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The voice within e book

  2. 2. THE VOICE WITHIN - A GUIDE TO UNVEIL THE MELODIC SOUNDS OF YOUR SOUL The Voice Within - A Guide To Unveil The Melodic Sounds Of Your Soul Tap into your inner wisdom by following the steps in this e-book and practicing their respective exercises laid out under each step. The life of your dreams iswaiting for you. The road map to get there lies inside you and you have the key to unlock the voice that will lead you towards this magnificent path.© 2011 Camile AraujoPlease feel free to print this e-guide. You can also share a copy with a friend. You maynot sell or change anything in this e-guide. This e-guide is available through anexclusive offer at 2011 Camile Araujo !
  3. 3. THE VOICE WITHIN - A GUIDE TO UNVEIL THE MELODIC SOUNDS OF YOUR SOULThis ebook is dedicated to all of those who are courageous to walk to their own beat and live a life according to their highest values. Those who defy the law of many and stand out as one in the crowd. Those are the ones who have inspired me to be brave enough to trust my own inner voice and follow my own dream. It is with a lot of love that this book is created for you who is now on your own path of self- creation and on your way to leave your own mark on the world. This book is dedicated to you too. This ebook is also dedicated to the little person inside of me and to the one outsideof me - my daughter. She inspires me everyday to be the person I strive to be in the world.Copyright 2011 Camile Araujo !
  4. 4. THE VOICE WITHIN - A GUIDE TO UNVEIL THE MELODIC SOUNDS OF YOUR SOUL• Have you ever felt frightened to take the next step in your life?• Have you ever asked yourself “What’s next?”• Have you ever wondered “What if?”• Have you ever wished life came with a little instruction book?If you have answered yes to any of the above questions then this ebook is for you.You will learn how to connect with your inner self and find all the answers youneed in no time. The key to perfection is practice. Whenever you are able to practiceany of the steps, do so. It will only increase your chance to tap into your innerloving wisdom and be guided to live the life you are meant to live. The voice insideyou will take you to incredible new heights and help you understand the perfectionthat exists within you and around you.It is my honor to share with you 22 tips and exercises that will take you that muchcloser to listening to your own Voice Within.Copyright 2011 Camile Araujo !
  5. 5. THE VOICE WITHIN - A GUIDE TO UNVEIL THE MELODIC SOUNDS OF YOUR SOUL1. RelaxWE are often over stimulated by the world that surrounds us and begin to losesight of the simple things that bring us back to focus. Something as simple asrelaxing in the middle of a hectic day can get you back in tune with yourself, thusallowing you to open yourself up to what your soul is yearning to tell you.Exercise:Where ever you are, tense up all the muscles in your body for 15-20 seconds. Everymuscle from your head to your little toe should feel tight and tense. Then, relax,feel a warm, soothing wave washing over your body and loosening up every singlemuscle that you tensed up. Repeat this exercise three times.Copyright 2011 Camile Araujo !
  6. 6. THE VOICE WITHIN - A GUIDE TO UNVEIL THE MELODIC SOUNDS OF YOUR SOUL2.BreatheAre you aware of your breathing? Do you know that breathing is one of the oldestforms to calm the mind and brain noise in addition to bringing more oxygen tothe brain and the cells in the body. Breathing is a privilege and not a birth right.Indulge in it. Deep breathe as often as you can. It is a fantastic way to awakenevery molecule of your being to a new heightened state of awareness and bringthem back to work efficiently. EVERY MOLECULE. Take advantage of thiswonderful gift and use it to help your relationship with your inner self.Exercise:Sit comfortably and for at least three minutes pay close attention to your breath.Take a deep breath in and another one out counting to 20 each time you inhale thepure air and exhale the charged air. Focus on your breath and the counting.Time yourself. Begin with 3 minutes and each day increase by 30 seconds to 1minute.Copyright 2011 Camile Araujo !
  7. 7. THE VOICE WITHIN - A GUIDE TO UNVEIL THE MELODIC SOUNDS OF YOUR SOUL3.Sacred SpaceI have found that it is essential when we are on the path of self-creation that wehave our own sacred space. Whether it is outside watching a beautiful sunset, thewaves crashing ashore, inside the coziness of your kitchen, your home office orbedroom. Perhaps, your sacred space is inside yourself when you close your eyesand use your imagination to take you there. Our sacred space is safe, inspiringand it allows us to be ourselves 100% authentically and genuinely.Exercise:Find your own personal sacred space. Keep in mind that it is a place where youare 100% YOU. In this space your thoughts and ideas run wild and free. And it’s100% okay for them to do so, because amidst their freedom are subtle whispers andanswers to the questions that you ask yourself everyday. Perhaps in this space,these questions will become even clearer and it will be easier to recognize theanswers.Copyright 2011 Camile Araujo !
