Movie poster research


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Movie poster research

  1. 1. I have done some research into film posters as I will be creating one for my short film. I will look at the conventions of film poster so that I can make mine look as real as I can. I will also look at the semiotics within the posters so that when I create my own poster I will have a better understanding of how I can use symbols t create meaning.
  2. 2. The poster features all of the main characters that the film follows. This gives the viewer more information about the film. The poster gives each character meaning. This is shown with the two main characters. Aragon is the hero shown by making him the largest image. He is also holding a sword up showing him as being heroic. Frodo is the hero shown at the front of the poster. He is smaller to Aragon however he is holding up a gold light suggesting he has power. The villain of the film is shown in the top left but shadowed so that the viewer understands that this is the bad character. The title of the film is shown at the bottom in large letters with a font that fits the theme of the film. At the very bottom of the poster there is the strap line “The Journey Ends”. This leaves the viewer thinking about the story, wondering what it was about. Under the film title, there is information about actors, the distribution company, director and other people involved with the production of the film. Lord Of The Rings
  3. 3. The first thing noticed by the audience with this poster is the target with the British colours (red, blue and white) on it and the title (Harry Brown) in the middle of it. There is other information with the image such as actors names, the tag line of the film (One man will take a stand) and about the companies involved with producing the film. Next to the image of the target there is another image of the main character of the film. The audience knows he is the main character as he is the only one shown on the poster. At the bottom of the poster the films release date is shown so that the audience will know when they can see it at the cinema. Reviews of the film are shown at the top of the poster which tells the audience what critics thought of the film. The blue, white and red colours that make the image of the target inform the audience that it is a British film as it is the logo for the British Royal Air Force. Harry Brown
  4. 4. My Film Poster This is the poster for the film I have made. I believe that it follows the usual conventions of most movie posters. It has the films title at the top in bold text so that the audience can clearly see it. Bellow the title, there is the films strap line “In life, there is no extra time”. This gives the audience a small piece of information on what the film could be about and will make them think about it. The main image is of James (Tom Broadley) by his mothers grave. This as the main image again give a hint of what the story is about and leaves the audience thinking about it. At the bottom of the poster is information about the production company, actors names, release date and certificate.