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Evolving Beyond the E: eLearning Trends


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A brief history of eLearning as seen through the lens of my own personal experience. A look at current trends we're seeing that influence how we design and deliver online learning programs. Presented at ATD Tech Knowledge, January 14, 2016.

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Evolving Beyond the E: eLearning Trends

  1. 1. Evolving beyond the e- eLearning Industry Trends and the Future of eLearning Cammy Bean, VP of Learning Design, Kineo Presented at ATD Tech Knowledge January 14, 2016 #ATDTK
  2. 2. Poll: How long have you been in the e-learning biz? When you first got started, what was it called?
  3. 3. It was 1996.
  4. 4. My very first client.
  5. 5. We called it CBT.
  6. 6. And then the Internet happened.
  7. 7. A new eLearning landscape began to emerge.
  8. 8. The web continued to evolve.
  9. 9. We became active contributors to the web.
  10. 10. Connecting on social networks became a part of our lives.
  11. 11. And we went mobile.
  12. 12. Video games became standard home entertainment.
  13. 13. The Internet of Things began to emerge.
  14. 14. And of course, making things happen…with your mind.
  15. 15. What did I miss?
  16. 16. How do we use tech today? To live? To get stuff done?
  17. 17. Poll: What new technology do you think has had the biggest impact in the last 10 years?
  18. 18. A broken air conditioner.
  19. 19. My kids learn how to rainbow loom.
  20. 20. What about you?
  21. 21. What about employees in your workplace?
  22. 22. So what are the current industry trends?
  23. 23. Making it searchable and discoverable.
  24. 24. Making it available on multiple devices.
  25. 25. Bringing video back.
  26. 26. Going guerilla style. Encouraging selfies. Video selfies.
  27. 27. Making it interactive.
  28. 28. Setting up role plays.
  29. 29. Talking about microlearning — small slices.
  30. 30. Keeping it natural — embedding it in the workflow.
  31. 31. Making smarter blends.
  32. 32. Building in accountability.
  33. 33. Building in action plans to continue the learning process.
  34. 34. Making managers a part of the process. Hired! (1940)
  35. 35. Involving managers in their employee’s training programs.
  36. 36. Using technology to support shoulder-to-shoulder training.
  37. 37. Encouraging self-directed learning.
  38. 38. Developing learning plans WITH your manager.
  39. 39. The Learning Campaign Losing the event. Thinking in terms of campaigns.
  40. 40. Marketing turns prospects into fans…
  41. 41. …using a wide range of channels…
  42. 42. …through a sustained campaign that creates measurable results.
  43. 43. Remember the PSA?
  44. 44. Remember the Forgetting Curve?
  45. 45. Building in post-event touch points: two days, two weeks, two months.
  46. 46. …using multiple channels.
  47. 47. Tools can help...
  48. 48. “Put Yourself in the Picture” Campaign •Video promos •Posters/flyers •Catchy jingles! •Branded sweets •Themed cafeteria menus •Competition •Tip Sheets •eLearning
  49. 49. Designing eLearning that actually DOES engage people.
  50. 50. And embedding the message for results. Ask for change! Provide ongoing support! (Tip Sheets, Decoder Wheels) Keep the messages coming! Reward participation!
  51. 51. Losing the event. Thinking in terms of journeys.
  52. 52. Follow the natural learning flow.
  53. 53. …and build in that partnership with your manager!
  54. 54. Remember, journeys and not events. Learning takes time.
  55. 55. Connecting to peers.
  56. 56. Learning from peers via user-generated content.
  57. 57. Badging and rewards.
  58. 58. Gamification and game-like elements…
  59. 59. Poll: What trends or new developments do you think will shape your work the most in the next five years?
  60. 60. Here’s a radical idea… e- (what if we lose it?)
  61. 61. Poll: If we don't call it e-learning, what should we call it?
  62. 62. OK. So how will you use technology in your workplace?
  63. 63. Cammy Bean email: twitter: @cammybean blog: References and more: