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17the Sept Just answers Current Events


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Published in: Education, Technology
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17the Sept Just answers Current Events

  1. 1. Weekly Quiz 17/09/12
  2. 2. Question 1 Why are many school principals in Christchurch concerned? a. there is a meningitis epidemic in Christchurch schools b. it has been announced that schools will close and mergec. schools that had previously been considered ‘safe’ will have to be closed down again as structural problems have been discovered
  3. 3. Question 2What type of endangered animal died suddenly at Wellington Zoo? a. a White rhinoceros b. a Sumatran Tiger c. a Rothschild giraffe
  4. 4. Question 3Australia has recently culled 100, 000 feral animalswhich have been causing problems in the outback. What type of animal have been culled? a. kangaroos b. rabbits c. camels
  5. 5. Question 4What is the name of this sportsman?
  6. 6. Question 5 Last week John Key met with the leader of acountry that has shared a similar natural disaster to New Zealand. What country was he visiting?
  7. 7. Question 6A 20 year old kiwi man recently died in Italy while participating in which extreme sport. a. bungy jumping b. white water rafting c. base jumping
  8. 8. Question 7 The Taliban in Afghanistan say they will doeverything they can to keep Prince Harry safe as hecommands helicopters on his 4-month tour of duty with the British Army. True or false?
  9. 9. Question 8What is the name of this famous landmark?
  10. 10. Question 9What is causing disagreement members of the Ngai Tahu iwi on the West Coast? a. the ownership of land around a local lake b. rights of use of Pounamu c. the role of women on a marae
  11. 11. Question 10Which mobile phone company has been fined $960, 000 for false advertising? a. Telecom b. 2 Degrees c.Vodafone
  12. 12. Question 11 Social Development Minister, Paula Bennet, has announced a plan that parents on benefits mustenroll their children in Early Childhood Education from age three. True or false?
  13. 13. Question 12What is this a photo of?
  14. 14. Question 13 What happened to a fishing vessel off the Canterbury Coast recently?a. it caught on fire and the crew had to be rescued b. it struck a blue whale and sunk c. it got caught with illegal stowaways by the coastguard
  15. 15. Question 14 Why was Pakistan in the news last week? a. an earthquake hit injuring thousandsb. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt visited with the idea of adopting another childc. a fire ripped through a factory claiming many lives
  16. 16. Question 15 Why are tickets being sold for the right to tour Kim Dotcom’s mansion?a. the tickets are being sold to help him pay for the rentb. the is selling the tickets to help raise money as part of a charity event c. the tickets are being sold to help raise money for his legal fees
  17. 17. Question 16What country in southern Asia has this flag?
  18. 18. Question 17 Why have 11 000 people been evacuated in Guatemala a. a volcano is erupting b. heavy rain has caused flash floodingc. toxic fumes are engulfing residential areas after a leak at a chemical plant
  19. 19. Question 18 Kiwi actor Michael Galvin has just visited therecently upgraded Christchurch Charity hospital.What character does he play on Shortland Street? a. Dr Warner b. Dr Samuels c. Dr Ngatai
  20. 20. Question 19What is Esperanto? a. a mythical cityb. a universal language c. a type of chili
  21. 21. Question 20 This Kiwi-born celebrity has been in the news on both sides of the Tasman. What is her name?