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Shoes "r" Us: A psychosexual perspective


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This slide presentation outlines a psycho-sexual perspective of shoes. Shoes are intrinsically human and a source of eternal fascination to those who take an interest. The purpose of the presentation is to inform and entertain.

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Shoes "r" Us: A psychosexual perspective

  1. 1. Cameron Kippen
  2. 2. Shoe (Anglo Saxon ‘scoe’) meaning to cover furtively . • To decorate •To cover modesty •To protect
  3. 3. Human feet do exhibit unique features • Weight bearing heelWeight bearing heel • Inside arch, andInside arch, and • Big toeBig toe Bipedalism allows humans to be the only species on the planet who can copulate standing vertical and facing each other.
  4. 4. It’s all to do with the nervesIt’s all to do with the nerves The pedal extremities are wellThe pedal extremities are well supplied by nerve pathways whichsupplied by nerve pathways which transmit messages to multiple andtransmit messages to multiple and diverse areas of the brain.diverse areas of the brain. The sensory centre for feet liesThe sensory centre for feet lies adjacent to sensory nerves of theadjacent to sensory nerves of the genitaliagenitalia. Neural print-through may account why some people experience sexually expressive feet.
  5. 5. First ImpressionsFirst Impressions Clothing has importantClothing has important social significance whichsocial significance which tells much about ourtells much about our personality.personality. Humans see and react to theHumans see and react to the visual signals emitted byvisual signals emitted by
  6. 6. Why do we wear clothes?Why do we wear clothes? The essential purposes of decoration were to beautify bodily appearance, attract admiring glances and fortify self-esteem. Protection came later and relied on the application of new technologies to problem solve. Modesty was m111ost probably the last function of clothing and was accentuated by Christian fig leaf mentality of the 2nd century AD.
  7. 7. Fig Leaf MentalityFig Leaf Mentality • Human decoration celebratesHuman decoration celebrates appropriationappropriation • Displacement of EffectDisplacement of Effect supports feet and accessoriessupports feet and accessories became gender symbolsbecame gender symbols • The degree of harmony or compromise between decoration and modesty may be seen clearly in shoes
  8. 8. Hidden SymbolsHidden Symbols TasselsTassels Brogues patternsBrogues patterns
  9. 9. Importance of shoes Unshod feet in Roman times was the mark of a slave or woman. In antquity only male citizens had the right to wear sandals. Military rank was demonstrated by the height of boots worn by the soldier. Elevated sandals were worn by sex workers.
  10. 10. The Well Heeled Sumptuous clothing and fashionable footwear was always the prerogative of the ruling classes and originally the preserve of men.
  11. 11. Beginning of female fashion Crusaders introduced chivalry and the concept of ideal beauty to European Courts. In the Middle Ages international trade grew enriching the bourgeoisie. 16th century women’s costume became sumptuous fashion. Catherine di Medici (1519 – 1589)
  12. 12. Women’s ShoesWomen’s Shoes • Revealing ShoesRevealing Shoes Bare allBare all • Concealing ShoesConcealing Shoes Transmit a suggestive eroticTransmit a suggestive erotic messagesmessages • Masking.Masking. Devoid of ornamentation,Devoid of ornamentation, dowdy and utilitarian withdowdy and utilitarian with no real real personality. The illusion of sexy shoes areThe illusion of sexy shoes are in their erotic communicationin their erotic communication and snugnessand snugness. Sexless Shoes (aka sensibleSexless Shoes (aka sensible shoes or comfort shoes) areshoes or comfort shoes) are stripped of illusion and sexualstripped of illusion and sexual promise.promise.
  13. 13. Men’s ShoesMen’s Shoes • Dominant ShoesDominant Shoes • robust, wide, thick soled androbust, wide, thick soled and heavyheavy • Submissive ShoesSubmissive Shoes • narrow , light weight thinnarrow , light weight thin soles with tapering toessoles with tapering toes • Neutral ShoesNeutral Shoes • fashionably bland andfashionably bland and introvertedintroverted.
  14. 14. Gender EquityGender Equity Males wear shoes as part of a uniformMales wear shoes as part of a uniform to mark membership in a mark membership in a group. Females choose their footwear toFemales choose their footwear to outwardly express their personalityoutwardly express their personality and uniquenessand uniqueness
  15. 15. Pumps (Court Shoes)Pumps (Court Shoes)
  16. 16. HeelsHeels Increase height and make theIncrease height and make the frame more curvaceous withframe more curvaceous with less accentuation on theless accentuation on the waist.waist. "Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world" - Marilyn Monroe
  17. 17. Design LinesDesign Lines • ClassicClassic – sleek shoes with circular orsleek shoes with circular or geometric shapes e.g.geometric shapes e.g. crescents, ovals, and circlescrescents, ovals, and circles • DramaticDramatic – slim elegant with angularslim elegant with angular shapes e.g. round andshapes e.g. round and square.square. • RomanticRomantic – soft and flowing lines tosoft and flowing lines to showcase foot contoursshowcase foot contours..
  18. 18. Toe ShapeToe Shape • Natural LookNatural Look – chunky or funky lineschunky or funky lines with square toes and awith square toes and a toe bump.toe bump. • Gamin fashionGamin fashion – crisp, sharp line withcrisp, sharp line with straight geometric andstraight geometric and asymmetrical toes.asymmetrical toes.
  19. 19. SandalsSandals • Sexy SandalsSexy Sandals • Thongs (flip flops)Thongs (flip flops) • Sport SandalsSport Sandals • New AgeNew Age
  20. 20. BootsBoots • Cowboy BootsCowboy Boots • Congress BootsCongress Boots • 4 Wheels Drive4 Wheels Drive BootsBoots • Ugg BootsUgg Boots
  21. 21. People who continue to walk the line in bare feet have made a life style choice which amy often alienates them from society. However most appear in perfect peace with themselves, refreshingly relaxed and content with the simple pleasures of life.
  22. 22. Sexual preoccupation with feetSexual preoccupation with feet or shoesor shoes Fetish derives from the Portuguese ‘feitico’, and Latin ‘factitius’ (facere, to do or to make). Originally it was magical charm or artefact worshipped by susperstitious people. In the nineteenth century the term became intertwined within the jargon of psychology and described irrational sexual worship of certain portions of the female body, or specific articles of female attire. Feet and shoe fetish are the most commonly cited. Foot and shoe fetish is a peno-centric concept based on Freud’s Castration Theory.
  23. 23. AcknowledgmentAcknowledgment To all sources who made thisTo all sources who made this presentation not onlypresentation not only possible but morepossible but more importantly, plausible.importantly, plausible. Sincere thanks.Sincere thanks.
  24. 24. Commonwealth of Australia WARNING This material has been copied and communicated to you by or on behalf of The Footman © pursuant to Part VB of the Copyright Act 1968 (the Act). The material in this communication may be subject to copyright under the Act. Any further copying or communication of this material by you may be the subject of copyright protection under the Act. Do not remove this notice Copyright Regulations 1969