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  1. 1. Unit 27 Task 2 – Performance Strengths and Areas for Improvement Cameron McIvor
  2. 2. Strength 1/4 • Excellence Trait: Maintaining motivation levels • Motivation is the level of intensity that people focus on something they want to achieve, by doing this they will direct their attention and effort towards trying to complete or succeed with whatever they are personally motivated to do. In mixed martial arts motivation levels can be used to push athletes mentally to achieve there targets within the sport. Being motivated often pushes athletes to work harder, going the extra mile to try and outdo other athletes with common goals. Becoming a professional fighter is an ideal way of explaining this, many people will want to become elite fighters in high level competitions however there are only so many places for people, and the competition in all high level sports is incredibly competitive and very hard to become successful within. Even when people are talented and excel in their sport, if you don’t have high motivation levels to succeed the chances are you won't. This is one of Ryan’s main strength areas that we can see from his high scoring on the performance profiling wheel. All scores show that he’s maintaining a higher motivation level than his overall current performance level requires, this is ideal for Ryan as his motivation and passion to excel as a martial arts fighter will push him to work and train harder for success.
  3. 3. Strength 2/4 • Excellence Trait: Concentration • The action or power of focusing all of one’s attention is concentration, this is used by all serious fighters in mixed martial arts as concentrating when competitively fighting requires a lot of metal focusing from the brain to pick up on all the possible threats and surroundings during a fight, concentration can allow a fighter to analyse a fighting situation to see what the best cause of action is take to gain the upper hand against the opponent. Concentration also allows a martial artist’s to focus and absorb information better when training and learning new techniques and skill moves from their instructor, being able to concentrate for prolonged periods of time also shows the fighter is good at paying attention without loosing focus, this is vital if a fighter wants to reach a professional standard in martial arts as they will need to be listening to their instructor, this will help fighters to develop themselves physically and mentally by enriching themselves with valuable knowledge that can be used to develop themselves in martial arts. This is one of Ryan’s main strength areas as we can see from his high scoring on the performance profiling wheel, me and Ryan’s coach both scored Ryan slightly higher on his concentration skills than his current performance level requires, this shows that this is a real stand out area for Ryan that he’s excelling in.
  4. 4. Strength 3/4 • Excellence Trait: Agility • Agility is the ability to be graceful and coordinated when moving at speed. In mixed martial arts having agility is a combination different attributes such as, balance when static or fighting an opponent while using dynamic balance, strength and speed are also needed to maintain movement and balance, this is done by focusing and using specific muscles power to stabilize the body while static or in motion, having a good agile body will allow a fighter to become harder to hit by opponents, agility can also allow them to strike out with effective attack moves that are accurate and precise. Speed and agility work directly with each other and the best way to improve on them is to participate in sporting activity, for martial arts being the sport I would say sparring against opponents would develop agility effectively as it will train the body in a competitive environment that will adapt to become more agile when fighting; constantly moving changing direction at pace. Ryan has shown us from his performance profiling wheel scores that he is currently performing his agility skills at a high enough standard for his current performance level, however if he wants to push to an elite level within his sport he will need to work harder on training his agility.
  5. 5. Strength 4/4 • Excellence Trait: Reaction time • Reaction time is the amount of time it takes for your eyes to sense something for example using the body's primary senses smell, sight or sound, reaction time is determined by the brains time taken to process the information before sending messages around the body to react as quickly as possible to the situation with an appropriate response. In mixed martial arts having a good reaction time is vital for a fighter to have within their skills set as there is a very small amount of time for a fighter to react when an opponent strikes intending to make contact , having a fast reaction time will allow the fighter to dodge or counter back against the opponent. A quick reaction time can also be very useful from an attackers perspective because if an opponent is able to defend against the attackers attempt of striking them the attacker will need a very speedy reaction time to be able to then change their attacking approach, this could mean the attacker might react to the opponents defensive stance by changing the angle or the height of their attacking move. This shows us that having a very fast reaction time will benefit Ryan from an attackers and defenders perspective, it will allow him to do both more effectively against other fighters as his quick reaction time will help him become harder to hit and avoid by opponents.