  8. 8. THE VOICE WITHIN - A GUIDE TO UNVEIL THE MELODIC SOUNDS OF YOUR SOUL4. Live In The MomentUnfortunately most of us are often living in shame (stuck in the past) or in fear(worrying about the future). It is a habit that has been building up from themoment we begin to understand what the concept of time means. It is paramountto remember to bring our focus to the present moment. For nothing else is real.Even our “memories” of the past are distorted with our own perception of whathappened instead of what did really happen. As time moves on, our stories changeand we begin to embellish our memories, worst of all we sometimes live stuck in thismake-believe memories. The same goes for the future. Wehave the power to change everything, all the time,instead we worry about external factors and how theywill affect us in every way. Learning to evade theshame/guilt and fear and be present in the moment is apowerful tool to connect with the wisdom of your soul.It is wise to embrace and submerge in your every action,pay attention to what you do and love what you doabove all. Find inspiration in the simplest of acts andyour focus will automatically be brought to the presentmoment.Exercise:Once a week, or more often if you can, devote some time for you to do what youabsolutely LOVE, but find every excuse in the book not to, either because of lack oftime, guilt, laziness or lack of inspiration. Take the leap and allow yourself to be ina state of pure inspiration while doing something that completely resonates withyour inner self. It does not matter what it is, just devote this time to yourself andyou will be surprised that you won’t even feel time pass you by. That is living inthe moment.Copyright 2011 Camile Araujo !
  9. 9. THE VOICE WITHIN - A GUIDE TO UNVEIL THE MELODIC SOUNDS OF YOUR SOUL5.Pay Attention To The SignsOur god-selves are constantly trying to speak to us. Since most of us are too busy topay attention or to give it any time at all, the messages they are trying to relaymanifest in tangible forms. Sometimes we read something on a billboard, a book,or on a bus bench that makes us go..”hmm, that is interesting.” Other times we hearadvice from family, friends, strangers, that resonate deeply with what we are goingthrough and may even be the answer we arelooking for, but we are too proud to admit thatthey are right and we choose to go in adifferent direction. And, sometimes, theUniverse intervenes in a more “in your face”type of way. Pay attention. The Universe andthe divine matrix are perfect manifestations tobring us back to a path of love. Believeeverything you see as a miracle unfoldingright before your eyes. It is there for a reason.Exercise:Look for the little things everywhere. The small whispers, the perfect words thatmake your heart smile. The hidden flower in a field of weeds, a yellow butterfly ina rainy day. Whatever grabs your attention for that split second.. Stop. Rememberwhat you were thinking about right at that minute. Try to relate what broughtyou back to awareness to your thoughts and feelings. Believe the signs.Copyright 2011 Camile Araujo !
  10. 10. THE VOICE WITHIN - A GUIDE TO UNVEIL THE MELODIC SOUNDS OF YOUR SOUL6.Write Long HandSometimes we are minding our own business, taking care of life and we are visitedby an off-the-wall thought (those are my favorite). It is wise to carry a smalljournal and a pen or pencil with you at all times. Inspiration comes when we aremostly connected with “all”. It is hard (if you don’t have practice) to feel the exactmoment that you become connected. So, some inspiring thoughts may come assurprises. When we are not accustomed to feeling the connection, the moment werealize we are connected, we tend to want to hold on to the connection, and itdissipates. So be ready.. You never know when It’ll hit ya!Exercise:Write down that thought that just popped in uninvitedly but with enough humphto make you stop what you were doing. Also, if you are in the car listening tomusic and a certain song inspires you enough that you get a tear of gratitude,research the lyrics to that song later and write them down. The same with a quoteor a paragraph in a book. It may even be a movie that brings inspirational tearsto your eyes. Write it all down. Those words that speak to your heart may betelling you the story of your life, it is all a matter of documenting them andmaking sense of it as you go on living, often referring to them as points ofinspiration.Copyright 2011 Camile Araujo !
