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Mobile Travel & Tourism Masterclass

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Mobile Travel Masterclass NY

  1. 1. The Challenge of Mobile Tracking
  2. 2. AgendaChallenge 1 Traffic fragmentationChallenge 2 iOS conversion tracking Trademob ▪ Berlin I San Francisco I London I Paris I Madrid ▪
  3. 3. Welcome to the jungle! Trademob ▪ Berlin I San Francisco I London I Paris I Madrid ▪
  4. 4. The daily routine as mobile advertiser Multiple ad networks, complicated tracking & opaque reporting need a lot of time, money and effort to handle Many tracking SDKs Fragmented market Unclear reporting No optimization necessary CPC CPD CPA SDK Integration 0,07 1,50 ? Cost per User Installs CPC CPD CPA SDK Integration 0,07 ? ?Steps to CPC CPD CPAadvertise SDK Integration 0,07 ? ? an app CPC CPD CPA SDK Integration 0,07 2,00 ? More SDKs… More reporting More ad networks dashboards Trademob ▪ Berlin I San Francisco I London I Paris I Madrid ▪
  5. 5. The solution Comprehensive tracking allows optimization One tracking Aggregated market Clear reporting Optimization Ad Day/ Con Banner Network Publisher Time -nection CPC CPD CPA 0,07 1,50 3Steps to 0,07 2 2,5advertise Universal tracking SDK 0,09 1 2 an app 0,07 0,5 3 0,06 0,5 2,8 Trademob ▪ Berlin I San Francisco I London I Paris I Madrid ▪
  6. 6. Tracking reality todayApple App Store’s firewall cuts off all tracking information Trademob ▪ Berlin I San Francisco I London I Paris I Madrid ▪
  7. 7. Conventional tracking solutions Overview of the currently most common solutions in the market Device ID Fingerprint CookiesOnly available for 40% Only 60-80% accuracy Bad user experienceof all traffic # installs First apps 40% using Cookie- Tracking already ✗ banned by ✗ ✗ Apple 24 hrs. time Trademob ▪ Berlin I San Francisco I London I Paris I Madrid ▪
  8. 8. Introducing AccuTrack 100% accuracy with no disruption of user experience Tracks 100% of all No disturbance 100% accurate mobile sources to user experience Click x ✓ ✓ ✓Install Trademob ▪ Berlin I San Francisco I London I Paris I Madrid ▪
  9. 9. Trademob at a glance Tracking with AccuTrack Unrivalled technology that provides 100% accuracy for all traffic sources smartBoost Online DashboardManaged campaigns for Fully customizable pivot tablesguaranteed top App Storeranking to maximum number oforganic downloads Campaign Management Full service offering, including media buying, tracking and optimization Trademob ▪ Berlin I San Francisco I London I Paris I Madrid ▪
  10. 10. Ready to rethink mobile? Ingo Bohg SVP Americas +1 415 539 6794
  11. 11. Nothing gets closer to your customers than mobile
  12. 12. How to ensure you mobile presence is a success Mick Rigby
  13. 13. Mobile strategies BRAND REVENUE STRATEGIES STRATEGIES Retention Differentiation Experience Acquisition Monetisation Accessibility Expectations Immediacy Lower CPA’s McommerceGreater Usage Comp advantage Better service Greater returns New rev streamsHeadline strategies aren’t mutually exclusive but their mobile marketing strategies are poles apart
  14. 14. How do you leverage the success of your real estate?Mobile Search Digital Native Applications CRM M-sites Passbook vouchersAbove the Line HTML Apps Mcommerce site M- SocialMobile Display
  15. 15. Not all mobile is successful Mobile Best Overall Mobile Mobile Worst Performance Performers Performance50 44.440 29.830 18.1 19.920 16.3 14.5 12.110 5.9 4.7 3.9 2.4 -2.7 -1.3 -4.9 -4.0 0 Aided Brand Awareness Mobile Ad Message Brand Favorability Purchase-10 Awareness Association Intent
  16. 16. How do you ensure your mobile Display activity is effective?
