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Mobile travel masterclass deck camerjam mobile marketing


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Mobile Travel & Tourism Masterclass slides

Published in: Technology, Business
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Mobile travel masterclass deck camerjam mobile marketing

  1. 1. How to fine tune your mobile sites & apps strategyJune 2012
  2. 2. Agenda1. Mobile Stats2. Fragmentation3. Build For The Future4. Ensure Secure Payment5. Measure Performance6. Think Multi-Channel7. Checklist 3
  3. 3. At a glanceFounded in 2000 and listed on theFrankfurt Stock Exchange since 2006210 employees across 6 EuropeanofficesOver 40 employees in the UKEstablished in the UK since 2004Turnover £35m and EBITDA £2.8mCurrent market capitalisation £30m
  4. 4. Our clients
  5. 5. 1. Mobile Stats
  6. 6. Industry statsUsage mobile websites8x more growth than apps + 22,4 % Mobile sites + 2,8 % Apps Tomorrow Focus Media 2011
  7. 7. 2,793,030 195,99341,029 3,020,436 97,415 1,051,863 98,738 102,454 53,721 187,075comScore 2012 41,377
  8. 8. Customer Journey- Mobile QR codes linking ATL to mobile site Mobile Media Access to pricing, product info & reviews anywhereUse social media Intrigue Attracton mobile to ‘like’& recommend Request brochuresShare wish list withfriends and family Awareness View promotional discounts Advocate Newsletter & latest Consider Relationship Transaction product catalogue Branch Locator on mobile site Check availabilityReceive latest offers andinvitations to events Engage Convert Create or sync account Add products to mobile basket or wish list Upsell, After Care, Make Packaging QR codes Payments linking to mobile site, adverts, info
  9. 9. 2. Fragmentation
  10. 10. OS Breakdown - UK iOS Android Symbian BlackBerry Bada Other
  11. 11. iOS , AndroidiOS 5.xiOS 4.xiOS 3.x
  12. 12. iOS updates
  13. 13. Browsers - UK Apple Mobile Safari Open Handset Alliance Android Build-in Nokia Brwser NG Dolfin Opera Mini Other
  14. 14. HTML 5
  15. 15. Don’t just take our word for it.."Theres rampant technology fragmentation acrossmobile browsers, so developers dont know which partsof HTML5 they can use”“HTML5 is promoted as a single standard, but it comes indifferent versions for every mobile device”“Issues such as hardware acceleration and digital rightsmanagement are implemented inconsistently. Thatmakes it hard for developers to write software that workson many different phone platforms, and to reach a wideaudience”Facebook CTO Bret Taylor, World Mobile Congress 2012
  16. 16. WHY is the mobile landscape so fragmented..
  17. 17. Standards are incomplete
  18. 18. Traditional development is pricey..
  19. 19. 3. Build For The Future
  20. 20. Build For The Future Proxy-Transcoding vs. API Integration & When To Develop In-House
  21. 21. Optimising for every OS version, device &browser version…
  22. 22. Full-Service Option Consulting Concept Wireframing Implementation Programming DesignGo Live
  23. 23. In-House Development + Support Consulting Concept Wireframing Support Implementation Programming Design Support Workshops SupportGo Live FITML Templates
  24. 24. Ensure Secure Payment35% are concerned about security while shopping on a mobile device
  25. 25. On-premise installation to ensure highest security standardsUse well-known payment options (i.e. PayPal ….)Do not link to non – mobile-optimized websites
  26. 26. Measure Performance Response Time, Availability, Consistency
  27. 27. Mobile Sites Response Time In Response Time SecondsBaur 5,823 Definition:Twenga 9,434ladenzeile 10,157 Average time it takes to fully loadOtto 10,507 a mobile site and complete a taskAverage 10,744Conrad 10,785Amazon 10,967Ebay 10,993Bonprix 11,579Weltbild 11,9743suisses 12,194Neckermann 13,776Compuware Germany, 2012
  28. 28. Mobile Sites Availability in % AvailabilityAmazon 98,40 Definition:3suisse 97,46Ebay 96,07 Measured the time a mobile homepage didn’tLadenzelle 96,01 load within 60 seconds – either due to back-end/ it related issues or network connectionOtto 95,05Baur 88,91Neckermann 87,46Average 86,00Weltbild 74,77Twenga 72,03Bonprix 70,10Conrad 69,78Compuware Germany, 2012
  29. 29. Mobile Sites Response time in Consistency secondsBaur 6,561 Definition:Bonprix 7,555Twenga 8,235 Standard deviation of sites based on the timeWeltbild 8,319 and day accessed.Conrad 10,156Ladenzeile 10,834Average 11,244Ebay 11,658Otto 13,6103suisse 14,281Amazon 14,325Neckermann 18,147Compuware Germany, 2012
  30. 30. Think Multi-Channel
  31. 31. The web will have more touch pointsin a larger digital ecosystem
  32. 32. Swiss Airlines – AppsAndroid + iPhone AppPerfect travel companionFeatures include:• Book flights on your mobile• Mobile Check-in• Arrival/ Departure Times & Updates• News
  33. 33. Austrian AirlinesWeb App + Native AppsFeatures include:• Book flights on your mobile• Mobile Check-in• Arrival/ Departure Times & Updates• News• Offers
  34. 34. HRS mobile site & App Mobile site + Native Apps We developed a mCommerce site enabling users to book one of 250,000 hotel anywhere in the world. This required some complex API integration given the sheer volume of information handled on the HRS website.Following the success of the mCommerce site, nativeapps were also developed.The project has resulted in the successfulcommercialisation of the mobile channel with over300,000 bookings made within the first 12 months.