  11. 11. THE VOICE WITHIN - A GUIDE TO UNVEIL THE MELODIC SOUNDS OF YOUR SOUL7.Judgment Free Zone To judge ourselves is to live in constant denial of who we are. There are over 4,600 human traits and we possess them all. We may show them in different forms at different forms to different people. Nevertheless, we are everything we love and hate in others. Loving ourselves is one of the first steps to becoming more aware.We become patient and accept ourselves for what and who we are. No stories, nolabels, no past, no future... We just become. With that awareness and knowledge,listening is so effortless. It may be a bit overwhelming because there are so manymessages that we tend to ignore, but it will be almost effortless.Exercise:Pick three traits you don’t like about yourself. List them in a piece of paper. Then,make two columns, the first one titled “100 benefits to others”, the second columntitled “100 benefits to me”. For each trait fill out both columns and if you need togo further than 100, do it. Do the exercise until you see that you being exactly asyou are is not only a benefit to others but to yourself as well.Copyright 2011 Camile Araujo !
  12. 12. THE VOICE WITHIN - A GUIDE TO UNVEIL THE MELODIC SOUNDS OF YOUR SOUL8.Discover YOUWhen we live congruently to what we truly love and not to please others or try tolive a facade of who we should be, we are connected to our inner-selves in deep ways.We are more creative, we have more vitality and we stop worrying about what wasand what will be. Discovering you means having your actions match what’s inyour heart. When we pay close attention to young children, notice how in tune theyare with themselves. Unless they are desperately craving the attention of anauthority figure, children live in their space, they live by their rules and followwhat’s in their heart. How do you do that?Exercise:Pay attention to what it is you mostly think about, spend your energy on, talkabout, spend your money on and what you surround yourself with. Make a list ofat least three things in each section. That will show you who you truly are. If thatmatches what you do, GREAT! Otherwise, who you say you are is not trulycongruent to who your heart is.. **Helpful to be completely honest!!!!**Copyright 2011 Camile Araujo !
  13. 13. THE VOICE WITHIN - A GUIDE TO UNVEIL THE MELODIC SOUNDS OF YOUR SOUL9. Dare YourselfIs there one thing that you cannot imagine yourself doing? What is it? Speaking inpublic? Skydiving? Going topless on the beach? Professing your love to the one you can’t live without? Shave off the stoic persona? Write a book? Ask for a raise? Scuba dive? Whatever it is you think you can’t do, not only can you do it, but you can also be the best at it. Live with intention. There is a saying that people spend more time planning their vacations than they plan their lives. Is that you? If so, time to stop take some moments to jot down things you’d like to accomplish (*note: not things you think people would like you to accomplish, the key word here is YOU). Time to spread your wings and fly...Exercise: In your intention list, write something you don’t think you could do, onething you are deathly afraid of. Start small if needed. But, do it. The confidenceyou will gain from it will liberate you to begin living your truth, and lead you tobe more connected with yourself. Remember the key of every exercise in the book isto slowly show you that you possess all you need inside. The answers to everyquestion you have are inside yourself waiting to be let out.Copyright 2011 Camile Araujo !
  14. 14. THE VOICE WITHIN - A GUIDE TO UNVEIL THE MELODIC SOUNDS OF YOUR SOUL10.Renew The Way You See Life “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” - Dr. Wayne DyerIt is easy to lose ourselves in the hustle andbustle of life. It doesn’t mean we have toremain lost in it. There is so much more to life.So much more color than we choose to see.However you choose to see life, remember: it is achoice. Life happens for you – ALWAYS. TheUniverse is always conspiring in our favorregardless of our lop sided perceptions of someevents. It is a beautiful thing when we canrecognize the blessing behind any perceivedtragedy. There is a higher power at play thatmakes sure everything is balanced and in perfect harmony. Step out of your dailyroutine and see all the colors around you, take it all in. Be grateful.Exercise:Step out of your self-imposed box. Begin to look at life from a different perspective.Put yourself in everyone’s shoes you meet. Feel where they come from when theytalk. Appreciate each moment as if they were your last. Look at the moon. Stargaze. Be grateful for grid-lock, rush-hour traffic and use the time wisely tomeditate, breathe deeply. Start a conversation with a complete stranger, payattention to what you can learn. Dress up and show up.Copyright 2011 Camile Araujo !