  17. 17. How do you succeedTracking Creative Campaign Learnings
  18. 18. How do you succeedTracking
  19. 19. The tracking journey Your tracking solution Publishers Networks Carriers (CPM) (CPC) (CPU/CPM) • Banners • Banner click • Networks • Network • Time of dayBanner / HTML Msite Application • Day of week Ad • Publishers • Publisher • Coded publishers • Publisher groups • App downloads • Events • Virtual CPA • Section searched • Behavioral • Actions taken groups • Location • Usage • H/M/L Usage • Activity Usage • Retargeting
  20. 20. Make sure your mobile tracking…..Works across all OS, HTML and mobile webIntegrates into Search, Display and Online Utilizes all points of reference Is universally accepted by networks and publishers
  21. 21. The Right Tracking will … optimize activity Track from an Result in ongoing Hourly Impression to a Campaign Daily click download Improvements By publisher Registration and Budget Network Purchase Managementcreative ad solution Future Planning Ultimately a desired cost per acquisition or Brand favorability improvement
  22. 22. And will result in cost per acquisition going southCost Per Acquisition $ 60 50 40 Creative 1 Creative 2 Creative 3 30 Creative 4 Creative 5 20 10 0 Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8
  23. 23. How do you succeedCreative
  24. 24. Not all mobile creative is successful
  25. 25. Different solutions do different things Brand Engagement Direct Response Pre Roll Video HTML5 Rich Banner To Video Standard Banners MediaContent Expandable Overlays Geo targeted SMS Banners Banners
  26. 26. The Six principles of mobile creative Make it Relevent Ensure its Engaging Surprise and Delight Play to your strengths Be Competent Consider the Time and Place
  27. 27. Banner Display
  28. 28. Rich media
  29. 29. Video displayVideo Pre-roll
  30. 30. How do you succeedCampaign
  31. 31. Mobile Landscape
  32. 32. Things to remember when planning a mobile campaign1. Understand your target user base. Who is going to see the ad, where are they going to see it, what time are they going to see it?2. How are they going to interact with the ad?3. A strong call-to-action encourages interactivity and engagement which is in turn extremely valuable for brands and gives a better chance of users clicking through4. Make sure the destination of the advertising is mobile friendly/optimised.5. Clear and persistent branding is important for brand awareness
  33. 33. Optimob process – App discovery STAGE 1: Initial STAGE 2 : 7 – 10Campaign objectives campaign day benchmarking of recommendation optimisation Country, devices, publisher, genre, region, Evaluation of all timings, creative, demographics campaign dynamicsSTAGE 5 : Interim STAGE 3 : STAGE 4 : App storeand post campaign Implementation of evaluation position effect optimisation Marco & micro Phasing, budget and Ongoing campaign knowledge and timing management management recommendations
  34. 34. How do you succeedLearnings
  35. 35. Mobile is going to dominate digital and the winners will be the guysthat stick with it, trial, track and invest.
  36. 36.
  37. 37. a mobile first worldfeb 6, 2013 41
  38. 38. we mobilizeBRANDS 42
  39. 39. mobile is a context,not a device. 43
  40. 40. augmented service offerings marketing product experiences experiences& technology icmsp© platform 44
  41. 41. OUR MOBILE SERVICESWe help brands conceptualize, design and develop engagingmobile and cross channel experiences. MOBILE PRESENCE MOBILE CAMPAIGNS AUGMENTED PRODUCT EXPERIENCES We mobilize your brand We help you to win and keep We augment your product eco- experience with… customers within your system by offering mobile marketing mix with… services with… - Mobile strategy - .com mobilization - Mobile CRM campaigns - Mobile payment - Mobile shops - Mobile couponing - In-car systems & car - Branded apps - QR-code campaigns connectivity - Campaign supporting apps - Connected healthcare & and sites fitness services 45
  42. 42. on whatever platforms the strategy demands. 46
  43. 43. but mobile first is no longer astrategy– it’s a reality. 47
  44. 44. our mobile devices are always with us, everywhere we go. 48
  45. 45. CASE ST UDYTravel & leisurein a mobile world 49
  46. 46. the smartphone is your modern day travel agent. search remains the #1 planning in july ‘12 nearly source for 40mm u.s. personal travel. consumers used smartphones for travel. one out of every two searches results in a purchase. 50
  47. 47. the rules are changing (to the tune of $ billions). 51
  48. 48. This is the time for BIG IDEAS! So let’s get started… 52
  49. 49. palms resort & casinocase study 53
