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UFC - ultimate fighting championship


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UFC - ultimate fighting championship

  1. 1. TABLE OF CONTENTS• History• Development of clubs and league• Fan culture• Growth• Porter´s five forces• Future developments
  2. 2. HISTORY• Started in Greece-“pankration”• 1920s- • “Vale Tudo”• No official league--> but many underground combats / fighting tournaments• Very famous in Japan and Brazil
  3. 3. DEVELOPMENT OF CLUBS AND LEAGUES• 1993- UFC was created• UFC organization brought MMA to the United States.
  4. 4. ConceptTournament of the best athletes
  5. 5. KARATE
  6. 6. JIU JITSU
  7. 7. BOXING
  9. 9. GRAPPING
  10. 10. WRESTLING
  11. 11. SUMO
  12. 12. ??????????
  13. 13. GOAL Find the Ultimate Fighting Champion
  14. 14. 1993-2001 UFC• No rules1. Weight category2. No protections3. Everything permitted• No time Limit• All championship in one night• No judges
  15. 15. ROYCE GRACIE • Revolutionized the sport • Won 2 first UFC championship • Generated interest
  16. 16. UFC 2001-PRESENT DAY• In January 2001, under the new ownership of Zuffa™• UFC brand completely restructured MMA into a highly organized and controlled combat sport.1. Rules2. Protection3. Weight categories4. Competent referees5. Drug tests
  17. 17. FAN CULTURE
  18. 18. FAN CULTURE• UFC programming is available in over 354 million homes in more than 149 countries, in 20 different languages.• Holds the distinction as the largest live Pay-Per-View event provider in the world.
  19. 19. FOR THE REAL FANS• UFC Prime Time• CountDown Shows• Q&A sessions• Fan Expos• UFC online Games• UFC undisputed
  20. 20. FOR THE REAL FANS• Trading cards• Articulated action figures• FaceBook• Twitter
  22. 22. SPORT INFO The Legends
  23. 23. Submission SPORT INFO WAYS TO WIN Judge Decision
  25. 25. GLOBAL MARKET• Started to be broadcasted on TV• Expension of the internet• Became more popular• Thousands of websites• Live streaming• Most visited pay per view website of the world• broadcast in over 150 countries• 20 different languages• More than 30 channels broadcasting it
  26. 26. EMPLOYEMENT FIGURES• Administration/ General management• Communications/ Community relations• Event management• Finance• Legal• Production Services• Retail• Sales & Marketing• Security• Technical Services• Web/ Creative design• Internship
  27. 27. ATTENDANCE FIGURES• In the US : • UFC 1 in 1993 : 2300 fans • In 2002 : 14 000 fans • In 2009 : 19 000 fans All around the world: • 56 000 fans in Toronto in 2011 • 13 000 fans in germany in 2009 • 12 000 fans in Abu dhabi in 2010
  28. 28. SPORTS GOODS• Articles for people who wants to practise mma: You can purchase equipments to do MMA easily on the internet • Gloves, Protections… For all kind of prices • For example, it goes from 20 euros for gloves to 150 euros
  29. 29. SPORTS GOODS• Articles for UFC’s fans:• If you are only a fan and just supporting the fighters you can also buy fan t.shirt, hats, accessories and even toys.
  30. 30. MEDIA COVERAGE• In the US the media who coveres the UFC is VERSUS TV but the NBC channel is starting to show UFC’s fights but late at night.• In 2011 new contract with FOX TV
  31. 31. MEDIA COVERAGE• But outside the US UFC’s fights are also covered:• For example• in england by Extrem sports • Canada by The score • And even in Israel by Ego Total
  32. 32. ONLINE MARKETING• The UFC’s online Marketing is one of the most searched marketing to get new fans all around the world. • For that they have created a beautiful websites with news, videos, countdown for futur fights and a sales part.
  34. 34. BARRIERS TO ENTRY• Strong brand names are vital• Customers (viewers) are loyal to existing brands• There is a high capital requirement• The biggest threat is a variation in fighting or a new sport
  35. 35. THREAT OF SUBSTITUTES• Greatest threat to MMA’s success is its substitute products… • Boxing • Wrestling• Other extreme sports: • Karate • Snowboarding • Dirt-bikes • Hockey (violence)
  36. 36. BARGAINING POWER OF BUYERS• Fans will watch MMA either on TV, or in person:• On TV • Cable companies are huge buyers • Sponsors • Eg: UFC imposes a $100,000 fee for any company to sponsor an actual fighter• In person • Limited buyer choice • Seat offering
  37. 37. BARGAINING POWER OF SUPPLIERS• Fighters• RefereesBut also in a certain sense• Cable companies• Pay-per-view providers
  38. 38. RIVALRY AMONG EXISTING PLAYERS- HIGH -• Fast industry growth rate• Exit barriers are low• Governments limit competition• Relatively few competitors• Elite XC (Elite Xtreme Combat)• DREAM• IFL (International Fight League)• Strikeforce
  39. 39. FUTURE DEVELOPMENTS• Legal in Europe ?  UFC’s Dana White (President) predicts an international growth• World tournaments? Inter- organisation “Grand Chelem” (like in tennis)
  40. 40. FUTURE DEVELOPMENTS• Female fighters within the next decade?• Development of other “IFL” style fighting leagues
  41. 41. FUTURE DEVELOPMENTSDana White predicts MMA will be bigger than World Cup football by 2018
  42. 42. FUTURE DEVELOPMENTS Kenny Florian, one of UFC’s lightweight conteders believes that“there isn’t a lot of interpretation that needs to go into explaining a fight, ittranscends cultural and language barriers”
  43. 43. FUTURE DEVELOPMENTS Most probably the rules won’t change much in the futurebecause it is “a highly regulated sport with a near-flawless safetyrecord”, Keith Kizer – Executive director of the NAC (NevadaAthletic Commission)
  44. 44. FUTURE DEVELOPMENTS “The quality of the fighter will increase drastically asfighters start to train much younger, and directly in theMMA sport rather than in the various fighting sports it iscomposed of” Tom Atencio – Affliction promoter; “GSP(Georges Saint Pierre) is the perfect example of whatyou’ll see coming”