  15. 15. THE VOICE WITHIN - A GUIDE TO UNVEIL THE MELODIC SOUNDS OF YOUR SOUL11. Do What You LoveThis is about doing that thing that brings the warmest of feelings to your heart.The thing that makes time stop, space disappear and you forget the three-dimensional world around you. How often do you experience that? If you haveexperienced it at least once in your life, then kudos to you. Indescribable feeling, isn’t it? How about you feeling it again? Well, it’s easy. We get so caught up on what we ought to, should, and have to do that we forget to dedicate a bit of time doing what we love to do. Whether it is a profession or a hobby, love must be present. For loving what we are doing dissolves any judgment, lop- sided perceptions and bring usfully to our center where we are poised and in touch with our truth.Exercise:Lose yourself in whatever it is you love to do. Whether it is 5 minutes or a wholemonth. Do it! Play, read, work, sit, walk, run, laugh, cry, write, watch,... Surrenderto the action and forget all the rest. You will be surprised when you mix love withthe art of being.... You become it! The Voice Within is most powerful when it comesfrom a place of love and authenticity.Copyright 2011 Camile Araujo !
  16. 16. THE VOICE WITHIN - A GUIDE TO UNVEIL THE MELODIC SOUNDS OF YOUR SOUL12. Say Your Prayers If the only prayer you say is “thank you” , that is enough. No need for elaborate, articulate speeches. Pray from the heart. Forget the systematic, dogmatic way, and do it freely, lovingly. As you pray, you evoke a dialogue between the you (you know) and the you (you are getting to know). Talk to yourself. Talking to myself has been the most effective form of prayer I have ever practiced in my life. If I can’t understand what I’m saying to myself, or if I’m too bored with what is coming to my mind, what makes me think the Universe would be interested? I “pray” a.k.a. talk to myselfregularly. It is mostly questions, and rarely do they not get answered. So pray.Talk. You are listening.Exercise:Ask questions. Demand of your higher-self. Learn to ask why. Find out why. Mostimportantly thank yourself for all that you have learned, all that you haveexperienced and all that is yet to come. By thanking yourself, you open the door tothe Universe to bring you more of what you truly want and you open the gatesfor the answers within to come out and guide you on the path of your magnificentlife.Copyright 2011 Camile Araujo !
  17. 17. THE VOICE WITHIN - A GUIDE TO UNVEIL THE MELODIC SOUNDS OF YOUR SOUL13.Enjoy The JourneyThe more you learn to listen, the more you will listen. The more answers youreceive, the more you will seek. It is a never ending cycle. The only thing thatchanges is the quality of your questions, subsequently the incredible impact ofyour answers. The questions will nevercease.“When the why is big enough, the hows takecare of themselves.” - Dr. Demartini.There are no wrong questions. The wholepoint of listening is to know that all youneed is already inside of you.“You have always had the power...” - TheWizard of Oz.Exercise:1. List all the questions you’d like answers to, and put them somewhere that you can get to occasionally to cross them off as soon as you receive an answer.2. If your questions begin to get all answered, come up with some more. In fact, don’t wait until the previous ones get answered, as soon as a question pops in your head, write it down. Live with purpose to answering all your questions.3. Don’t be frustrated that you will never run out of questions... That’s the journey.Copyright 2011 Camile Araujo !
  18. 18. THE VOICE WITHIN - A GUIDE TO UNVEIL THE MELODIC SOUNDS OF YOUR SOUL ABOUT THE AUTHORCamile is an internationally published author, inspirational speaker and aDemartini Method® Facilitator.Her life was changed in January 2006. She thought she was living the life of herdreams, working as a Police Officer and enjoying life the best way she knew how atthe time. A ficchus tree changed the course that her life was heading towards, andafter crashing into it with her police cruiser, Camile became paralyzed from thechest down. She suffered countless complications from her accident and after a six-week coma and a two-year bed ridden state, she began to re-create her life and digdeep inside herself to find all the answers to all her questions.She has been writing since the age of five. And, resorted to her journals to ease thepain any transition can cause. Through her love of writing she started a blog, andbegan inspiring thousands of people around the world. After vacationing andattending a Hay-House, Inc. cruise she met people who have influenced her lifeand inspired her to pursue her love of writing even further. She was invited to co-author a book where 11 incredible women share their bit of extraordinary in hopesto inspire others to also achieve extraordinary results in their lives. The bookExtraordinary You - The Art of Living a Lusciously Spirited, Vibrant Life isbeing published in five different countries – USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand andAustralia.Camile is now working on her first novel which is due out Summer/2012. Shecurrently lives in South Florida with her one year old daughter. Visit her to find out more.Copyright 2011 Camile Araujo !