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Parents survey.


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Published in: Education
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Parents survey.

  1. 1. MI-SELF (An eTwinning project) Parents survey A total of 13 parents from 2 schools completed the survey regarding the project. The primary reason behind the survey was to facilitate communication between students and parents and as a result have the parents’ opinion heard based on what their children told them. Once again the information gained as a result of this survey will help plan future projects! Just like the student survey, this one was also written in 3 languages, English, Spanish and Greek in order to be user friendly. Parents were allowed to answer in any language they wanted!
  2. 2. What grade is your child in? Cuál es el curso de tu hijo?Σε ποια τάξη είναι το παιδί σας
  3. 3. What country does your child go to school at? Cual es tu país?Σε ποια χώρα πηγαίνει το παιδί σας σχολείο It can be seen from the answers written below that parents who completed the survey had children from different classes. Parents had students of the following teachers: Mrs Katerina, Mrs Matina, Mrs Constantia, Mr. Nick and Mr Camilo. Who is your child's teacher? Quién es el maestro de tu hijo? Ποιός είναι ο δασκάλος του παιδιού σου;
  4. 4. What activities did your child participate in? (Check all the answers that apply) ¿En qué actividades ha participado tu hijo ? Σε ποιες δραστηριότητες συμμετέσχε το παιδί σας; The 31 activities that made up the project can be seen below. Just like the student survey, the table below shows the range of project activities and also shows that different students participated in different activities. As you can see below, of the 13 parents that completed the survey, 12 bought the project calendar! What was your child's favourite activity and why? (Choose 1 from the above list) ¿Cual fue la actividad favorita para tu hijo? Ποια ήταν η αγαπημένη δραστηριότητα του παιδιού σας και γιατί; Students had to communicate with their parents about which of the activities they liked the most. As can be seen from the question, only 1 response was permitted! This meant that students had to think carefully before telling their parents what they liked the most. Just like the student survey, a variety of responses were given which meant that different students liked different activities. The table on the right shows the results of the student survey whereas the table on the left shows the results of the parent survey. This was done simply for comparative reasons! If comparing both charts, one can see that the treasure hunt and the Kahoot game were the students’ favourite activities!
  5. 5. What did your child gain by participating in this project?Qué ha obtenido su hijo participando en este proyectoΤι κέρδισε το παιδί σας συμμετέχοντας σ 'αυτό το project; This question was very important to us, as parents could comment in any way they wanted and could reflect on their child’s enthusiasm regarding the project activities. Once again this information will also help us plan future project activities. As can be seen from the results below parents felt that through this project and its activities, their children gained experience and knowledge. They also felt that the project was interesting, exciting, fun, creative, different, motivating and collaborative! Other answers were also given. Experience and knowledge was gained 6 It was interesting/exciting/fun 5 It was creative/different/motivating 5 It was collaborative/I worked with another school 5 We discovered new intelligences 2 Friends were made from other countries 1 Self esteem increased 1 New things were done 1 Learned to communicate 1 Gained independence 1
  6. 6. Write any other comments you have about our eTwinning project. You may talk about using the eTwinning platform, interacting with other students or anything else about the activities that had to do with our project! Escribe cualquier comentario sobre el proyecto o eTwinning.Lo que más te ha gustado, contactar con otros alumnos, conocer culturas diferentes, tu opinión es muy interesante.Μπορείς να γράψεις για τη χρήση της πλατφόρμας του eTwinning, την αλληλεπίδραση με μαθητές από διαφορετικές κουλτούρες ή οτιδήποτε άλλο που αφορά τις δραστηριότητες του προγράμματος. Parents were also given the chance to write anything else they wanted about the project. This would give us, the educators, more information about what the students liked and if there was something they didn’t like! Here is what the parents said: 1.The children played the computer game Kahoot against the other children participating in the programme. They found out about each other's favourite hobbies 2.I think it's interesting to discover other cultures and to work together to achieve goals. 3.The relationship between countries and the enthusiasm of students and teachers with the different activities was great 4.I think it is very interesting to know different cultures and understand that there are many things that are shared. The work they have developed with the new technologies is also very important. 5.Interactivity with other students 6.I really liked the project because they learn with other technologies, they discovered other countries, it helps them work in a group and at the same time it makes them more independent and above all the desire to learn and the fun they have 7.I loved everything about the project. It was super cool, I really enjoyed the trip through Europe in the PE class. 8.The communication with children from other countries, the use of the technologies and mainly the motivation with which our children have participated in the activities. 9.I think it's an extra motivation for the students. It has allowed them to discover in a practical way the existence of other countries and cultures. It has allowed a significant immersion in technical and technological means, with interesting learning for the future, and they have had a great time.