  50. 50. but first we needed the right strategy cutting edge / hip PLANET HARD ROCKLUXOR COSMO PALMS dated / cluttered modern / sleek MGM WYNNMIRAGE onservative / classy 54
  52. 52. meet kayla, she’s 31, career driven, loves her friends T W I N S TA FA C E 56
  60. 60. This is the time forBIG IDEAS. 64
  61. 61. thanks chris mann mike mcgeeney iconmobile LLC 285 madison ave. new york, ny 10017 usa tel +1 917 972 9970 65
  62. 62. StrikeAdTourism New Zealand
  63. 63. Mobile Advertising 2.0StrikeAd changesMobile Ad Buying: Increase effectiveness of Mobile Ad Spend with RTB Licence the Platform Track individual users Target the right consumers, in the right mindset, in the right place StrikeAd is a world leader in mobile advertising technology
  64. 64. The Leading Mobile DSP"Now is the time to make your mark as the category leader in this space," saidMr. Rahaman, who in June moved the headquarters of his company, StrikeAd,to the Flatiron district from London. "You wait too long, and that spot getstaken.“-Crain’s NY Business “StrikeAd, a startup that helps advertisers and agencies manage their mobile campaigns, has raised $3,500,000 in funding.” -TechCrunch“There are several new exciting companies calling themselves “mobile DSPs” that are emerging with the aim of solving this issue andreplicate the rapid growth and success that DSPs have experienced in the display world. Companies such as ..StrikeAd...”-VentureBeat
  65. 65. Selected ClientsLarge MediaNetworks andIndependentsBrand andDirectResponseAdvertisers StrikeAd works with major Brands, mainly via their Media Agencies
  66. 66. How does it work? System uses 1st and 3rd Party Data to uplift Ad performance
  67. 67. Real-Time OptimizationThe system alters spend patterns during a campaign to improve ROI
  68. 68. The most RTB Inventory 25000 21.5B 20000 Adiquity AdmeldImpressions (Millions) Google 15000 Madvertise Mediba 10000 8.3B Mobclix Mojiva Mopub 4.4B 5000 nexage Adsmobi Smaato 0 Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov• Available inventory growing and driven by additional supply partners; Google, Smaato, MoPub• StrikeAd now aggregates more global RTB supply than any other player in the space• Supports growth from new territories (Asia, EMEA) and formats (tablet) StrikeAd has RTB integrated more mobile optimised media than anyone else
  69. 69. The StrikeAd ID• StrikeAd anonymously, and without retaining any personally identifiable Nexage data, tags devices and users and stores a Nexage app ID ABC Admeld web app ID XYZ StrikeAd ID against them in its Nexage cookie Admeld proprietary Audience Database web cookie app ID FGH Blue Cava Collider• The high-load, high-speed database now ID user ID powers StrikeAd’s four new solutions: – Retargeting, AdTruth ID StrikeAd … User ID – Applying 3rd Party Data – see next slide – Frequency Capping and – Behavioral Targeting• We store 100+ data points per user in User privacy safe way (full Notice and Choice Data workflow) The StrikeAd ID uniquely acts like a Mobile Cookie
  70. 70. How It Works RTB Agency &1. Agency places a mobile audience buy with StrikeAd2. Publisher makes impressions available on RTB exchange.3. StrikeAd works with DMP to bid on only impressions that match the required segments. Admobius Allows StrikeAd to Reach Target Audiences Using 3rd Party Data
  71. 71. TNZ Case Study GOAL: Drive qualified user traffic to visit and engage with Tourism New Zealand sites. Targeting:STRATEGY: Leverage 3rd party data segments to reach audiences that align with TNZ’s core targets: Affluent Travellers, HHI $100K+, and Entertainment Enthusiasts Creative: Execute a high-impact rich media campaign on tablets to drive traffic to & engagement with TNZ’s site. Behavioral Targeting & Rich Media on Tablets - Working with Razorfish Seattle
  72. 72. TNZ Results!Overall, using household income to target resulted in a 100% increase in click-through rate and a125% increase in engagement rate over app category/channel target for a CTR of just over 9%!We also experienced a 23% higher click-through rate and 33% higher engagement rate whenusing Entertainment interest to target than using channel targeting Expand Rate Engagement Rate (expands/impressions) (engagement clicks/unique visitors) 6.00% 5.68% 64.00% 3.77% 63.00% 5.00% 3.76% 62.00% 4.00% 2.95% 61.00% 60.00% 3.00% 59.00% 2.00% 58.00% 57.00% 1.00% 56.00% 0.00% 55.00% 100k+ Entertainment Traveler Overall 100k+ Entertainment Traveler Overall Enthusiasts Enthusiasts StrikeAd helped TNZ exceed their campaign goal of a 2.5% expansion rate with 3.77%! The Travellers Segment had the highest engagement rate at 63.87%!
