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We love mobile camerjam mobile marketing finance masterclass


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Published in: Technology, Business
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We love mobile camerjam mobile marketing finance masterclass

  1. 1. Application Development May 2012
  3. 3. AppStrategy OUTSIDE ENGAGEDChoose your platform SOCIALAnswer your customer needsProvide stand-outProvide a utility IN- STORE AT TILL AT HOME
  4. 4. CASE STUDIES May 2012
  5. 5. EGENCIAApplication for the business arm of Expedia to enablebusiness travellers to be informed of their travelUSER EXPERIENCE & VISUALplansDESIGNOffered real time information around flights, hotels,local transport, weather and international ‘hotspots’To replace paper based business itineraries andmajority of communication with Egencia CustomerServicesUses We Love Mobiles user centred design processto deliver an easy to use, time and location sensitiveapplication
  6. 6. AspenIPHONE APPAn interactive mobile tool designed to give access toAspen on the goUse the app to stay in touch with Aspen Opinion –articles written by industry and thought leadersBookmark articles, sort out by preferences and shareacross all social networksA mobile directory allows you to get in touch withkey underwriting and other contacts across thebusiness
  7. 7. PEUGEOT508 RHXPeugeot is launching its first premium “allroad”IPAD APPhybrid, the 508 RHX, and wanted to create an iPadapp to showcase the hero car as an illustration ofhigh standard, intelligent technology silent/eco driveand smart sportivity.Using the overriding campaign concept ‘Uniqueexperiences everywhere’, We Love Mobile wantedthe iPad app to be a window into the fantasy ofdriving this car.To achieve this, we produced a fully interactivetactile 3D model of the exterior and interior of thecar and used photorealistic environments to create apremium and immersive discovery of the 508 RXH.
  8. 8. AUTOTRADERWe created an award nominated iPhone app with aGOODWOOD MOVINGmobile image recognition competition.MOTOR SHOWwork for a business that’s allHow can you make mobileabout bringing buyer and seller together? Get people todo something they’re already incredibly familiar with –taking photos – get people to do something they’rereally into – taking photos of cars – and then throw insome impressive technology.
  9. 9. DOLCE&GABBANARULES FOR THEapplication support for theHired to produce mobile MODERNGENTLEMAN fragrance APPlaunch of ‘The One’ iPHONETeamed up with Dylan Jones, Editor of GQ Magazineto provide a guide for the ‘Modern Gentleman’Included important information such as how to tie abow tie, how to get a promotion and how to organisea successful date
  10. 10. Summary Choose your platform Answer your customer needs Provide stand-out Provide a utility
  11. 11.