  35. 35. Airport Zurich – App + Mobile Site
  36. 36. Nandez App + Mobile SiteNandez ski resort app enables users to;Explore piste map, download weather info, transmit GPS location +augmented reality piste & mountain restaurant locatorUse of native features insures app will add greater value thanavaiable on the mobile web
  37. 37. Deutsche Bahn – App
  38. 38. View London - App
  39. 39. 7. Check List
  40. 40. ChecklistBuild for the Future Ensure Secure Payment Works with new and existing sources On-Premise Installation Offers ability to move development Use Established Payment Providers in-house Only link to mobile-optimised sites External advice & support available if and when neededMeasure Performance Think Multi-Channel Response Time Works on all devices & operating systems Availability Optimises content for each device Consistency
  41. 41. Thank You
  42. 42. Live and Dynamic Content inCross Mobile Platforms Live Information for a generation on the move
  43. 43. Agenda mxData Cross Platform Live and Dynamic Content Case Study – Traveline Next Bus Summary Live Information for a generation on the move 45
  44. 44. mxData Michael Cliffe, CTO Founded 2004 Privately Owned 50+ Employees Based in Wilmslow, Cambridge and LondonLondon Tube Map :- 8m Downloads ¼m Connections Per Day Live Information for a generation on the move 46
  45. 45. Thoughts on Cross PlatformCross Platform at mxData :- OS – iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Phone 8, BADA, S40 Channel – OEM, MNO, and SNO Deployment – App, Widget, Browser and Messaging Device - Tablet, TV, In-Car, Mobile and Desktop Live Information for a generation on the move 47
  46. 46. Thoughts on Cross PlatformCross Platforms are Connected for Content :- Services – Search and Discovery, Aggregation and Optimisation Sharing Trends – Tailored Experience per user per device! Commercial + UGC Content - Social Content is Valuable Live Information for a generation on the move 48
  47. 47. Live and Dynamic ContentLive information for a generation on the move
  48. 48. Case Study - FactsTraveline Next Buses Summary 7% 56% 25% Cross Platform SMS Web Telephone API Static Content 12%  Gazetteer, Timetable, Bus Stop Live and Dynamic Content  Static + Schedule + Real-Time  60+ Sources, Aggregated through GEOHAWK Live Information for a generation on the move 50
  49. 49. Case Study - Schematic Calls StaticContent Share! SMS Webs LiveContent API Apps Live Information for a generation on the move 51
  50. 50. Case Study – Service EnablersBy Enabling Content as a Service :- Agnostic to Cross Platform  Deployment, Device, OS, Channel Aggregation of Static, Live and Dynamic Content Have a Consistent View of Content Lay Foundations For:  Ticketing  Broader and Deeper Content  Enhancements and Premium Services Must Haves - Performance, Scalability and Availability Live Information for a generation on the move 52
  51. 51. Summary Cross Platform – OS, Channel, Deployment and Device Device Fragmentation - Not Convergence Ride the Sharing Trends – Increased Adoption Services - Aggregation of Live and Dynamic ContentServices like GEOHAWK are enablers in this space. Live Information for a generation on the move 53
  52. 52. mxDataLive Information for a generation on the move 54
  53. 53. Sun, sea, and mobile CRM! How to delight and engage your custome Mobile Travel, Tourism & Leisure Masterclass - 13th June 2012 Oisin Lunny, Senior Market Development Manager, OpenMarket
  54. 54. Sun, sea, and mobile CRM.
