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Mobile Culture - Foursquare

  1. 1. foursquare // businesses
  2. 2. Foursquare at a Glance20,000,000+ users2,000,000,000+ check-ins750,000+ local businesses7,000+ brands
  3. 3. Foursquare Missionfoursquare helps you make themost of where you are. We buildtools that help you keep up withfriends, discover whats nearby,save money and unlock deals. 3
  4. 4. How it works Recommendations Content Rewards
  5. 5. Foursquare + businessesPartnerships typically consist of a few components:• Claim your businesses• Run specials campaigns• Create a brand Page• Add Tips to your Page & make Lists to organize and brand them• Launch a Badge campaign• Integrate the Save to foursquare widget to venue pages on your website• Leverage the foursquare API to supplement your data and create custom experiences
  6. 6. Merchant Platform
  7. 7. Verification Benefits - StatsManagers of verified businesses get access to our free Venue Statsdashboard Sort by any Downloadable CSV files Time Period Total Check-ins And Avg. Check-ins Check-ins by Day per Day Social Reach Time Breakdown Gender Breakdown Age Breakdown
  8. 8. Verification Benefits - SpecialsOur 7 types of customizable specials help you to interact with your most loyalcustomers and/or attract new ones.• Specials are FREE and work in real-time• Running Specials provides you with performance analytics and actionable data related to your venue and customers.
  9. 9. Pages
  10. 10. PagesBy following your page, users are “opting-in” to have your branded Tipsshow up on their phones when they check in at or near a venue whereyouve left the tip. More on Tips later.
  11. 11. Tips
  12. 12. TipsTips are the primary content on your brand page – think of them as tidbits ofeditorial content you leave at specific venues. They should provide relevantinformation or help influence your readers decisions.
  13. 13. How Tips WorkReaders love your content in print and online. Why not deliver it to them when it’srelevant to their location? When users check in at locations, they view the nearby Tipsfor advice on what to do. There can sometimes be hundreds of Tips at a given venue. Butwhen your Followers check in at a place – your Tip will pop up in the phone – in priorityover the others.
  14. 14. Lists
  15. 15. Create ListsLists allow you to thematically organize and brand your Tips. Think of lists as ahandy mobile guide for all the places your readers should try out.
  16. 16. Create ListsLists allow you to thematically organize and brand your Tips. Think of lists as ahandy mobile guide for all the places your readers should try out.
  17. 17. Lists: Examples• Guardian: Independent Book Shops• TimeOut London: London’s Best Parksand Gardens• Telegraph: London’s Top Rooftop Bars• Evening Standard: London’s Best Icecream parlors, Burgers to try before youdie
  18. 18. Badges
  19. 19. Badges•Foursquare badges rewardusers for checking in andtrying new experiences.•We use badges as a funway to influence user-behavior.•For example, if a userchecks in to a gym 10 timesin one month, they unlockthe Gym Rat Badge.
  20. 20. Partner BadgesFoursquare works with select partners to create custom badges, tailored fortheir brand and audience.The History badge allows badge holders to get discounts at certainpubs, museums and sights. Once a user unlocks a badge it’s stored in its rightful place of glory: the trophy case.
  21. 21. Developer Platform
  22. 22. About the API We provide an open API to encourage creative uses of foursquare data, tailored to your business objectives and brand identity. Using our API is completely free. Examples: • Use foursquare check in data to show trending places in a city. • Pull user Tips and photos to supplement your online content. • Use the foursquare API to power a custom App or web experience.Access our Developer Gateway at
  23. 23. Data VisualizationsThe NYC Parks Authority used the foursquare API to visualize check ins at parks around the city in real-time.
  24. 24. Mobile AppsIntegrate check-in functionality, photos and foursquare Tips to your mobile app.
  25. 25. foursquare Connected Apps
  26. 26. What are connected apps?• Connect users with your brand• Interact with user experiences while they’re having them• Receive notifications when connected users check in - Decide if you want to reply - Customize what you send them• Users tap through to brand site or directly to your mobile app
  27. 27. Case Study: Weather ChannelDeep, immersive experience•Get the weather with your firstcheck-in of the day and when youcheck in to a new city•Interactive maps•Weather triggered imagery•Global weather news
  28. 28. Case Study: Lufthansa (Blue Legends)Instant gratification for loyalty•Notifies users instantly whenthey earn bonuses for checking in•In app discovery of benefitschecking in to Lufthansa locations•Encourage user behaviorthrough rewards / offers
  29. 29. Case Studies
  30. 30. American Express Delivery of frictionless Specials exclusive to Amex cardmembers, providing merchant partners with measurable ROI and spend data.
  31. 31. Manchester City FC
  32. 32. Number 10
  33. 33. History Channel
  34. 34. Jamie Oliver
  35. 35. SPG Insider – Loyalty Card Intergration
  36. 36. Thank YouOmid