Worlds Forests CCN is one of the first Social Networking companies in the world to launch a business program based on ‘saving the worlds forests’. With every swipe of the CCN MasterCard you will help contribute to protecting hectares of forest within CCN project areas.$30 Access Pack includes A Personalised AUD Card CCN Member Access $30 in Discount Cash Rewards
  3. 3. PackagesHelp Save Our Forests, Select a Conservation PackEach pack includes an area of forest within a CCN project. PLUS you get Double Discount Rewards. • CCN Access Pack $30 • 1 LandLocker coupon for 1 Ha • AUD$195 in Travel Cash & AUD$195 Discount Cash • 90 days membership with CCN Travel included • Custom CCN Retail Website with shopping cart • Online access to the CCN Business Centre • CCN Access Pack $30 • 3 LandLocker coupons 1Ha each • AUD$495 in Travel Cash & AUD$495 Discount Cash • 90 days membership with CCN Travel included • Custom CCN Retail Website with shopping cart • Online access to the CCN Business Centre
  4. 4. Travel CCN TRAVEL Members will be able to use Travel Cash to pay towards booking hotels, apartments andcruises offered on CCNTravel.comYou can save up to 25% percentwhen you use your travel cash!So book your next holiday accommodation with CCNTravel.
  5. 5. Joining Everybody needs a Sponsor In order to join CCN, you need to be sponsored by a CCN Member. To earn income you then need to make 2 Sponsor YOU Team Team 1 2
  6. 6. ActivityWhen you make your first 2 sales: 1 sale Left team and 1 sale Right SPONSOR team you will be eligible to start earning Multi-Match income. Every eCo-Pro sale of AUD$525 YOU will give you 1 credit and will keep you active to earn in the Left Right following month. Team Team Sale Sale
  8. 8. Income Plan Uni-level Bonuses: Paid on packages you personally sell. Team Sales: ( Multi-Match Cycles ) Paid on total team sales generated in your Multi-Match network. Leadership Bonuses:Active Paid on the Multi-Match commissions earned by your personal team. PLUS share in Global Leadership Bonuses. Daily eCo Bonus: Based on the Hectares you help protect. CSR Global Sales: Unique selling system for Hectares.
  9. 9. Income Plan Uni-level Bonuses:Active Income Earn Two Levels based on BV (Bonus Volume) AUD$10 to AUD$45 Paid On Packages For Business • 15% BV On Packages Level 1 15% On IMO Hectares Members Paid into Cash Account or For Access Only • 10% BV On Packages Level 2 10% On IMO Hectares Members Paid into Retail Account
  10. 10. GlobalAmbassador CCN Director Career Executive Track ManagerSupervisor AssociateProfessional Affiliate
  11. 11. Career Income Ladder Multi Match Income Global Ambassador: • Holiday Bonus $5,000, Car Bonus $2,000 $2,000 Daily 3rd Business Centre Director: $1,500 Daily • Holiday Bonus $2,500 Car Bonus $1,500 2nd Business CentreExecutive: $1,000 Daily • Holiday Bonus $1,500 Car Bonus $1,000 Manager: $800 DailySupervisor: $600 Daily Everyone can Associate: $300 Daily reach the topProfessional: $200 Daily over time Affiliate: $100 Daily
  12. 12. Multi Match $50 Calculated Daily Paid Daily300 BV 400 BV Lucy Ronald Leon ReneeLawrence Roslyn Loren Raymond Lorenzo Roxanne
  13. 13. Team Development Bonus eCo-Professional Over-riding on personally Cycle Income sponsored The more personallysponsored people you 2 people 6%have, the more you can earn in daily Team 6 people 9%Development Bonuses. 8 people 12%Bonuses calculated and 10 people 15% paid daily from the 15 people 18% previous day. 20 people 21%
  14. 14. Team Development Bonuses Unlimited earning Calculation potential.Sponsor 20 active people Multi-Match: $200 Earn 21% x$200 = $42 earn up to 21% of their Multi-Match income everyday. Multi-Match: $1,000. Earn 21% x Multi-Match: $600 1,000 = $210 Earn 21% - 6% =Earn a % on your entire 15% x $600 = $90 groups Multi-Match earnings everyday. Multi-Match: $800 Earn 21% - 12% = 9% x $800 = $72
  15. 15. eCo Living Bonuses Creating a Carbon Neutral Home Lighting Solar Hot Water Monthly Car Solar Power Allowances Wind Power starting from $1,000 per month Energy Efficient Devices Reduce Gas bills Buy or Lease a Reduce Electric bills Hybrid Car!Reduce Water Consumption
  16. 16. GLOBAL LEADERSHIP BONUSES8% of all CCN Bonus Volume (BV) is available for leadership payments. Be paid from CCN’s Global Turnover once you become an 1 Point 2 Points 5 Points for every for every for every eCo-Executive. eCo eCo eCo Executive Director Global Calculated on the 5th of every Ambassadormonth from the previous month. Example: 8% of BV = $200,000. 500 points issued across network. You have accumulated 5 points for the month. You receive (200,000 / 500) = $400 x 5 = AUD$2,000 in Global Leadership Bonuses for the month.
  17. 17. CCN Shopping & RVP Bonuses Use your Discount Cash on CCN Shopping sites to save money and book travel. Accumulate Reward Value Points over your first 10 levels.Use Reward Value Points forbuying products and services including travel.
  18. 18. Earnings QuadrantECO BONUS ACCUMULATING PROTECT 50 HECTARES ON While Holding Hectares you can earn Cash $6,500 e.g. 50 Hectares x $130 = $6,500 Daily eCo Bonuses OFF Can range from 0.01% + C Depending on Activity A S HOPTIONS: 70% to Cash O Account UCash out T• Protect More Hectares of forest 30% to Retail• Purchase Products from CCN Merchants Cash Account• Pay for accommodation booked through CCN Travel
  19. 19. The more hectares you save The more you can profit from CCN’sConservation Activities related to the hectares you helped protect.
  20. 20. Businesses eCo Bonuses are also funded by CCN BusinessesBonus Income Streams
  21. 21. 1 Million Hectares Initial Member Offer Each hectare saved provides members with an initial complimentary allocation of 10 Carbon Credits.Lot Hectares Price ea Lot Hectares Price ea 1 50,000 6 100,000 $160.00 2 50,000 7 100,000 $170.00 3 100,000 8 100,000 $180.00 4 200,000 9 50,000 $190.00 5 200,000 $130.00 10 50,000 $200.00 Initial Member Offer Discounted Carbon Credits sold over 10 lots.
  22. 22. Help Protect More Than 1 Hectare (Ha) Purchase PurchaseLots 1 to 3 =1 point = 2 points Up to 49Ha 50Ha + Purchase PurchaseLots 4 to 7 = 1 point = 3 points Up to 49Ha 50Ha + Purchase PurchaseLots 8 to 10 = 1 point = 4 points Up to 49Ha 50Ha +Bonus Volume (BV) is awarded to your team of choice for any additional Hectare purchases.
  23. 23. 5 Basic Steps to begin! Sponsor YOU Team Team1. Be invited by a member of CCN 1 22. Register with an Access Pack3. Make a Commitment to save 1 Hectare or 3 Hectares4. Decide your priority - active income or global income5. Use your personal CCN website to invite others to register with CCN
  24. 24. We think saving forestsis a great idea…But getting paid todo it is even better!