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Plane Crash


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Plane Crash

  1. 1. By Camille, Hendrik, Federica, Christian & Sam
  2. 2. Location 
  3. 3. Walking is Suicide 70 miles (113KM) is measured as the crow flies.Hills, mountain & cliffs will significantly increase the distance.Too hot to walk during the day(not enough water/sun stroke)Walking at night is too risky Batteries in torch could die Compass could be off/ points to magnetic north, not actual north – which one to follow? Pilot may have misjudged distance/direction in his state of panic Would likely drive you away from S&R teams search radius Town might be deserted
  4. 4. Objective Alpha: Stay Alive, Get Noticed Get out of the sun ASAPStay clear of the wreckage/corpsesMake something noticeable from an aircraft unnatural shapes, colors, etc.Gather anything possible to make a fire in order to benoticed from aircraft at night
  5. 5. Salvaged Items 1. Cosmetic Mirror2. Parachute3. 1L of water per person4. Bandage kit with Gauze5. 1L of 180 proof Vodka6. Jack knife7. Book entitled "edible animals of the desert8. 2 pairs of sunglasses9. 1 overcoat per person (winter coat)10. torch (4battery size)11. bottle of salt tablets12. plastic rain coat (L Size)13. .45 caliber pistol (loaded)14. sectional air map of crash area15. magnetic compass