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Camille Garcia Final Web design presentation


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Camille Garcia's final analysis of personal website

Published in: Education
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Camille Garcia Final Web design presentation

  1. 1. By Camille GarciaONLINE PORTFOLIO
  2. 2.  I will create an online portfolio for myself.  I will create a website that showcases my resume along with projects I have completed for my classes and internships.  URL: WHAT IS MY PROJECT?
  3. 3.  Target audience: Potential Employers  This website will allow potential employers to view all of my work in one organized place.  It will give said employers a better opportunity to see my accomplishments in a more visual way, rather than just describing them on a resume.  This is a unique way to showcase my abilities. PROJECT SIGNIFICANCE
  4. 4. About This will give brief biographical information on me and include a photo of me. Resume This will include a PDF of my resume. Social Media Editing This will include a description, as well as photos and links to examples of her social media editing I have done for companies in the past. SECTIONS TO INCLUDE
  5. 5. Journalism Video-will have my video packages/descriptions of each Print-will have screenshots linked to published work Personal blog This section will include a link to my blog. Contact This will include my email address. SECTIONS TO INCLUDE
  6. 6.  In each section, I will include various types of multimedia.  For example, on my Resume page, I will include a PDF document; on the journalism and Social Media editing page I will include clickable screen shots linking to examples of each on the internet; For anything else, I will include hyperlinks. MULTIMEDIA
  7. 7.  Social Media tools:  I will include a Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram widget in the footer section of the website. MULTIMEDIA
  8. 8.  I will style the website so that it is easy to navigate while also being visually appealing. CONCLUSION
  10. 10. HOME PAGE
  11. 11.  One of most used social media sites  Friends and family—more personal  Interactive—posting link/photos is easy and clickable FACEBOOK
  12. 12.  One of most popular social media sites  Can reach a wider audience than family and friends, predominantly potential employers TWITTER
  13. 13. Implemented April 29, 2015 Anticipating: at least 10 clicks per day High number of new visitors, and some returning visitors. Each person will stay on the site for at least a minute. PLAN
  14. 14. Day of implementation: # of page views: 116 # of sessions: 52 Last day: # of page views: 4 # of sessions: 1 RESULTS
  15. 15. Average sessions duration: .46 seconds Bounce rate: 44.64 % of new sessions: 100% Average page views/session: 2.07 RESULTS
  16. 16.  Countries: Top 3 Countries-USA, Canada & Spain  Cities: Top 3 Cities-Austin, Houston & San Antonio RESULTS