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Get a Head Start at PODi AppForum with 2 Real-Life Case Studies


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In this webinar, Joe Manos, VP at MindFireInc, shares 2 higher education cases studies for PODi AppForum registrants to get a head start on learning how to grow their marketing services business before the show.

In this slide deck, you'll learn how:

1. University of Alabama created personalized digital and print viewbooks for their graduate student search program using marketing technology

2. Saint Francis University ran a year-long program using direct mail, email, social media, and web to increase alumni engagement and donations

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Get a Head Start at PODi AppForum with 2 Real-Life Case Studies

  1. 1. HIGHER ED PROGRAMS THAT DELIVER EXCEPTIONAL RESULTS FOR THE UNIVERSITY MARKET MAY 7, 2015 MindFireInc Pre-AppForum Educational Webinar Creating marketing that drives results
  2. 2. Ask any Question
  3. 3. Agenda The Higher Ed market has very specific needs for marketing programs depending on the department. As such, the program design will change significantly depending on the use case.  View how our customers exceed the challenge of finding a better approach for connecting with their target audience  Deliver a cross channel marketing program including personalized, microsite of choices for each student or donor  Deliver an ongoing nurturing program that goes beyond the traditional “one and done” approach  Q & A
  4. 4. Today’s Presenter Joe Manos Executive Vice President MindFireInc
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  8. 8. Service'deGinition' • • • •
  9. 9. Solution for Success – How we make it work!  Price the program so clients pay an annual fee versus having separate line items for each service  Providing each line item can get confusing for the client and makes generating a high profit margin more difficult  Many campaigns take 1-2 phases to start to build momentum. Not getting annual buy-in gives the client the opportunity to drop the program before the momentum is created
  11. 11. U of Alabama Program Overview Overview:  The opportunity was a result of a Trade Show  Following the event, the initial engagement included: – Live demo meeting – Program samples – Another live demo – Two additional months of educating and proof of concept
  12. 12. Variable Viewbooks  The initial program was created for another University three years ago  We refined the solution and perfected it during the initial program  Our objective was to pitch it better and perfect the delivery methodologies
  13. 13. Program Overview University of Alabama  Program conducted six months ago  U of A has 120 grad programs across 8 schools Central Grad Office said, “we need a better approach for connecting with our target audience!”
  14. 14. Variable Viewbooks Program Elements  Leveraging a multi-channel, multi-media approach, drive target audience to a variable site of choices and info  Once at the site, create tailor-designed viewbook based on their interest areas  Eight primary versions, with a ton of sub-versions  Delivered in print and online formats that are fully integrated
  15. 15. Essentially, this program represents a virtual nurturing program built around the Personalized, Virtual Viewbook creation and follow-up activities…
  16. 16. STEP #1 — Drive Prospects to Survey Site
  17. 17. STEP #2 — Deliver Personalized Online (Virtual) Viewbook
  18. 18. STEP #3 — Follow Up with Variable- Print Viewbook
  20. 20. How Pacesetter Enterprises, Inc. Created a Year-Long Campaign that Helped Saint Francis University Increase Alumni Engagement and Donation ! Driving Alumni Engagement and Donations! with Marketing Automation! 1"
  21. 21. Video Updates! Objective! Keep alumni informed about SFU through personalized video updates.! ! Pacesetter sent a video update via email SFU alumni that was personalized, engaging, and informative. ! ! Whether an SFU alumni graduated in 2010 or 1950, the video update they received was relevant to them. Having multiple variations of the video update allowed for SFU to re-establish a relationship with their alumni before asking them for a donation.! ! ! Results! By integrating relevant video updates with personalized emails, Pacesetter found that overall response rates increased by as much as 112%!! !
  22. 22. Main Fundraising Campaign! Objective! Engage with SFU alumni using personalized emails and landing pages to generate donations.! ! ! ! ! Solicitation Email! Personalized communications key when trying to connect with your target audience. ! ! Pacesetter utilized marketing automation technology to add variables within emails that linked relevant information to individual SFU alumni. ! ! An alumni’s name, major, and an update on their major’s department were all matched according to the alumni receiving the email. ! ! Personalized Variables! Personalized Variables! Personalized Variables!
  23. 23. Main Fundraising Campaign! Objective! Engage with SFU alumni using personalized emails and landing pages to generate donations. ! ! ! Microsite! Since smartphones and tablets have become an integral part of our day-to-day lives, Pacesetter strategically designed SFU’s microsite to have an app-like interface. ! ! Using data SFU had about their alumni, Pacesetter was able to utilize marketing technology to design a microsite that was personalized for each alumni. ! ! This familiar, user-friendly layout combined with customized content led alumni to feel comfortable
  24. 24. Social Media Contest! Not everything is about donations! No one likes to keep in contact with someone who only seems to want something from them.! ! Alumni can be reluctant to stay in communication with their university they feel their alma mater only checks up on them to see how their bank account is doing.! ! Rather than create another donation-centered campaign, Pacesetter designed a social media contest to interact with young alumni through channels they use: Facebook and Twitter.! ! SFU implemented a social media campaign to fulfill two objectives:! • Gain a larger following on Facebook and Twitter! • Gather valuable information on young alumni to use in other appeals!
  25. 25. Social Media Contest! How did they do it?! ! SFU launched their “Where are you now?” campaign by encouraging young alumni to upload a photo and tell SFU and their peers what they’ve been up to since they graduated. ! ! If alumni participated by uploading a photo, liking SFU’s Twitter and Facebook pages, and using the #SFUYA hashtag, they were entered to win a Free iPad. ! ! SFU rekindled their relationship with young alumni by communicating with them on familiar channels and offering a prize rather than inquiring for a donation.! ! By doing so, SFU their social media followers and gain information on young alumni they could use to tailor future donation-centered campaigns. !
  26. 26. Giving Tuesday Campaign! I’m sure you’ve heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But what about Giving Tuesday?! ! Giving Tuesday is a new holiday created to promote philanthropic donations. On this day, people show their support to their favorite non- profit or institution by giving a donation. ! ! SFU a donation to their alma mater. Pacesetter launched this multi- channel campaign by creating: ! • Direct mail pieces! • Emails ! • Personalized landing pages! !
  27. 27. Giving Tuesday Campaign ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Results! Saint Francis was hugely successful with their participation in Giving Tuesday. They raised over $17,000 in only 24 hours!!
  28. 28. Christmas e-Card! Objective! Again, it’s not all about the donations! to reinforce the university’s values and strengthen alumni’s emotional connection to the institution. ! ! Results! Responses to the Christmas e-Card came flooding in. SFU alumni loved the heartfelt holiday wishes, some so much that they expressed their gratitude by making another donation!! ! Even without a fundraising objective, a well- crafted, sentimental campaign nurtures the relationship between the alumni and their alma mater in a way that can generate donations.! !
  29. 29. • 28% increase in email engagement over national average! • 4% increase in donations! • 9.4% increase in pledges from calling program! • $40,000 increase in gifts received online! ! SFU secured a competitive advantage by integrating powerful marketing technology with creative marketing campaigns. ! ! ! Year-long campaigns + multiple channels + personalized content + customized landing sites = ! the right message, delivered at the right time, for the right person.! !
  30. 30. Q & A
  31. 31. Key Presentations at PODi  Joe Manos Tuesday at 2:15PM – Not-for-Profit Marketing Campaign Implementation  Ted Raymond – 3 Sessions  Kim Gross – 2 Sessions
  32. 32. Your Host Joe Manos Executive Vice President MindFireInc