Nintendo - video game at its finest


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Nintendo - video game at its finest

  1. 1. NintendoVideo game at its finest by: camilo Gonzalez
  2. 2. Nintendo - Background history- Nintendo started out as a toy and card gamesgames store.- Nintendo was located in Kyoto, Japan.- Creator of some of the best games in History(Mario, Donkey Kong, Super Smash bros, etc )- Creator of some of the hottest Video Gameconsoles until now (Nintendo DS, Wii, WiiU,Game Boy, Game Cube, Nintendo 64, etc).
  3. 3. Nintendo - Pictures
  4. 4. Nintendo - themesFor Nintendo I chose the the following theme: Power & innovation
  5. 5. Nintendo - Power & innovationNintendo has always shown power throughoutthe history. Every product they make, istargeted to give more control or power to theuser to enjoy their game however they want.for example, when Nintendo switch frommaking cards to making video games, it is veryevident that they had to think on ways to givemore "control" to how the user can manipulatetheir game.
  6. 6. Nintendo - Power & innovationNintendo had to think how to use technologyto allow the user to control their game.Before, games were mostly based out of luck(card games) but then after nintendo madetheir consoles, the users were able to controltheir strategy and enjoy their game indifferent ways.
  7. 7. Nintendo - Power & innovation Before After(you win this game based on your luck) (you win this game depending on your skills and strategy).
  8. 8. Nintendo - Evidence of power &innovation I figured the theme of Nintendo by analyzingthe slogan, the reason why it was change, and the time when they change it.
  9. 9. Nintendo - Evidence of power &innovation1."Now you are playing with power". This was nintendos first slogan,and it was first released when their first gaming system came out(Nintendo entertainment system). I think that the reason why theychose to use this slogan is because they wanted to share theirmessage, people are now able to control their game. Remember thatbefore nintendos console was invented, people would be playingcards in which they had no control over how to control/link togethertheir interactions and skills with the actual game. With theintroduction of the nintendo entertainment console, people were ableto use their strategy and skills to manipulate the way they wanted toplay the game. Nintendo had to create games from the ground up inorder to be able to add technology and power to it. They change theidea of "card games" and create something new. This is evidence ofinnovation. Nintendo change the gaming style.
  10. 10. Nintendo - exampleFor example. This picture is ascreenshot of one of the games thatnintendo made (mario bros). In thisscreenshot we can see that the user canselect or use many different ways tosolve the problem or beat the game. Inthis case the player has to find a way togo over the turtle without getting pointsoff. The player gets to do what he/shethinks is the best way to solve theproblem. This shows that nintendo isgiving power to the players over whatthey can do with their game. This is alsoshows the innovation of nintendobecause they had to create stories andcharacters with different personalitiesso that the game can be interested.
  11. 11. Nintendo - Evidence of power &innovation"who are you".this was nintendo’s slogan when the gamecube came out.this slogan had a different meaning from all the other slogans and it wasalso part of a huge changing point in the gaming community. When thegamecube came out, it was capable to run 3D games. Because thedevelopers were able to run “bigger” and more “advanced” games in thegamecube, they were starting to develop many different kind of games.Before, they were only developing 2D platform games, but when thegamecube came out, developers started to use this console to makegames that were reflected in “real life situations”. At this pointvideogames started to get more realistic and started to get a more“human like” this moment was crucial because it inspired a new type ofgaming era, which we live in. This slogan also stresses the theme ofinnovation. Nintendo had to adapt to that specific time in order to be upto date with the new technology, and had to think and elaborate newways of playing a game like adding multiplayer so that people could playwith all theirs friends at once, or adding 3D characters.
  12. 12. Nintendo - example For example. This picture is one of the screen shots of a very famous game in all of the nintendo consoles. In this picture we can see how this game (Donkey kong) changed over time thanks to the innovation of nintendo. In the first screenshot we can see how the game first originated. It was a 2d 8 bit (The bubble is indicating how (change over time) to control that specific based game. After a couple of years and character) the release of more powerful consoles, nintendo was able to put a complete 3D game with the capabilities of using different ways to control each character.
  13. 13. Nintendo - Evidence of power &innovation”this is how U will play next” . this slogan was released when the wiiUcame out to the market. WiiU is the latest gaming console nintendohas (until now). This new console had a totally different way ofgaming.This gaming console has a touch screen, connects to the tv,has multiplayer, a mic, its capable of running all sorts of games, andit is portable. Nintendo had to go back in time and connect all thetechnology they used in the past and blend them together with all thenew recent technology, for example touch screens. they also had tothink on how using all of this technology can benefit the usersexperience as well as how each game should connect the story withthe new technology to make a mote realistic game experience.This isvery concrete evidence that throughout the whole history ofnintendo, they had to be very innovative in their work to bring thebest to the gamers (gaming audience), as well as bringing power bymaking all sorts of ways people can controll one or even all characterin the game.
  14. 14. Nintendo - example For example. In this pictures we can see how nintendo connected all the technology they used before with the latest technology. They brought classic games and added new ways to view it, control characters, and share what you do. This are some of the things nintendo did. We can see different ways of controlling your games, like moving the WiiU to the sides. We can also see how nintendo change the way of sharing games. People can be playing in their portable game system and view it on the TV for other people to watch. This are some illustrations on how nintendo shows power and innovation. They have shown this not only in one generation, but through their whole history.
  15. 15. Nintendo - video (Click on the image to view video)