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Verreum novelties


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produtos expostos na feira 100% design Londres

Published in: Design, Entertainment & Humor
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Verreum novelties

  1. 1. argenteusovumdesigned by Rony PleslThe inspiration of thesevases is the work of famoussculptor ConstantineBrancusi.Egg, as one of his favoriteshape, symbolizes for methe perfection and thecenterpiece of the interior,which in itself reflects thewhole surroundings. 60012/340 60012/240
  2. 2. labyrintdesigned by Olgoj ChorchojVases Labyrint aredesigned in contrasting white-black and black-white design.Their outer shell is disruptedby sandblasting technology,which creates a matte labyrinthon the vase surface. 60011/300 60111/300
  3. 3. zubatádesigned by Olgoj ChorchojCollection is designed forthin-walled three-layeropal glass technology.The second option is alsoprovided with the finalsurface of black glass.Morphology vases indifferent sizes, lamps andchandeliers, are based onproducts created during thesixties. It is technically verychallenging shaped objects. 60010/350 60010/250
  4. 4. tulip designed by Rony Plesl The rounded cup shape, best for wine and champagne, in combination with a conical silvered foot reflecting the colour of sparkling beverages.20003/190 20003/210 20003/210
  5. 5. family designed by Michael Koenig Family of vase and two candlesticks – one gives the shape to the other – father, mother and child. The vase is from colored glass, candlesticks from glass silvered. The choice of the material supports the story and creates beside the shape a nice contrast between each other and the line.90002/170 90002/220 90002/300
  6. 6. Novelties 2011
  7. 7. shiboridesigned by Petr VaďuraInspiration source forthese vases is the ancientJapanese technique forcreating textile motives.Petr Vaďura createsa harmonious compositionof slowly floating themeswhere alternation ofsmooth and matte surfacescreates impressionof silk glaze. 60013/180 60013/320
  8. 8. Novelties 2011
  9. 9. silverbulletsdesigned by Leoš SmejkalSilver Bullets set isdesigned especially forvodka. Cold silver, frostedfinish and surface,sharpness and power ofshots – attributes perfectlysuited to chilled vodka. 30004/750 10004/50
  10. 10. Novelties 2011
  11. 11. velvetdesigned by Michael KoenigSimple story of Velvetcoffee cups comes fromthe shape of the basketfor collecting and selectingcoffee beans. Perfect basefor celebration of the tasteof good coffee. Beside thestory this unique techniquekeeps coffee warm andfingers cold. 10005/60 10005/250 10005/200
  12. 12. Novelties 2011
  13. 13. mirror coffee cup designed by Olgoj Chorchoj Silvered coffee cup with its double-wall technology, that studio Olgoj Chorchoj experiments from the early nineties, allows grabbing a hot beverage cup with bare hands. Mirror effect evokes a touch of luxury and enhances readability of the handmade craftsmanship.10003/60 10003/170 10003/140
  14. 14. Cílem společnosti SPACE CZ s.r.o. a její nově Company SPACE CZ s.r.o. with its new Целью SPACE CZ и её вновь созданногоvytvořené značky Verreum je stát se předním established brand Verreum aims to become бренда Verreum, является стремление статьhráčem na trhu s exkluzivním českým leading player with exclusive Czech handmade ведущим игроком на рынке эксклюзивногоdesignovým sklem. design glass on the market. дизайна чешского стекла, ручной работы.Verreum spojuje staré sklářské techniky Verreum joins up old glassmaking techniques Verreum сочетает в себе старинные методыpoužívané v České republice již po mnoho used in Czech Republic for many centuries изготовления стекла, используемые в Чехииstoletí s návrhy současných předních českých with ideas of todays famous Czech designers. в течение многих веков, а также нынешниеdesignérů. идеи, ведущих чешских дизайнеров.Mimo vlastní výroby unikátního stříbřeného Except its own production of unique silvered Помимо собственного производстваskla se SPACE CZ snaží spoluprací se zbýva- glass SPACE CZ tries by cooperation with уникального серебряного стекла,jícími českými sklárnami udržet tradici ruční remaining Czech glassworks to keep Czech SPACE CZ поддерживает сотрудничествоvýroby skla v Čechách. handmade glassmaking tradition. с остальными чешскими производителями, чтобы сохранить традицию чешского стеклоделия ручной работы.SPACE CZ s.r.o., Jeseniova 1151/55, 130 00 Praha 3,,