  55. 55. Planning the holiday58 Proprietary & Confidential to OpenMarket
  56. 56. Planning the holiday59 Proprietary & Confidential to OpenMarket
  57. 57. Flight booking confirmation60 Proprietary & Confidential to OpenMarket
  58. 58. Finding the hotel61 Proprietary & Confidential to OpenMarket
  59. 59. Hotel search62 Proprietary & Confidential to OpenMarket
  60. 60. Car parking63 Proprietary & Confidential to OpenMarket
  61. 61. Terminal advice64 Proprietary & Confidential to OpenMarket
  62. 62. Airport promotions65 Proprietary & Confidential to OpenMarket
  63. 63. Customer compensation66 Proprietary & Confidential to OpenMarket
  64. 64. Arrivals promotion67 Proprietary & Confidential to OpenMarket
  65. 65. In holiday reminders68 Proprietary & Confidential to OpenMarket
  66. 66. Security reminders69 Proprietary & Confidential to OpenMarket
  67. 67. Customer compensation70 Proprietary & Confidential to OpenMarket
  68. 68. Transport innovation• LBS finds nearest licensed cab from database of over 45,000 71 Proprietary & Confidential to OpenMarket
  69. 69. Re-activation campaigns72 Proprietary & Confidential to OpenMarket
  70. 70. Marketing campaigns73 Proprietary & Confidential to OpenMarket
  71. 71. Post campaign analytics74 Proprietary & Confidential to OpenMarket
  72. 72. Bringing it all together SMS chat A2P SMS Vouchers Voice LBS shortcode Crediting Analytics75 Proprietary & Confidential to OpenMarket
  73. 73. OpenMarket customer & partners Proprietary & Confidential to OpenMarket
  74. 74. OpenMarket approach• We supply mobile building blocks: - messaging, payment, VAS• For brands and agency partners• Bring agencies creativity to life on mobile• Reliable, scalable, remove the complexity• Technical account management 24/7• Great account management• Operational excellence• Direct connections• $3bn revenues Proprietary & Confidential to OpenMarket
  75. 75. Technology Proprietary & Confidential to OpenMarket
  76. 76. Technology Proprietary & Confidential to OpenMarket
  77. 77. Technology Proprietary & Confidential to OpenMarket
  78. 78. Technology Proprietary & Confidential to OpenMarket
  79. 79. Contact twitter @openmarket facebook @openmarket text “sales” to 88600
  80. 80. Multi-channel customer journey, the importance of data Miranda Clarke Business Development Manager Mobile: +44 7850 - 906 811 Email:
  81. 81. Who are we? The smartphone is transforming the way that people interact with organisations.  IMImobile provide software services that help businesses extract value from the smartphone transformation by enabling key stages of the customer engagement lifecycle  IMImobile’s product portfolio is focussed on multi- channel mobile engagement solutions  IMImobile is currently serving over 100 blue chip operators, media companies and enterprises in 64 countries 85
  82. 82. Our experience in the Travel, Tourism andLeisure sector 86
  83. 83. Your challenges that eventually lead todecreasing profits › AGING INFRASTRUCTURE Cost to change or EOL too high, proprietary equipment with large consultancy and development bills has left organisations paralysed. › DISPARATE DATA No single location for all customer information, different data sources with overnight batch changes means data is not real time and very difficult to manage. › INCONSISTENT CUSTOMER JOURNEY Customer receives different information when booking via different channels, lack of consistency, causing influx of calls to the contact centre & bad customer experience. › DISTRESSED STOCK No clear strategy on how to address this growing problem – the issue is compounded by all of the previous challenges – who do I target? How do I target? 87
  84. 84. The new ‘mobile’ consumerTechnologically experiencedconsumers means a higherexpectation in digitallifecycle. 88
  85. 85. Our approach Intelligent customer data collection Engaging & Data consistent consolidation customer in real time Infrastructure journey Agnostic SaaS Decrease Increase Cost Sales Desktop App Contact Distressed Centre Call stock Reduction 89
  86. 86. The American Airlines Desktop AppDealFinder 90
  87. 87. The American Airlines Desktop AppNews 91
  88. 88. The American Airlines Desktop AppContent Management 92
  89. 89. The result› INCREASED RESPONSE  More than 1.5 million downloads› IMPROVED CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE  3 month ROI after launch of Desktop App› INCREASED LOYALTY  $1,500,000 incremental revenue in 6 months  Customer Satisfaction Scores› REDUCED DISTRESSED STOCK was dramatically improved› INCREASED PROFITS 93
  91. 91. Thank you!Miranda ClarkeBusiness Development ManagerMobile: +44 7850 - 906 811Email:
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  100. 100. WHERE DO I START? © Somo Ltd.
  101. 101. FOCUS ON YOUR KPIs © Somo Ltd.
  102. 102. Top Tips Choose your measurement tool according to your campaign objectives Look for a mobile specific solution But take the time to look at mobile in the context of your wider marketing mix It’s a complex market; find a trusted advisor to help Be scientific... but appreciate the margin for error is higher than desktop Test, test and test! © Somo Ltd.
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