  73. 73. 1 - Audience SegmentsOur partner, AdMobius, provides appropriate audiences – StrikeAd then buysthose audiences AUTO SHOPPERS Mobile consumers who are in market to purchase an automobile and are actively researching and interacting with content in order to solidify their brand consideration set. They frequently access mobile apps and sites, performing research on specific make/models, dealer locators and auto loan options. They are also visiting the physical locations of their area dealers. BUSINESS DECISION MAKERS Mobile executives who spend more time than the average mobile user on business productivity, executive management, marketing, sales, enterprise, financial sites and apps. They frequently are present at corporate locations and consume global business news. HEALTH SEEKERS Mobile consumers who have more than average health or fitness apps installed on their device, and are frequently engaged with them. They are highly engaged with interactive health tools that provide them tips on dieting, track their fitness routines and even help them develop inner peace through meditation. TRAVELERS Consumers who engage with travel apps and content (making purchases on packaged vacations, hotels, and flights, researching travel prices, etc.) on a frequent basis. They may also spend more time than the average mobile user researching foreign locales.
  74. 74. 2 - Location based SegmentsGiven a device’s location & time, our partner, PlaceIQ, provides appropriateaudiences – StrikeAd then buys those audiences High end Women’s retail Fine dining At the office Young professional household Luxury vehicle owner Luxury Consumer 1 2 3Activation Determine Audience Ad Targeting &A mobile user opens an application or PlaceIQ matches the collected location Deliverywebpage and their anonymous location to location and time data and finds StrikeAd matches the right ads to theis time-stamped and collected. associated behaviors, profiles, and intent right audiences, moments, and places. of users likely to be there at that Delivering a targeted audience and moment. ensuring relevant messaging.
  75. 75. Map Consumers to Place & TimeDeliver Advertiser messaging during key moments• Modes contain geo and temporal parameters which allow us to find our audience in the world. We map these moments to tiles and use them to target advertising to the right audience at the right moment.• Indentify ideal moments throughout the week to deliver messaging that resonates with the Luxury Consumer audience Traveler Shopping - Airport - Haute couture boutique - Transit hubs Luxury Consumers - Women’s accessories retail - High end hotels Recreation White Collar - Pilates and yoga studio Professional - Spa - Marketing company - Cafe - Advertising company - Management company
  76. 76. All TargetingAUDIENCE OPTIMIZED RON Predictive RON that finds your target audience via algorithm Limits wasted impressionsBEHAVIOR 3rd party data collected from AdMobius Relevant segments for all types of brandsDEMOGRAPHIC Combination of 1st and 3rd party data Age, Gender, HHILOCATION DATA Place IQ Matches Location & Time Data and finds associated behaviors, profiles, and intent of users likely to be there at that momentCHANNEL Reach users based on specific publisher contentGEOGRAPHIC Country, State, DMA, City, Zip, Geo-fenceMOBILE RETARGETING Re-message users who have expressed interest in your brand Build pools of users for future useDEVICE Tablet or Smartphone Carrier (Android, iPhone, etc.)
  77. 77. Thank you
  78. 78. Fresh Thinking:Using Mobile toKeep Your Brand FreshDakota Sullivan, SVP AmericasNYC, February 6, 2013 Dakota Sullivan, SVP Americas NYC, February 6, 2013
  79. 79. [a•mo•bee] (n.) mobile to the core. 2012 GSMA Mobile Advertising A few of our customers Agency of the Year Confidential. Do not distribute. Copyright 2013 Amobee, Inc.
