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  1. 1. FANPAGEdir ect BRANDING | CONSULTING | DESIGN | -a social media company-
  2. 2. QUICK facebook FACTS • Over 500,000,000 people currently use facebook! • The average facebook fan is valued at $3.60 in business per year (i.e. 1,000 fans = $3,600/year). • Users spend an average of 55 minutes a day on facebook. • Over 20 million people become fans of facebook pages everyday!
  3. 3. FANPAGEdirect ABOUT US • We have raised over 200,000 facebook fans for our clients (over $720,000 additional revenue).• Our promotional and management strategies are used by a wide range of businesses, providing valuable customer insights. • We offer a full line of social media services, helping businesses (large and small) make the transition from less targeted print, tv and radio advertising.• We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and can provide client references upon request.
  4. 4. FANPAGEdirect WHY facebook? • Now more than ever, it’s important that businesses listen to what customers are saying. • A facebook page provides an invaluable communication platform between your business and its customers.• Promote your specials, interact with your fans, gain valuable customer insights and more with a facebook
  5. 5. ProudFANPAGEdire ct Client s…
  6. 6. E L E P H A N T B A R
  7. 7. A N O T H E R M O N K E Y
  8. 8. S I E R R A N E V A D A
  9. 9. C A L I F O R N I A W R A P S
  10. 10. C O I T C L E A N E R S
  11. 11. B E L K I N
  12. 12. J O B R O O S T E R
  13. 13. B U C K A R O O L E A T H E R
  14. 14. B A T T E R U P P A N C A K E S
  15. 15. A L L H O U R S P R O P E R T Y
  16. 16. D I A M O N D C O N S U L T I N G
  17. 17. L I F T E D R O O T S
  18. 18. J A D E H A Y E S - B O X E R
  19. 19. N I G H T O U T A P P
  20. 20. E N T E R P R I S E F I S H C O
  21. 21. facebook ACCOUNT CREATION FANPAGEdirect All packages include one month of complimentary maintenance and support. One time fee - $2795 MANAGEMENT | BRANDING | DESIGN | CONSULTING One time fee - $1495 One time fee - $2195 STARTER -Custom Landing Page -Website integration -App installation -Dedicated account manager -Vanity URL ENTERPRISE -Customized Landing Page w/ Coupon offer -Website integration -App installation -Dedicated account manager -facebook page training -Vanity URL CUSTOM -Customized Landing Page w/ Coupon offer -Website/Email integration -Promotional video -App installion -Dedicated account manager -facebook page training -Vanity URL
  22. 22. facebook CUSTOM FEATURES • FAN GENERATION – We have a targeted network of real facebook users ready to become fans of your business. • facebook CAMPAIGNS – We can create and promote your own social media contest. Ask how you can engage your fan base today!• facebook WELCOME VIDEO – Let us create a custom video to display your brand to your facebook community FANPAGEdirect MANAGEMENT | BRANDING | DESIGN | CONSULTING
  23. 23. facebook MANAGEMENT PACKAGES STARTER MONTHLY FEE MUST BE PAID IN ADVANCE. MANAGEMENT PACKAGES ARE MONTH TO MONTH AGREEMENTS AND MAY BE CANCELLED AT ANY TIME. FACEBOOK AD COST NOT INCLUDED IN MONTHLY PRICE. PREMIER -Daily wall engagements-Content management-Dedicated account manager-Daily interaction report-Facebook ad management $750/month -Daily wall engagements-Content management-Dedicated account manager-Weekly interaction report $350/month