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Richard Fraser, Alcatel-Lucent #Maduk


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Platinum sponsors of Mobile Advertising UK

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Richard Fraser, Alcatel-Lucent #Maduk

  1. 1. Pepsi Mobile Advertising Research UK ‘A word from the sponsors’ ALU & Media Motion
  2. 2. why are we here?
  3. 3. why we’re involved in this research • We’re passionate about mobile advertising • We want to help the industry develop the potential of mobile advertising • We’re working with one of the largest media & advertising groups to understand the issues media agencies, mobile network operators and consumers face in delivering & engaging with mobile advertising • Sponsoring this research study is part of that journey
  4. 4. who are we?
  5. 5. Alcatel-Lucent is • Present in 130 countries, revenues of €16.98 billion, headquartered in Paris • We build the networks & applications for telcos to deliver content & entertainment over mobile, online and IPTV to their subscribers • We firmly believe the MNO is the owner of a new highly accountable & responsive advertising media • We were particularly interested in this research because it considered the MNO in the media value chain R&D PROFILE Budget: €2.5 billion Active Patents Held: More than 26,000 Patents Awarded in 2008: More than 2,700 Nobel Prizes Won: 6
  6. 6. we see a potential for mobile advertising to be a massive business opportunity
  7. 7. We believe • Mobile Operator inventory will make up the majority of future mobile media - because it is accountable, track- able and can demonstrate advertisers and publishers ROI • We can create ability for MNO to deliver cost effective, engaging & accountable mobile media • The key to mobile advertising success is not based on technology, but around a meaningful experience for the consumer – built around preference, consent and relevance • The mobile media owners must deliver engagement and scale to meet the demands of the media agencies
  8. 8. the challenges.
  9. 9. We know • Mobile media currently lacks reach • Mobile ad budget needs to shift from experimental to being at the heart of the media mix • Online methodology for advertising does not translate well to mobile advertising • The mobile operator is missing out on the opportunity to create real innovation in ad inventory • Mobile media lacks relevance and value for the consumer and brand
  10. 10. what is our solution…
  11. 11. …here’s a sneak peek.
  12. 12. We have • Deep working relationships within media industry • Ability to create and add inventory to mobile operators’ media portfolio • Ability to increase inventory value through permission and dynamic preference management • Innovative and engaging advertising formats • Ability to meet the requirements of mobile advertising media inventory for the global media agencies • Powerful and intuitive access to media booking • Full campaign management
  13. 13. Over the next months we will be able to update you in person on our progress. Keep an eye out for our launch…
  14. 14. Until then, come and say hello Simon Holland / Commercial Business Lead +44 7787512945 Richard Fraser / Business Strategy +32 478 955 347
  15. 15. Pepsi ALU & Media Motion