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Pedro Duarte Gonzalez Real Madrid


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Real Madrid presentation from Camerjam's M-Football conference, 21 Jan 2010, London

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Pedro Duarte Gonzalez Real Madrid

  1. 1. confidential & proprietary Real Madrid · Mobile Marketing 1
  2. 2. confidential & proprietary 1.- Some figures of Real Madrid CF 1
  3. 3. Some figures Real Madrid: Historic Club based in the Triumph - First positioned Club with more national Championship (31) - The Club with more European Cups (9) 2002 – Named by FIFA as: confidential & proprietary “The best football Club of the 20th century” National Championships European Cups RM 31 29 RM 9 JUVENTUS 27 AC MILAN 7 6 NY YANKEES 26 LIVERPOOL 5 BAYERN MUNICH 19 BAYERN MUNICH 4 FC BARCELONA 21 17 AJAX 4 MANCHESTER UTD 17 15 BENFICA 2 BOSTON CELTICS 15 JUVENTUS 2 LA LAKERS 14 INTER MILAN 2 AC MILAN 13 MANCHESTER UTD 3 2 CHICAGO BULLS 6 3 1 FC BARCELONA. DALLAS COWBOYS 5
  4. 4. Some figures Real Madrid is a worldwide brand TOP-1-BOX: Real Madrid as “Very Interesting“ (Scale 5 points) UK Top-1: 14% confidential & proprietary 5,74 mill. Germany Top-1: 19% China Japan France 10,16 mill. Top-1: 37% Top-1: 12% Top-1: 17% 136,7 mill. 8,6 mill. EEUU 6,9 mill. Top-1: 3% Italy 5,8 mill. Top-1: 19% Corea del Sur Spain 7,9 mill. India Top-1: 19% México Top-1: 36% Top-1: 4% Top-1: 39% 5,5 mill. 10,52 mill. 20,74 mill. 19,9 mill. Brazil Top-1: 36% 45,74 mill. South Africa Top-1: 35% 10,42 mill. Fuente: Población representativa por país entre 16-69 años. International Study 2005/06
  5. 5. Some figures Real Madrid has some of the most important business characteristics to take advantage of the new media channels nowadays: • Prestigious Brand (1.063 M de euros, primera posición en fútbol, 28 en global. Fuente: Bbdo Consulting). • Worldwide focus • Emotional vinculation between the Club and its fans. confidential & proprietary • Continuous generation of exclusive content • Financial resourses and important media exposure Created in 2007
  6. 6. confidential & proprietary 2.- Main objectives 1
  7. 7. Main objectives Mobile Marketing Department was created in Nov 2007, under the structure of the Deputy and Sales General Management, with the next objectives: • Extra revenues through the mobile content sales. • Creation of a direct communication tool between the Club and the fans, and among the fans theirself: MOBILE COMMUNITY OF RM. • To use the mobile channel in the usual communication actions of the Club • New media channel for the sponsors confidential & proprietary
  8. 8. confidential & proprietary 3.- Content creation Strategy 1
  9. 9. Content creation strategy “Extra revenues through the mobile content sales.” To reach this objective, the main step is to create the contentCreación de flujo interno de gestión de contenidos • Official Photos (Communication dpt) • Audiovosual content: Real Madrid TV confidential & proprietary • News Rss: • Licensing business: official java games… • Official music and chants of the Club. •Contests
  10. 10. confidential & proprietary 3.- Content Distribution Strategy 1
  11. 11. Spain The mobile content distribution strategy is different in Spain than outside this territory. ESPAÑA Direct management INTERNACIONAL business development through licensee confidential & proprietary ON OFF
  12. 12. International INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS LICENSEE MODEL Dificultness of managing directly the mobile content distribution in all the countries worldwide. • RM looks for partners to be in charge of the mobile marketing strategy in it’s territory. • This partner acquires the exclusivity for that territory. confidential & proprietary • This partner pays RM a licensee fee+Rev share •The exclusivity and the fee are important to assure a minimum level of promotion by the partner. Quick growth, with low risk, assuring a minimum level of incomes.
  13. 13. confidential & proprietary International 1
  14. 14. confidential & proprietary Internacional. Some examples
  15. 15. confidential & proprietary 4.- Mobile community of RM 1
  16. 16. Step 1: Product and Content creation. Step 2: Conten sales through the partners network worlwide Step 3: Creation of the mobile community of RM • Content and services mobile product that allow the users interact in real time with the club. • Take advantage of the existing partners network to sell this confidential & proprietary product worlwide. • Creation of a permission mkt data base for crosselling: tickets sales, merchand sales, fidelity program…. MYMADRID
  17. 17. My Madrid My Madrid is the first mobile community that a football club launches to the market. confidential & proprietary It is a multilanguage and multiformat App (java, iPhone and soon Android/360) for the fans worldwide. My Madrid allow users to access to: Clasification, Schedule, exclusive contests, Results, videos, News, Chat, 3d Goals, Messenger, ticket sales…and soon fidelity program and sales of jerseys.
  18. 18. My Madrid · Services News, minute by minute games, 3d Goals in Real Time, videos, chat, ticket sales… confidential & proprietary TITULARES MESSENGER Cannavaro y Ramos con el gr... “Volveré a meter goles” “Hay unidad en la plantilla” ¡Todos con Ruud! SERVICIOS 15/11/2008 20H Manda tus mensajes de apoyo a Ruud Van Nistelrooy (más…) J11 Casillas: “Estamos muy unidos” Casillas: “Estamos muy unidos” ¡Todos con Ru… MESSENGER NOTICIAS ¡Todos con Ruud! Manda tus mensajes de apoyo a Ruud Van Nistelrooy Ruud van Nistelrooy sufre una grave lesión y permanecerá
  19. 19. confidential & proprietary 5.- Other services 1
  20. 20. Other services -Contracts with the main media group in Spain (Unedisa, Prisa, La Sexta…) to develop continuos contest in TV, internet, magazines…offering the fans the possibility to win exclusive prizes (white days, tickets,…) confidential & proprietary -Mobilising traditional serices: sales of merchand, fidelity program… -Usage of mobile in the traditional communication messages with the fans: Videogreeting 3G in Christmas or after winning the League Trophy.
  21. 21. confidential & proprietary 7.- Conclussions 1
  22. 22. Conclussions 1. Football Clubs have competitive advantages to develop mobile marketing strategies in a profitable and scalable way. 2. Real Madrid has bet on the mobile media, as a new channel to sell content, generate business, data base creation and crosselling confidential & proprietary 3. Worldwide focus of all the activities 4. X10 the incomes generated in the last 3 seasons. 5. “To be where the user is, using the channels that the user uses”
  23. 23. Special AFC mobile 1. AFC mobile is our official mobile content distributor in UK for the last 6 months confidential & proprietary 2. In addition, AFC mobile has generated lots of mobile concepts (animations, wallpapers) that are now currently on sales in lots of countries (Spain, UK, soon Japan…) 3. Also AFC mobile manages the english section of, allowing the visitors to the web to buy mobile content. 4. Soon, new ways of collaboration…