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Haml in 5 minutes


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Quick overview of HAML for templating views in Ruby on Rails.

Published in: Technology
  • Thanks Cameron, I really didn't want to "get" Haml but you've gone and made it easy and look all nice.
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Haml in 5 minutes

  1. 1. HAML in 5 minutes Cameron Hill
  2. 2. markup should be beautiful
  3. 3. HTML:<div id="article"> <h2>OxiClean tackles household stains</h2> <span class="author">Billy Mays</span> <p>It boosts your detergent power</p> <a href="">Read more</a></div>HAML:#article %h2 OxiClean tackles household stains Billy Mays %p It boots your detergent power %a{:href => ""} Read more
  4. 4. Four Simple Rules• %tag creates a <tag></tag> element• HTML attributes as Ruby hashes• CSS selector shortcuts & implicit divs• Nested elements: Indentation matters
  5. 5. %tag creates a <tag></tag> element%div Some content <div>Some content</div>%h2 Breaking News <h2>Breaking News</h2>%br <br/>%widget <widget></widget>
  6. 6. HTML attributes as hashes%a{ :href => “/article/4”, :target=> “_blank” } Read more<a href=“/article/4” target=“_blank”>Read more</a>%ul{ :id => "projects", :class => "secondary" }<ul id=“projects” class=“secondary”></ul>
  7. 7. CSS id and class shortcuts%h2#title Rails in Action<h2 id=“title”>Rails in Action</h2> Steve Klabnik<span class="author">Steve Klabnik</span>
  8. 8. Implicit DIV tags#content This is my content<div id="content">This is my content</div>.article This is my content<div class=”article">This is my content</div>
  9. 9. Nested elements: Indentation mattersHAML:%ul %li Mayonnaise %li Mustard %li %a{ :href => “” } KetchupHTML:<ul> <li>Mayonnaise</li> <li>Mustard</li> <li><a href=“”>Ketchup</a></li>
  10. 10. Evaluating Ruby with HAML
  11. 11. = evaluates a Ruby expression (like <%= %>)ERB:<h2><%= @ticket.title %></h2>HAML:%h2= @ticket.titleERB:<span>Created by <%= %></span>HAML:%span= “Created by #{}”%span Created by #{}
  12. 12. Blocks in HAML -or-Death to <% end %>
  13. 13. - Indicates a conditional or blockERB:<% if @ticket.comments.exists? %> <%= render %><% else %> <p>There are no comments for this ticket.</p><% end %>HAML:- if @ticket.comments.exists? = render else %p There are no comments for this ticket.
  14. 14. ERB:<% @ticket.assets.each do |asset| %> <p> <%= link_to File.basename(asset.file_name), asset.url %> </p><% end %>HAML:- @ticket.assets.each do |asset| %p= link_to File.basename(asset.file_name), asset.url
  15. 15. I’m sold!How do I use it in Rails?
  16. 16. gem “haml”
  17. 17.
  18. 18. Thanks! @cameronbot