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Shoe sex was safe sex


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When presented with sexually transmitted disease people used their feet and shoes for safe sex practice

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Shoe sex was safe sex

  1. 1. Shoe sex was safe sexShoe sex was safe sex Cameron KippenCameron Kippen
  2. 2. Long Toed ShoesLong Toed Shoes The Poulaine
  3. 3. Influence of IslamInfluence of Islam In the twelfth century,In the twelfth century, Christian and IslamicChristian and Islamic culture clashed throughculture clashed through the crusades in the Holythe crusades in the Holy Lands. Many of theLands. Many of the returning crusadersreturning crusaders adapted Islamic storiesadapted Islamic stories and philosophies and thisand philosophies and this is thought to be theis thought to be the origins of chivalry andorigins of chivalry and courtly love.courtly love.
  4. 4. Bound FeetBound Feet The culture of foot binding appeared approximately at the same time as the fashion for long toed shoes prevailed in Europe. The Lotus Shoe
  5. 5. Courtly LoveCourtly Love The relationship wasThe relationship was always illicit i.e. thealways illicit i.e. the woman was the wife ofwoman was the wife of another, often a lord oranother, often a lord or patron andpatron and consummation of courtlyconsummation of courtly love was virtuallylove was virtually impossible.impossible. "E d`amor mou castitaz"-
  6. 6. Woman worship & CourtshipWoman worship & Courtship • Domnei - Gazing on aDomnei - Gazing on a partly or fully undressedpartly or fully undressed lady, andlady, and • Donnoi - The two wentDonnoi - The two went to bed but the lover hadto bed but the lover had to prove the depth of histo prove the depth of his love by avoidinglove by avoiding intercourse.intercourse.
  7. 7. JesterJester According to Orderic, a foolAccording to Orderic, a fool called Robert stuffed thecalled Robert stuffed the points of his shoes with flaxpoints of his shoes with flax so they could be curled backso they could be curled back in the form of a ram’s the form of a ram’s horn. Subsequently he was givenSubsequently he was given the ribald nicknamethe ribald nickname Cornadus, meaning ‘Horner”Cornadus, meaning ‘Horner” or Horny.or Horny.The Poulaine
  8. 8. Silly Walks and SyphilisSilly Walks and Syphilis • Tabes DorsalisTabes Dorsalis Syphilitic myelopathy is a disorderSyphilitic myelopathy is a disorder characterised by muscle weaknesscharacterised by muscle weakness and abnormal sensations.and abnormal sensations. Loss ofLoss of proprioception causesproprioception causes coordinationcoordination difficulties which contribute todifficulties which contribute to problems of wide based walking.problems of wide based walking. • General Paralysis of the InsaneGeneral Paralysis of the Insane widespread damage to the nerveswidespread damage to the nerves of the brain results in personalityof the brain results in personality changes, mood changes,changes, mood changes, hyperactive reflexes, abnormalhyperactive reflexes, abnormal mental function includingmental function including hallucinations and delusions,hallucinations and delusions, decreased intellectual functioning,decreased intellectual functioning, and speech changes.and speech changes.
  9. 9. The Court JesterThe Court Jester "When the king was a"When the king was a syphilitic semi-imbecile, asyphilitic semi-imbecile, a jester even more grotesquejester even more grotesque may have served as amay have served as a useful stage prop,useful stage prop, disarming criticism bydisarming criticism by making the king look moremaking the king look more nearly normal bynearly normal by comparison and thuscomparison and thus making the make-believemaking the make-believe of kingship possible."of kingship possible."
  10. 10. Sex Toys & ProphylacticsSex Toys & Prophylactics • In both Occidental andIn both Occidental and Oriental Society shoe designOriental Society shoe design may have been influenced bymay have been influenced by promiscuity.promiscuity. • Shoe masturbation providedShoe masturbation provided protection from sexuallyprotection from sexually transmitted disease and in thetransmitted disease and in the case of the poulaine disguisedcase of the poulaine disguised the symptoms of tertiarythe symptoms of tertiary syphilis.syphilis.
  11. 11. FootnoteFootnote Charcot Foot Bear’s Paw or Duckbill The fashion for broad footwear came abruptly which might suggest the presence of gross malady of the feet.
  12. 12. AcknowledgementsAcknowledgements To all sources whoTo all sources who made this presentationmade this presentation not only possible, butnot only possible, but more importantly,more importantly, plausible.plausible. Sincere thanks.Sincere thanks.
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