Math precentation


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Math presentation by Camilo Gonzalez, and Anthony

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Math precentation

  1. 1. Math presentation Be good in math Camilo Gonzalez Anthony
  2. 2. Solving processPlan: We used plan when working on a mathproblem a lot because it allows us to knowwhat to do with the information given to us.This save us time and confusion later onwhen we actually start solving the problem
  3. 3. Equations?Slope intercept form: To find the slopeintercept form equation of a graph, you willneed to have the slope of the line, and the y-intercept.
  4. 4. Equations?point slope form: To find the point slope formequation of a line you will need to have theslope and a point that crosses the line.
  5. 5. Equations?Standard form: to find the standard form of aline, you will need the x and y intercept ofthe line.
  6. 6. How to find the slope of a graphIn order to find the slope of aline you will need to find toexact points in the line. Onceyou have to exact points, you (27,160)can find the slope by using theslope equation. Y2 - Y1 (6,40) X2 = X1 answer! 160 - 40 120 = 27, 6 21
  7. 7. How to find the slope of anequation-To find the slope of a slopeintercept equation, what you 4x + 2 = ywant to do is to look at whichnumber you are multiplying bythe input. In this case it is the4.-To find the slope of a pointslope equation, what you want y -2 = 3(x - 9)to do is to look at the numberyou are multiplying the x valuesby. In this case it will be 3.
  8. 8. How to find the slope of anequation-To find the slope of a standardform equation. You will need to 4x + 2y = 20find the x and y intercept. to dothis you will need to put a zero 4(0) + 2y = 20(0) on the x to get the y, and onthe y to get the x. Once you putthe zeros, you want to solve for 0 + 2y = 20x or y depending on which one 2 2you are doing first. Once youhave the x and y intercept , youwant to plug the numbers in to Answer! Y = (0, 10)the slope equation 10 - 0 10 X = (5,0) = -2 0-5 -5
  9. 9. How to find the y-intercept of agraph?To find the y interceptof a line you just haveto look at which pointthe line crosses the yaxis
  10. 10. How to find the y intercept ofan equation?To find the y-intercept of astandard form equation you will 4x + 2y = 20just need to solve for y. To dothis, you just put a zero at the x 4(0) + 2y = 20value and solve fory 0 + 2y = 20 2 2 Y = (0, 10)
  11. 11. How to find the y intercept ofan equation?To find y intercept of a pointslope form equation, you willneed to convert the equation y-1 = 2(x-1)from point slope form into slopeintercept form. Once you have y-1 = 2x - 2the slope intercept formequation, the number you are y = 2x - 3adding or subtracting will be they intercept
  12. 12. How to find the y intercept ofan equation?To find the y intercept of aslope intercept form equationall you need to do is to look atthe number you are adding orsubtracting on your equation. if y = 3x + 23there is nothing adding orsubtracting that means that they intercept is (0,0) or the origin.