Prueba 1 B


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Prueba 1 B

  1. 1. 1. Read the following: Margaret Nyland, Australia Hi, my name is Margaret. I live in Sydney, Australia. I´m 14 years old and I live with my parents in the city. I have one sister and two brothers, they are all younger than me. I go to school every day, from Monday to Friday and I get up at 6:15, I take the school bus, but sometimes, when I am late, my Dad drives me to school. After school I often go to my dancing classes, I love to dance, all kinds of dances but especially ballet. When I get home, I do my homework and then I usually watch ballet videos in youtube. I also like reading and chatting with friends. I couldn´t live without ballet. At the weekend I meet friends to go to parties. Sometimes we go to concerts. I want to make friends with people from all over the world who like ballet like me. Next week, I´m having a ballet casting at school for aTV show on National television. José Riquelme, Chile Hi, I´m José. I am thirteen years old and I live in San Pedro De La Paz, Chile. I live with my parents and my grandmother. I always get up at 6 in the morning on weekdays to go to school.I love to play soccer, video games and see my friends. I likewatching soccer matches on TV with my family and friends. Sometimes I go to parties on Saturday nights and once a month I go to visit my grandparents who live in Chillán. I love to see them, they love me a lot, my Grandma bakes cookies and cakes for us every time we visit them. Next summer, my family and I are going to Argentina. a) Complete the chart with the information required (14 pts.) Age Origin Free Time Sports Margaret José Teacher: Loreto EtcheverryDelón Subject: English Student: Grade: 1st. Date:
  2. 2. b) Answer the following questions according to the text. (10 pts.) 1.How often does José go to parties? ___________________________________ 2.How often does Margaret go to dancing classes? ___________________________________ 3.How often does José get up at 6:00 am? ___________________________________ 4.When is Margaret having a ballet casting? ___________________________________ 5.What is José doing next summer? ___________________________________ 2. Match 1 skirt _____ camisa 2 shoes _____ zapatillas 3 dress _____ vestido 4 hat _____ falda 5 blouse _____ delantal 6 sneakers _____ blusa 7 T-shirt _____ zapatos 8 pants _____ polera 9 apron _____ gorro
  3. 3. 10 shirt _____ pantalón 3. Complete these questions and answers. (16 pts.) A: How often _______________ you _______________to school? (go) B: ____________ Monday _______ Friday. A: What ________________ you _________________ right now? (do) B: I _____________________ dinner (eat) A: What __________ you usually ____________ in your free time? (do) B: My friends and I usually _________ video games or ____________videos (play-watch) A: What ___________________________ next weekend? (do) B: My friends and I ________________________________ soccer (play) 4. Complete the sentences with and, but or or. (5 pts.) a) Which one do you like better, Colo-Colo ______ U de Chile? b) I don´t like lasagna _______ I love pizza. c) My Mom speaks English _______ French. d) I like to study English _______ I don´t like to study History. e) My brother is always eating ______ sleeping.