Perfection in color meets perfection in paint.
Silver Mink / PANTONE 17-1312                                                                                      Silver ...
Snow White / PANTONE 11-0602Air Blue / PANTONE 15-4319        Pesto / PANTONE 18-0228                                     ...
Great Design is                                                                                                           ...
For over 40 years, Pantone has been the globalprovider of professional color standards and a sourceof inspiration for thos...
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  1. 1. Perfection in color meets perfection in paint.
  2. 2. Silver Mink / PANTONE 17-1312 Silver Blue / PANTONE 16-4706 Copper / PANTONE 16-1325Inspiring the World’s Color Palette Deep Mahogany / PANTONE 19-1420with Paint.In the ever-evolving world of trends, it’s important to update andmodernize your thinking and to look at color and styling influencethrough “modern-eyes.” As ever, colors for interiors are influencedby color directions in fashion, pop culture, international affairs,social issues and the world of entertainment. From casual oreclectic to stunningly modern, the over 3,000 shades in thePANTONE Palettes reflect a variety of design styles, play styles and simply elegantcomfort levels. The three paint palettes highlighted in this brochure Where traditional taste meldsare examples of how Pantone, Inc. can help express the wide range with contemporary sensibilities, rich tones make a seamlessof colors that speak to today’s culture. Simply choose the color connection.combinations that resonate, allowing you to best convey your The first palette, titled “Simply Elegant,”individual taste and sensibilities. is a prime example of the marriage of tradition and modern day, the continuing eclectic approach where new technologies, especially in fabrication, finishes and styling adeptly enable (and encourage) the use of unexpected mixes and textures. Color treatments are equally unique in beautiful blends of mahogany and silvered mink, silvery blues, elegant purples and deep bronzed tones set off by the glint of pale gold, frosty almond and copper. For design tips using these colors, please visit
  3. 3. Snow White / PANTONE 11-0602Air Blue / PANTONE 15-4319 Pesto / PANTONE 18-0228 Green Sheen / PANTONE 13-0648 fresh air mélange No matter what the season, infuse Friendly, warming, nurturing hues the atmosphere with the soothing invite you to enjoy the colors of springtime. convivial atmosphere. The dictionary defines something fresh as Flavored by melon, apricot, strawberry Flame / PANTONE 17-1462 that which is “refreshingly different from and orange, Mélange is an assortment what has been done previously.” Certainly of tantalizing shades guaranteed to the spontaneity of the stylized designs and stimulate the visual appetite. In addition finishes mixed into this palette is truly like to the warm fruit flavors, and feeding the Poppy Red / PANTONE 17-1664 a breath of “fresh air,” where woven twines need for fresh, vital combinations, there may meet with metallic sheens and smooth is a toasty tan, a vibrant poppy red, resins are coupled with textured leathers. a vivacious yellow — all well-grounded Keith Scott Morton Freesia / PANTONE 14-0852 Color combinations are equally inventive, by a balancing blue and a rustic khaki. Apricot / PANTONE 15-1153 for example, green pesto, vibrant yellow For design tips using these colors, and yellow-greens combining artfully with please visit cyclamen pink, purples and violets, sky blues and snow whites. For design tips using these colors, please visit
  4. 4. Great Design is Now as Easy as With over 3,000 designer colors to choose from, the new PANTONE — matched paints yield the depth and vibrancy of color to dramatically enhance Paint by Numbers any environment.Color Confidence from Inspiration pinnacle of the Dutch art of paint making. These real Dutch paints are richly laden with the finest pigments, oils andto Application. resins, and are tinted with a unique proprietary system Interior / Exterior Interior Acrylic Interior / Exterior Traditional oil Waterborne employing two separate dispensing systems, one for water- High performance, odorless, scrubbable,For over 40 years, Pantone, Inc. has been the global High-performance, marine quality alkyd quick drying interior paint. Easily applied Advanced water and oil formulation based acrylic paints and one for traditional, oil-basedprovider of professional color standards and a source of enamel suitable for interior and exterior by homeowner or professional. Combines paint suitable for interior and exterior paints. By utilizing these product-specific colorants, use. Heavily pigmented formulation beauty and longevity in a state-of-the-art use on woodwork and other “non-wallinspiration for those working in the design community the Fine Paints of Europe Tinting System provides superior provides superior hiding power and resists formulation. Cleans up with water, elements.” “Hybrid” formulation yieldsworldwide. Our wide ranging color palette is used by design color accuracy, enhanced color depth, and excellent fading. Suitable for any properly primed environmentally friendly. Low VOC. best attributes of both traditional solventprofessionals internationally to access color trends, interior or exterior surface – wood, plaster, borne and modern waterborne coatings. coverage for long-lasting value. Fine Paints of Europe Available in matte, satin and glosscommunicate color choices and control consistency wallboard, metals and plastics. Available in finishes. Over 3,000 PANTONE Colors Easily applied by homeowner or is the only paint company authorized by Pantone, Inc. toof color across every imaginable surface, texture, Brilliant and Satin finishes; over 3,000 and custom tints. professional. Odorless, cleans up with match paint in PANTONE Colors. PANTONE Colors and custom tints. water, environmentally friendly – lowmaterial and finish. Eurolux Matte VOC. Available in Brilliant and Satin Hollandlac Satin Applications: Preferred by most clients for finishes; over 3,000 PANTONE ColorsThe Color System that Covers the Every Designer’s Life Just Got Applications: Walls, ceilings, doors, trim railings, baseboard, moldings, cabinets, walls and ceilings. and custom tints.World Now Covers Your Walls. Easier. furniture and windows. Eurolux Satin Eco Brilliant Applications: Walls, ceilings or any other Applications: Windows, doors, trim, Whether you are a design professional looking to Hollandlac Brilliant surface on which a durable, satin, easily cabinets, shutters and garden furniture.Through a relationship with Fine Paints of Europe, Applications: Windows, doors, floors, trim, maintained surface is required. incorporate brand identity standards and easily coordinatedesigners, architects and discerning homeowners can railing, cabinets, wainscotting, furniture, Eco Satin multiple materials such as fabrics, furnishings, carpets and Eurolux Gloss Applications: Windows, doors, trim,now confidently specify and match Pantone’s color machinery, exterior architectural facades, paint for interior design projects, or a savvy consumer shutters, garden furniture, gazebos, trellises, Applications: Primarily for doors, trim cabinets, shutters and garden furniture.standards in paint. looking for the right color for your home, Pantone has the wooden and wrought iron, fences, exterior cabinets and windows, but may be used colors you want. And as our portable guide is chromatically decks, porches and boats. effectively on walls and ceilings when a gloss finish is desired. arranged by color family, you will be able to easily locateNow Paint and Color Speak the the shade you are seeking.Same Language. So, imagine your life in color and set your creativity free.Quick drying, easy-to-apply and eco-friendly, PANTONE-matched paints from Fine Paints of Europe represent the PAINTS + INTERIORS color guide PAINTS + INTERIORS color specifier Chromatically arranged by color family, color- Six larger sized tear-out chips perforated on-paper fan deck is designed for portable for easy removal. Chips can be used to Color Cue®2 use. Each color is numerically referenced and communicate color choices, develop color Capture your inspiration. Click on any has an inspirational color name. Perfect for palettes or attach to drawings and submittals. surface or material and easily cross-match selecting paint choices, as well as specifying, PAINTS + INTERIORS color chooser it to the closest color from our PANTONE matching and coordinating all of your color An easy way to integrate the PANTONE PAINTS + INTERIORS or PANTONE choices from paints and fabrics to furniture PAINTS + INTERIORS color palette into MATCHING SYSTEM® Color Palettes. and floor coverings. your design software programs.
  5. 5. For over 40 years, Pantone has been the globalprovider of professional color standards and a sourceof inspiration for those working in the design community.And now through our partnership with Fine Paints ofEurope, we can make your life easier by matching yourfavorite PANTONE Colors in paint. Quick drying, easy-to-apply and eco-friendly, PANTONE-matched paintsfrom Fine Paints of Europe represent the pinnacle of theDutch art of paint making. So now the color system thatcovers the world can cover your walls. You couldn’tdesign a better match.pantonepaint.comVisit our site to find your local authorized PANTONE Paint retailer,take advantage of our helpful color tools and discover the latestcolor trends. If there is not yet a PANTONE Retailer in your community,please place paint orders at or call 866.MYCOLORfor prompt delivery to home or work site.PANTONE Colors displayed here may not match PANTONE-identified standards. Consult currentPANTONE PAINTS + INTERIORS color system publications for accurate color. Eurolux, Eco, ™ ™Hollandlac, Fine Paints of Europe™ and other Fine Paints of Europe, Inc. trademarks, registered ™trademarks and/or service are property of Fine Paints of Europe, Inc. Trend content provided byLeatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®. PANTONE® and otherPantone, Inc. trademarks are the property of Pantone, Inc. © Pantone, Inc., 2006. All rightsreserved.