  6. 6. Development Area 1/4 • Excellence Trait: Flexibility • Flexibility is how flexible all the body's joints , more flexible joints will have a wider range of movement. Flexibility is vital in martial arts as throughout training and competitive sparring session the body will be forced into awkward and unnatural positions that isn't normal for the body , having flexible joints will allow these movements to be smoother increasing some areas of the body’s range of movement. When participating in competitive matches flexibility is very important as to gain a points during point sparring you have to hit the opponent above the waist line, if you strike the head you will gain more points than you would for making contact with the opponents body meaning that being more flexible will allow more range of movement from the body, giving attack moves a higher chance of making contact with high value areas of the opponents body in the competitive sparring match. The whole body needs to be flexible in martial arts to be effective at a high level of performance for example Ryan who is currently performing at a performance level , however he will need to improve his flexibility as it’s currently limiting and restricting his range of movement and stopping him from progressing further towards achieving his next elite level of performance.
  7. 7. Development Area 2/4 • Excellence Trait: Dodging • Dodging is being able to avoid someone or something by using a sudden quick movement. Evading someone in mixed martial arts is vital to the success of the athlete, if they are unable to avoid attacks from an opponent by dodging them they will be constantly struck by the opponent who in a competitive sparring session would be scoring many points against the athlete by doing so. As well as point scoring being constantly hit will take it’s toll on the athlete’s body, being hit will mentally and physically drain the athlete if they are not able to dodge some of the attacks they are faced against. Becoming very good at dodging will come with experience, being able to Dodge takes a very fast reaction time and knowledge of the fighter, his stance and preferred fighting technique, everyone is different so it’s all about being able to read an opponent so that you can prepare for the attack ready to dodge or counter dependant on the situation. This is one of the main areas for development that Ryan needs to improve upon, at the performance level he is currently performing at ,(performance level) he will be faced with many high quality fighters meaning he needs to develop his dodging skills or he will be exposed to open attacks from experienced fighters.
  8. 8. Development Area 3/4 • Excellence Trait: Power • Power is the amount of force generated by a group of muscles and then exerted into a single direction in one movement. For a martial arts fighter they will need good power because they will be punching and kicking constantly, using a good amount of power against opponents is needed otherwise the opponent would not be phased enough to be stopped in their tracks, having an effective amount of power exerted into attack moves will make an substantial impact on the opponent. Power is also useful when it comes to avoiding attacks from an opponent, it will allow the athlete to push off with their legs with speed and power, this combination allows the body's ability to dodge which is a vital factor to do with mix martial arts fighting. Putting enough power into an attack move even if it doesn’t knock them unconscious it will in most cases act as a strong deterrent meaning the opponent who has just been hit will be less likely to try and attack in return as they wont want to be hit again. This the n leads more into the more physiological area of competitive fighting, where the attacker will hand the mental upper hand throughout that section of the fight, this will allow the attacker to control the tempo of the fight slowing and speeding it up as they see fit, this forces the opponent into an uncomfortable position where they have to continuously adapt to suit the current situation. This is one of development areas that Ryan needs to improve upon as its currently holding him back from competing against older more powerful adults.
  9. 9. Development Area 4/4 • Excellence Trait: Speed • Speed is the rate at which someone moves , you can find out someone's speed by recording the distance they have travailed and then dividing it by the time taken to travel the distance. In mixed martial arts speed is deemed as one of the most important attributes that a fighter should have, being fast allows a fighter to quickly strike opponents without them having time to block or dodge the attack. Speed will also allow a fighter to move at a fast pace around, towards or away from their opponent. Being the faster of the two fighters will allow them to have the upper hand throughout the fight as they will be one step ahead of their opponent, even when defending speed is also vital. Speed and reaction time go hand in hand when it comes to defending from an attacking move dealt from an opponent, once the brain has processed the incoming attack it will send a signal to the body, which will need to then react by using a quick burst of speed to block, counter or dodge the attack before the opponent is able to make contact. This is another area of Ryan’s game that needs improvement, from using the performance profiling wheel together we were able to conclude that his speed is slightly lacking behind for his current performance level, this is definitely an major attribute that Ryan will want as a development area that needs to be trained.