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  1. 1. Presidencial Elections 1. State and develop two of the main economic proposals of Santos and Mockus Santos: 1. In his economic platform, Juan Manuel Santos stated that in the case of being elected president will not raise existing tax rates, nor create new taxes for Colombians. On the other hand, is committed to improving the collection system. 2. At work, Santos proposes to create 3 million jobs in his four years of government, to do recovery work in the field of social housing, strengthening foreign direct investment (FDI) and infrastructure. Mockus: 1. For its part Antanas Mockus, under the fiscal deficit living public finances, proposes the creation of new taxes and increased rates on the income tax and VAT. 2. For Mockus, is a basis to restore trade relations with Venezuela and Ecuador, to recover in the short term, the 150 000 jobs were lost when these countries decided to close its borders with Colombia. . 2. Compare and look for differences I see the difference that the presidential candidate Juan Manuel Santos will not raise rates for existing taxes and no new taxes created to Colombian and Antanas Mockus Candidate to made in the course of the fiscal deficit living public finances, proposes the creation of new taxes and increased rates on the income tax. I
  2. 2. 3. State and develop two of the main social proposals of each candidate, meaning education, healt and housing Santos: Dwelling: Juan Manuel Santos, present in Camacol forum, proposed to double the number of houses and build 300,000 a year. Education: Santos will meet the art. 67 of the Constitution, how? free education by covering with 1% of the General System of Units for Education. Health: We need a commitment from health to achieve our goals: universal coverage insurance; POS unified, inclusive, comprehensive, updated and sustainable for all, will be generated tracer indicators that demonstrate progress: maternal mortality, child morbidity, related to chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cancer, quality of service in terms of ease of access. Mockus: Dwelling: Mockus promote the figure of the macro- social interest in order to lower the supply of land, where macroporyectos go beyond the four walls, including the environment. Education: Colombian presidential candidate Antanas Mockus, the Green Party, spoke today about education in the city of Medellin to win back young people who have given great support over the Internet, and motivate them to vote massively in the second round of 20 June Health: We will make structural reforms in the health system, based on a dialogue with patients, physicians, nurses, hospitals, insurers, businesses and health care institutions, researchers and local authorities, 4. Compare and look for differences
  3. 3. Candidates for the presidency has many differences in housing, education and heath Should you have the opportunity to vote either whom would you vote 5.I should by vote for Juan Manuel Santos 6. a. He is the candidate who has better offers b. He is the candidate that more experience has in the managings of country. c. He is the candidate who knows more about of the problems of the country