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ElectionMall Webinar: Maximizing the Donor Experience


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ElectionMall Webinar: Maximizing the Donor Experience

  1. 1. Thank You for Joining us! Phone: Email: AS SEEN IN:
  2. 2. We provide proprietarysoftware built on Microsofttechnology to help campaignswin:•••••
  3. 3. U.S. Senate CandidateUsing Campaign Cloud to drive outreach andfundraising successChallenge: Build momentum for an underdog no-namecandidate in a National headline-grabbing Senate race.Solution: Launch a unique multi-month cross-channelcampaign utilizing numerous Campaign Cloud tools todrive interest, donations, email capture, and targeted Campaign Cloud Moneybomb Widgetonline ads.Results: Raised $1.2 Million online over 12 monthsleading up the primary. Increased the house email listfrom 1,500 names to 150,000 emails and 12,000 donors.Through use of Campaign Cloud social media tools,candidate was featured on the front page of the WSJ. PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION OF ELECTIONMALL, INC. © COPYRIGHT 2000–2011
  4. 4. U.S. Senate Candidate Using Campaign Cloud to drive outreach and fundraising successChallenge: Build a last minute website androbust donation engine to capturemomentum for a third-party write-incampaign challenger.Solution: Utilizing a combination of turn-key Report on A/B email fundraising testproducts and SWAT team servicesElectionMall helped launch the websiteovernight with full donation enginecapabilities, a custom website interface and Premium donation pageemail capture utilities.Results: Raised $1.6 Million from 24,000donors over 2 months leading up the generalelection. PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION OF ELECTIONMALL, INC. © COPYRIGHT 2000–2011
  5. 5. Fundraising Stats• 50+% of your online solicited donations will come from your house list.• Average donation will be between $45 - $55.• Average age of the donor is between 55 and 65.• Email fundraising is up 40% year after year.• 79% of non-profit groups raise money online.• Average time between donations 100 days.• Campaign value of a donor: $108.
  6. 6. The Natural Approach• Contributors: “The Core” – This group demands the most attention and respect. Donor• Advocates: “Ground Troops” – the people we call on to sacrifice and take action. Advocate• Subscribers: “The Field” – focus here on conversion to Subscriber higher levels.• Visitors: “Virtual Targets” – Website visitors. Visitor• Potential Targets: “The rest” – Who would potentially support your org?. Target
  7. 7. The Journey is Different for Everyone Will youEmail #3 give $?Email #2 Will you help?Email #1 Hi! Campaign Timeline
  8. 8. Some best practices… Do’s and Don’ts• Do’s • Don’t – Thank your donor. – … assume they have all the – Acknowledge that they are a money in the world. donor in every touch. – … burden them with asks – Send them exclusive when they gave yesterday. information. – … forget to reach out in – Ask them to be more person if possible. engaged. – … share their info for others – Ask them to help raise to solicit until after the donations. campaign.
  9. 9. Customizing Touches• Address them in each email.• Reach out to them on SocNets.• Reach out to them on snail mail.• Check and see if they are opening their emails.• Acknowledge how much they gave (and can give).• Take care of where and when you solicit.
  10. 10. Treat Them Differently• What’s in it for them?• Sweeten the pot.• Overcome hesitation.• Offer premiums• Make them feel special• Make them feel part of a force• Always strive to get above the noise.
  11. 11. Target the Right Moment• Be “journey-specific.”• Why would they respond now?• Match the message to the moment.• Do you know when they open their emails?• Fewer asks, more time spent in preparation.• Always strive to get above the noise.
  12. 12. Set Goals• Broadcast your goal internally.• Broadcast your goal publically. (Maybe).• Be sure you can measure.• Be sure you do measure.• Think long term success, short term viability.• Always strive to get above the noise.
  13. 13. Set a Time Limit• Put a time limit on your call to action.• An obvious deadline or manufactured?• Help them visualize the deadline.• Why would they care about your deadline?• Be a good steward of their time.• Always strive to get above the noise.
  14. 14. Measure and Crow a bit!• Check your score.• Measure your success in real terms.• Compare your results.• Broadcast internally.• Broadcast globally.• Crow, and crow some more.• Always strive to get above the noise.
  15. 15. Tactics for 2012• Ad Management – Set a monthly budget to determine best audiences and raise lists of supporters• Prospecting / List Building – Petitions, news-driven momentum• Email Management – Set a calendar of scheduled asks, newsletters, create auto- responders• Donor Cultivation – Set levels of immediate contact (e.g. alert campaign to call donors who give over $500)• Social Networks – Set budget for advertising and create innovative campaigns• Outreach – Host numerous blogger, donor and supporter calls• Website development & maintenance – Target website launch as a major milestone• SWAT effort – Launch overnight campaigns on earned media moments• Viral Videos - Schedule monthly video launches, event recordings
  16. 16. Best Practices for Email Solicitation• Short subject lines • HTML or Text?• Numbers in the subject line • Renting?• From whom? • Buying?• Personalize the email • Exchanging?• Short or long? • How to test• Use links sparingly • What to measure• Timing is everything • What to do next
  17. 17. One Login
  18. 18. YourDashboard
  19. 19. User Permissions
  20. 20. Sticky Notes
  21. 21. Office Web Apps
  22. 22. Social Networking
  23. 23. What is Donation Pages• Award-winning online fundraising application.• Served over 1500 campaigns since 2006• Has helped raise tens of millions of dollars.• Patented tested design for best donation conversion rates.• Newly redesigned and launched this month!• Reliable, secure, compliant and robust industry-leading solution• Integrated event ticketing system• 24/7 support
  24. 24. DonationPagesOne login. Everything you need to win.
  25. 25. YourContributionPage
  26. 26. YourContributionPage
  27. 27. YourContributionPage
  28. 28. Connect WithMore Donors
  29. 29. Multiple DonationWidgets
  30. 30. Fundraising viaFacebook
  31. 31. CreateBrandedEvents
  32. 32. Event Tickets
  33. 33. Organize allYour Donor Data inan Easy to UseInterface
  34. 34. Be Compliant
  35. 35. Search andManage YourOnline DonorDatabase
  36. 36. Get Analytics
  37. 37. Export YourContributionReportto Excel forFederal orState Filings
  38. 38. Create UnlimitedMoney Bombs
  39. 39. Mobile enableddonation pages
  40. 40. EmailElectionEmail
  41. 41. Segment, trackand consolidate–No more datasilos!
  42. 42. Reports &Metrics
  43. 43. Reports &Metrics
  44. 44. Reports &Metrics
  45. 45. Email Template
  46. 46. Thank You for Joining us! Phone: Email: