IBM Smarter Water Keynote, IWA Montreal September 2010


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Keynote presentation given by IBM Director of Smarter Water Management Cameron Brooks at IWA Montreal, September 2010

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IBM Smarter Water Keynote, IWA Montreal September 2010

  1. 1. Dr. Cameron Brooks – Director, Advanced Water Management, IBM Big Green Innovations Let’s Build a Smarter Planet: Smarter Water Management IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition, Montreal September 22, 2010 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. Let’s build a smarter planet: IBM Smarter Water Management Agenda The Opportunity Collaborative Innovation Critical Success Factors 2 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  3. 3. Let’s build a smarter planet: IBM Smarter Water Management Something profound is happening… INSTRUMENTED INTERCONNECTED INTELLIGENT We now have the ability People, systems and We can respond to changes to measure, sense and objects can communicate quickly and accurately, see the exact condition and interact with each and get better results of practically everything. other in entirely new ways. by predicting and optimizing for future events. 3 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  4. 4. Let’s build a smarter planet: IBM Smarter Water Management What does it mean to be a Smart City? Measuring, Monitoring, Modeling and Managing Sensing Metering Data collection Incentives and actions to change behavior Incentives and actions to change behavior Real Time Feedback to user and data source; Feedback to user and data source; Data Integration Data Integration Real Time Comparison of + Historical Data historical data, with newly collected data Data Modeling Data modeling and analytics to create + Analytics insights from data to feed decision support and actions Visualization Source: IBM Corporate Strategy + Decisions 4 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  5. 5. Let’s build a smarter planet: IBM Smarter Water Management Intelligent systems that gather, synthesize and apply information will change the way entire industries operate. Smart water Smart traffic Smart energy Use real-time traffic prediction Analyze customer usage and Apply monitoring and and dynamic tolling to reduce provide customized products and management technologies to congestion and its byproducts services that help to boost help optimize the availability, while positively influencing efficiency from the source through delivery, use, and quality of related systems. the grid to the end user. water as well as related systems including energy and chemical treatment. Congestion Water Energy grid Chemicals Energy Carbon Carbon emissions emissions Noise Energy Energy pollution sources Public transportation Smart home 5 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  6. 6. Let’s build a smarter planet: IBM Smarter Water Management Smarter Planet Progression Path Unique value realized 1 Prepare for a Smarter Systematic Approach 2 Build an Integrated Management System 3 Optimize Management Across Multiple Domains Optimize Outcomes Analyze Patterns Manage Value realized Data Mass application of community Leverage real-time data and insights and predictive analytics to Focus on integrated existing new instrumentation to fill water enable intelligent decision support data sources to enable information gaps, spot new and strategic risk management collaboration and increase patterns, and further increase innovation capacity innovation capacity 6 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  7. 7. Let’s build a smarter planet: IBM Smarter Water Management Smarter Water Management means enabling higher levels collaboration and innovation across value chains and ecosystems A lot more data is Access to this Allowing us to become needed to fully information will ensure smarter in how we understand, model and that we don’t just fix or consume and pay for predict how water flows rebuild existing water. around this planet – from infrastructure, but to do it natural water sources, to better and smarter . how it is consumed; and Recycled/Treated what the impacts and dependencies are on Natural Raw Clean Sewage other resources. Water Water Water Consumers Treatment Sources Transport Supply 7 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  8. 8. Let’s build a smarter planet: IBM Smarter Water Management The Smart Water Network’ - a 21st Century System Information Technology Enables Smarter Water Management Sensing and monitoring of physical infrastructure, integrated with proactive asset management Streaming data systems for critical operations, enabling rapid, real-time decision making IT infrastructure to manage information across multiple water organizations & constituents, enabling system-level decisions Advanced analytics with predictive capability and modeled decision support All enabling more efficient operations and providing decision support capability 8 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  9. 9. Let’s build a smarter planet: IBM Smarter Water Management Much of Water Management is Improving Information Flow & Use “Today’s decisions and policies will shape our water future…The effectiveness of those decisions depends on the quality of information …In addition to improved water data the United States should develop and expand …forecasting and predictive models and systems… to educate and influence water use behavior of individual[s], businesses and resource managers” Source: NSTC, “A Strategy For Federal Science And Technology To Support Water Availability And Quality In The United States, - Report Of The National Science And Technology Council Committee On Environment And Natural Resources Subcommittee on Water Availability and Quality”, September 2007 9 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  10. 10. Let’s build a smarter planet: IBM Smarter Water Management Strategic Water Information Water Management platform usage Integrated set of Stakeholders (as examples) Usage and technologies, data Water Contractors/ Discharge The public and tools Authorities customers (from multiple sources and systems) Run-off Leisure Local Agriculture industry governments Quantity Data types (as examples) Federal Other water The agencies agencies Environment Quality Environment/ Ecology Collaborative uses (as examples) Climate Water Water quality Water quantity/ management allocation Economic source mgmt Habitat Public Geology/ Research conservation awareness hydrology Impact Land use Energy data assessments Compliance planning 10 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  11. 11. Let’s build a smarter planet: IBM Smarter Water Management Sonoma County Water Agency – Collaboration Platform 11 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  12. 12. Let’s build a smarter planet: IBM Smarter Water Management Current SOP Operator Chat 12 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  13. 13. Let’s build a smarter planet: IBM Smarter Water Management Benefits of a “Collaboration Platform” Foundation of a common goal – the optimal use of water within the SCWA service area through information transparency and sharing – Provides an information backdrop to support efforts to balance between surface and ground water supplies, conservation, and recycling for the benefit of the region – Communication/outreach tool to the Public & stakeholders – Provide tool to optimize or balance water supply portfolios to meet demands – Overcome organizational fragmentation – establish collaboration / cooperation Improved Operations - Increased utilization of data from a variety of sources will lead to improved overall operation and planning – SCWA, its Contractors, and other Policy makers base decisions on more complete data – Provide tool to track overall energy requirements for water delivery and treatment Emergency Regional Response Portal – Coordinated regional response to flooding, seismic events, wildfires, etc. 13 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  14. 14. Let’s build a smarter planet: IBM Smarter Water Management SmartBay Natural Water System Management Solution for Galway Bay Real-time advanced analytics system developed in partnership with Ireland Marine Institute Marine research infrastructure of sensors and computational technology interconnected across Galway Bay collecting and distributing information on: – coastal conditions – pollution levels – marine life Streaming real-time intelligence to allow better decision-support related to: – Weather threats – Pollution alerts – Algal bloom prediction – Rogue waves, etc The monitoring services, delivered via the web and other devices, benefits tourism, fishing, aquaculture Adapted from Smart Bay reference documentation and the environment 14 See video at © 2010 IBM Corporation
  15. 15. Let’s build a smarter planet: IBM Smarter Water Management Smart Bathing Water Quality Monitoring Project with Ireland EPA Developed in collaboration with Ireland EPA, the portal provides up to date information about bathing areas across the country. The map-based website, provides the latest information, supplied by local authorities, on compliance status with EU bathing water quality standards at the 131 designated bathing sites around the country. Anyone setting out for the beach will be able to log on and see the latest results of water quality along with details such as lifeguard availability, blue flag status, tides and weather forecast Bathing water quality data that is uploaded directly to the site by local authorities will be used by the EPA, to assess the overall compliance of a bathing area with EU standards, 15 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  16. 16. Let’s build a smarter planet: IBM Smarter Water Management River and Observatory Network for the Hudson See video at 16 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  17. 17. Let’s build a smarter planet: IBM Smarter Water Management Smart Water Metering: managing customer water use in areas of increasing water stress IBM / partner install, upgrade Meters report as frequently as IBM installs or provides as a service IBM Maximo / SAP enables and/or network advanced every 15 minutes either via the main billing system, or can run meter management and wireless meters in homes and cellphone or Wimax, or less the entire billing service on an maintenance - meter businesses. frequently via short range outsourced basis. performance and failure protocol to a drive-by reader. can be tracked remotely. Meters can provide the home The system as a whole provides More accurate meters provide or business owner with more granular data on usage better information in assets to immediate data on water trends and can alert of immediate inform capital & operational consumption. This is known and longer term problems. investment decisions to promote water economy. 17 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  18. 18. Let’s build a smarter planet: IBM Smarter Water Management Enemalta and Water Services Corporations Building a smarter energy and water system Business challenge: • Electricity is generated entirely by imported fossil fuel • Electrically powered desalination plants provide half if water supply. • Rising sea levels threaten Malta’s underground freshwater source. Solution: • Internal transformation process geared towards increased efficiency and delivering affordable, secure energy while protecting environment • Nationwide smart grid and a fully integrated electricity and water system. • 250,000 interactive meters will monitor electricity usage in real time, set variable rates, and reward customers who consume less energy and water. Benefits: Data from the intelligent meters can be analyzed to help lower costs, adopt efficient and sustainable consumption patterns and cut greenhouse gas emissions By addressing water and power issues as a system citizens can make smarter decisions about how and when they use power 18 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  19. 19. Let’s build a smarter planet: IBM Smarter Water Management Smarter Metering Project – Dubuque, Iowa Instrumented Dubuque replacing all water meters with smarter meters Dubuque installing low-flow devices to batch water 7% expected increase in revenue from accurate billing Interconnected All meters communicate 15 minute reads through wireless systems Community Engagement leverages an interconnected people system Intelligent Dubuque wants to conserve water, avoid water wastage. Conserving water can also help consumers lower bills that are set to go up due to new metering IBM Research working with City, Water utility and 250 pilot residences and providing platform for all stakeholders to process and analyze consumption. Strategy is to leverage information, alerts and insights to encourage change in behavior resulting in conservation and fixing of leaks Present analysis in a simple, user-friendly form, game-based approach 19 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  20. 20. Let’s build a smarter planet: IBM Smarter Water Management Addressing Non-Revenue Water using Analytics and Optimization Leakage or Theft Detection at the Leakage Detection at the Network Level Residential Level using optimization Understand usage patterns and detect Find “optimal” location of leak(s) to explain anomalies for low and high consumption difference between actual measurements to detect leakage, theft or faulty meters and model predicted measurements Leakage Reduction using Dynamic Optimal Valve Placement for Pressure Control Pressure Reduction Create optimization model to adjust the Use an optimization model to find the pressure dynamically so that only the optimal number of valves, and their required flow will be supplied yielding cost location, so as to enable the most effective reduction in energy and water achieved. pressure management 20 20 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  21. 21. Let’s build a smarter planet: IBM Smarter Water Management Non Revenue Water – Advanced Analytics Machine-learning based techniques to detect anomalies, analyze trends, understand behavioral models and provide usage predictions Normal Consumption Low Consumption Anomaly 21 High Consumption Anomaly Spike Anomaly © 2010 IBM Corporation
  22. 22. Let’s build a smarter planet: IBM Smarter Water Management Analytics Driven Asset Management Preventive Maintenance Demand Management Develop analytics which can lower Understand water usage patterns to the cost of preventive maintenance. support pricing and demand management. Customer Service Lower Costs – Work Management Develop analytics which can improve the Lower the operational cost of water quality of service (uninterrupted, high utilities by effective crew scheduling quality water) for water utility customers and optimal rolling stock use 22 22 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  23. 23. Let’s build a smarter planet: IBM Smarter Water Management DC Water & Sewer Authority - Failure Analysis Example: Hydrants with more than 3 leak problems in the last 3 years 23 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  24. 24. Let’s build a smarter planet: IBM Smarter Water Management Automated scheduling in a user selected zone of the city User selected region for scheduling Goal: •Number of Crews = 2 •Shifts: 1 day shift per crew •Objective: Assign as many WO’s as possible to each crew, while maximizing the sum of the priority of the WO’s while 24 meeting constraints of shift duration, © 2010 IBM Corporation lunch break & travel time.
  25. 25. Let’s build a smarter planet: IBM Smarter Water Management Automatically generated spatially sensitive schedules – shown in blue 25 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  26. 26. Let’s build a smarter planet: IBM Smarter Water Management Fine scale weather prediction + Storm Impact and Response Prediction The Problem: 1. Weather causes damage and outages 2. Outages require restoration 3. Restoration takes time, people, money Weather prediction We build model of the situation (over location and time) covering weather observations, storm damage Damage and related infrastructure data prediction • Wind, rain, lightning, location and duration • Real time environmental conditions Resource • Demographics of effected area requirement • Impact locations, timing and response options prediction Restoration = better real time and predictive management time & importantly a faster recovery prediction 26 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  27. 27. Let’s build a smarter planet: IBM Smarter Water Management Smarter Stormwater Management - Optimizing Existing System Capacity Innovative technologies such as High resolution weather and flooding models Smart Manhole Covers are used are used to generate accurate flood maps with to detect sewer flow levels specifics on impact areas Wireless network links monitoring devices to central command center Stormwater Management Data can also drawn from more Command Center traditional SCADA/sensors systems. Advanced analytics and optimization engines generate recommended actions for flood avoidance Search for all assets of the Type ‘natural channel’ with Valves, pumps or inflatable condition = 3 in this area. Sewer system data can also be Results are highlighted in blue dams are controlled linked with asset & workflow tools All assets of the same type in this area highlighted in blue dynamically to balance to manage any specific inline sewer storage and maintenance requests avoid potential overflows. 27 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  28. 28. Let’s build a smarter planet: IBM Smarter Water Management 28 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  29. 29. Let’s build a smarter planet: IBM Smarter Water Management Smart Levee Example – IjkDijk • Netherlands project to understand what this “instrumented” levee will “look and feel like” as it breaks • Multiple sensor types create a reference real- time “signature” from inside the levee, as hydraulic pressure builds up until the levee bursts (last burst was October 2008). Also tests: – Effectiveness of different sensor types and applicability to levee management – Applicability of numerical models “Because of the increasing complexity of water management in densely built deltaic • IBM is undertaking integration, working with regions…a more accurate and more TNO (NL Government scientific research continuous insight into the functional quality organization) of water management infrastructures will become increasingly important…occasional measurement and manual data processing procedures will no longer be sufficient…” Source: “The Ijkdijk” (Ijkdijk brochure) 29 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  30. 30. IBM Global Government and Education Leveraging the power of the community Connected citizens contribute – and that can make many things better. 30transparent © IBM Corporation 2010
  31. 31. Let’s build a smarter planet: IBM Smarter Water Management Creek Watch: Smarter Water through Citizen Science Exploration into using mobile devices to capture data – participatory data gathering with many users – data provides new opportunities for analysis • Proof of Concept – Collect simple environmental data about waterways – Capture “citizen science” data / photos • Location (GPS) and time - stamped • Water level, water flow, trash • IBM Research developing app in consultation with the California Water Board and volunteer watershed groups 31 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  32. 32. Let’s build a smarter planet: IBM Smarter Water Management IBM Corporate Citizenship: Enabling Cleaner Water & Reducing Water-Borne Disease IBM's World Community Grid, a global network of PCs • Helping University of Virginia (U.S.) model and predict effects of commercial development, fishing and agriculture on Chesapeake Bay • Assisting Tsinghua University (China) develop effective & efficient water filtering for desalination and good health by simulating flow through carbon nanotubes • Enabling Inforium Bioinformatics & FIOCRUZ-Minas (Brazil) to seek cures for schistosomiasis The Nature Conservancy & IBM: • Providing watershed managers with software on "Rivers for Tomorrow," a free Web site. • Offers satellite pictures, environmental data, and analytics. • Worldwide: starting in Brazil, then Africa, China, U.S.. 32 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  33. 33. Let’s build a smarter planet: IBM Smarter Water Management Smarter River Basin Management: Water for Tomorrow Project Combines rich graphics and dynamic mapping capabilities Enables users to visualize the effects of different management scenarios on the overall health of their river basin Use map technologies similar to Google Earth to locate and analyze a local river basin Enables collaboration between colleagues working to develop sustainable water resources policies 33 © 2010 IBM Corporation Go to Flow
  34. 34. Let’s build a smarter planet: IBM Smarter Water Management Peterborough – Sustainable City Visualization A way of visualizing a city’s environmental performance and harnessing information to drive understanding, collaboration and speed of change City Recycling Urban Water Loss River Quality Building C02 ing ers tand Und ation Inform Getting Value out of Existing Data, ms s yste Creating New Meaning and sors sen Engaging and Empowering Citizens, a fr om Dat Driving Social Change 34 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  35. 35. Let’s build a smarter planet: IBM Smarter Water Management Peterborough – Flood Risk Example 35 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  36. 36. Let’s build a smarter planet: IBM Smarter Water Management CityOne – A Smarter Planet Game CityOne is a city simulator that models a number of factors that are distilled into a few metrics for the player (such as Citizen Happiness, Business Climate, etc.) Problems in the city manifest as “events”, which in turn are addressed by applying “solutions”. The strategy comes from deciding which solutions have the most impact on the city (based on the city infrastructure and industry budgets). 36 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  37. 37. Let’s build a smarter planet: IBM Smarter Water Management The Challenge of a Smarter Planet Do you know enough, at the scale of the problem? Can you make sense of it? Can you act on it? Do you have the collaborative relationships you need with others? Instrumented INNOVATION & LEADERSHIP Intelligent Interconnected 37 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  38. 38. Let’s build a smarter planet: IBM Smarter Water Management We’ve only just begun to uncover what is possible on a smarter planet. The world will continue to become smaller, flatter and smarter. We are moving into the age of the globally integrated and intelligent economy, society and planet. By systemically managing water and energy use, as well as carbon emissions, smart organizations will realize true sustainability while achieving real business benefits—driving growth at the individual, organizational and population levels. Let’s work together to drive real progress in our world. 38 © 2010 IBM Corporation
  39. 39. Let’s build a smarter planet: IBM Smarter Water Management For more information & materials Smarter Water Management Thought Leadership Smarter Water Management Solutions Home Page GIO Report on Oceans and Water IBM Water Management Pains Summary Report http://www- bm-water-pains-report-jan09.pdf 39 © 2010 IBM Corporation