  80. 80. How Most Brands & Agencies Still Think About Mobile CelebrityTV Superbowl Spot!! Top Chef Sponsorship! Apprentice Feature Episode!!!Print 8 Page Cosmo Pull Out! Full page ad in Forbes! Valentines Day Roadblock Yahoo! ContentDigital Total Web Domination!! Integration!Mobile Animated GIF banners86 Confidential. Do not distribute. Copyright 2013 Amobee, Inc. 2/8/2013
  81. 81. How Most Consumers Think About Mobile87 Confidential. Do not distribute. Copyright 2013 Amobee, Inc. 2/8/2013
  82. 82. Mobile Should Be As Important To You As It Is To Them Some brands starting to fully embrace mobile—most focus on utility Rich On-the-go content: & in-store expert advice, features: tips to inspire barcode reader, purchase social tie-ins, ratings However, utility is only one aspect of mobile…88 Confidential. Do not distribute. Copyright 2013 Amobee, Inc. 2/8/2013
  83. 83. What about inspiration?89 Confidential. Do not distribute. Copyright 2013 Amobee, Inc. 2/8/2013
  84. 84. PULSE 3D: Ads as Amazing as Apps  Goes far beyond HTML5  Uses full capabilities of devices  Interstitial, full-device screen ads let viewer play, explore, and shop  Brand new technology owned and only offered by [a•mo•bee]90 Confidential. Do not distribute. Copyright 2013 Amobee, Inc. 2/8/2013
  85. 85. 91 Confidential. Do not distribute. Copyright 2013 Amobee, Inc. 2/8/2013
  86. 86. “Phy-gital” Impact Mobile + Out-of-Home woven together for campaign that will dazzle the most jaded consumer Use mobile video, re-targeting, geo- fencing, day parting, QR, NFC, all driven by real time mobile data [a•mo•bee] executing this today, delivering CTRs up to 24%, 50% increases in app installs, heavy increase in retail footfall92 Confidential. Do not distribute. Copyright 2013 Amobee, Inc. 2/8/2013
  87. 87. AugmentedReality eBay’s augmented reality campaign can be triggered by both poster and press ads Video content promoting the campaign is ‘projected’ onto the print ad, deepening the message Several different call to actions are featured including app downloads & links to purchasing featured clothes93 Confidential. Do not distribute. Copyright 2013 Amobee, Inc. 2/8/2013
  88. 88. Thank you! • Talk to us during networking session • Category exclusivity still available for PULSE 3D holiday campaigns Dakota Sullivan Jolie Giuffre Mike Kerans SVP Americas Sr. Mobile Strategist, Business Development Travel Vertical94 Confidential. Do not distribute. Copyright 2013 Amobee, Inc. 2/8/2013
  89. 89. United AirlinesMobile Journey
  90. 90. FirstA little background…
  91. 91. Our Global Operation 376 Airports Worldwide 5,656 Flights Daily Approximately 400,000 customers daily 74,000,000 bags / yearly - over 200,000 daily Approximately 300,000 operational messages daily
  92. 92. FlightView Survey - Business and Leisure Survey of over 2,600 travelers  93.6% want flight status information  73.2% want boarding alerts  57.4% want upgrade information  39.8% want stand-by status updates
  93. 93. Devices, devices, devices – and it’schanging!
  94. 94. It’s about choice
  95. 95. Going Mobile – m.web AND app.Extending key website tools to the mobile channel  Text Version  Smart Phone Version Mobile App  iOS  Android
  96. 96. The Mobile App
  97. 97. Circa 2010 iTunes Comments Was hoping to see an easy app, that would allow me to directly check availability, cost, book flights, check-in, and make itinerary changes mid trip…This app does none of these things. How about push notices for flight status changes? …a good start. But basically this is just a giant bookmark that happens to remember your username and password. All the actual transactions take place via mobile safari… …no real app, just a launcher for their mobile site. This is too weak for a global player like XX.
  98. 98. 2010 App Requirements Check-in Mobile Boarding Pass Storage Flight booking – basic Flight Status (same detail as /info sites today) Account status My reservations Push trip-alert notifications Club Locations / Wayfinding
  99. 99. Mobile App – the basics Native – iOS / Android  Speed  Customization  Better User Experience Full Featured  Native booking  Including Award Travel  Wallet
  100. 100. Transparent Information
  101. 101. Tools for the Traveler Check-in  Mobile Boarding Pass  Auto return check-in
  102. 102. Checking In
  103. 103. Mobile Boarding Pass
  104. 104. Sales United Club Sales