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Mobile automotive masterclass deck camerjam mobile marketing

  1. 1. How to fine tune your mobile sites & apps strategyJune 2012
  2. 2. Agenda1. Mobile Stats2. Fragmentation3. Build For The Future4. Measure Performance5. Think Multi-Channel6. Checklist 3
  3. 3. At a glanceFounded in 2000 and listed on theFrankfurt Stock Exchange since 2006210 employees across 6 EuropeanofficesOver 40 employees in the UKEstablished in the UK since 20042011 Turnover £35m+Current market capitalisation £30m
  4. 4. Our clients
  5. 5. 1. Mobile Stats
  6. 6. 86,432 198,825 18,972 386,045 162,958 321,364 102,407 14,003comScore 2012
  7. 7. Mobile Customer Journey QR codes linking ATL to mobile site Mobile Media Access to pricing, product info & reviews anywhereUse social media Intrigue Attracton mobile to ‘like’& recommendShare wish list withfriends and family Awareness Request brochures View promotional Advocate discounts Newsletter & latest Consider Relationship Transaction product catalogue on mobile site Dealer locator onReceive latest offers and mobile siteinvitations to events Engage Convert Book a Test Drive Packaging QR codes After Care, Make Payments, linking to mobile site, Accessories adverts, info
  8. 8. 2. Fragmentation
  9. 9. OS Breakdown - UK iOS Android Symbian BlackBerry Bada Other
  10. 10. iOS , AndroidiOS 5.xiOS 4.xiOS 3.x
  11. 11. iOS updates
  12. 12. Browsers - UK Apple Mobile Safari Open Handset Alliance Android Build-in Nokia Brwser NG Dolfin Opera Mini Other
  13. 13. HTML 5
  14. 14. Don’t just take our word for it.."Theres rampant technology fragmentation acrossmobile browsers, so developers dont know which partsof HTML5 they can use”“HTML5 is promoted as a single standard, but it comes indifferent versions for every mobile device”“Issues such as hardware acceleration and digital rightsmanagement are implemented inconsistently. Thatmakes it hard for developers to write software that workson many different phone platforms, and to reach a wideaudience”Facebook CTO Bret Taylor, World Mobile Congress 2012
  15. 15. WHY is the mobile landscape so fragmented..
  16. 16. Standards are incomplete
  17. 17. Traditional development is pricey..
  18. 18. Measure Performance Response Time, Availability, Consistency
  19. 19. 3. Build For The Future
  20. 20. Build For The Future Proxy-Transcoding vs. API Integration & When To Develop In-House
  21. 21. When To Develop In-House
  22. 22. Full-Service Option Consulting Concept Wireframing Implementation Programming DesignGo Live
  23. 23. In-House Development + Support Consulting Concept Wireframing Support Implementation Programming Design Support Workshops SupportGo Live FITML Templates
  24. 24. 5. Think Multi-Channel
  25. 25. Think Multi-Channel
  26. 26. The web will have more touch pointsin a larger digital ecosystem
  27. 27. Mercedes Mercedes-Benz was looking for a global partner in mobile to: • Extend the reach of the brand • Foster brand engagement • Convey the premium brand proposition • Incorporate mobile into the multi-channel strategy • Drive test drive and brochure requests • Drive footfall at Mercedes-Benz dealers .YOC has since been appointed as Mercedes-Benz’s retained global partner in mobile todeliver mobile internet and native appprojects across all of their markets.
  28. 28. Multi-Channel User Experience - Mercedes
  29. 29. Mobile WebDeveloped to introduce thenew SL-Class, this app providesintricate detail abouteverything Mercedes-Benz.Features include the option tocustomise the latest Mercedes-Benz cars, a dealer locator,showrooms and full access towatch Mercedes-Benz TV.
  30. 30. Mobile Web - TabletT.- Site for optimum userexperience on all tablet devices
  31. 31. iPad App – interactive digital brochure Ideal platform to showcase their existing premium content & imagery from Mercedes- Benz print magazine. The app incorporates interactive functionality available online, such as videos, 360 degree view of models and nearest dealer locator.
  32. 32. Opel/ Vauxhall
  33. 33. Opel/ VauxhallYOC is Opel’s retained global partner inmobile to deliver mobile web and native appprojects since 2005.
  34. 34. Mobile MediaVideo configurator let’s users choose the car’s colour,rims and interior. Results are automatically displayed inthe video and ready to share via social media.
  35. 35. Infiniti
  36. 36. Continental - branding
  37. 37. What Car?PistonHeads
  38. 38. 6. Check List
  39. 39. ChecklistBuild for the Future Measure Performance Works with new and existing sources Response Time Offers ability to move development Availability in-house Consistency External advice & support available if and when neededThink Multi-Channel Works on all devices & operating systems Optimises content for each device
  40. 40. ChecklistThink Multi-Channel Measure Performance Works on all devices & operating systems Response Time Optimises content for each device Availability ConsistencyEnsure Secure Payment Build for the Future On-Premise Installation Works with new and existing sources Use Established Payment Providers Offers ability to move development in-house Only link to mobile-optimised sites External advice & support available if and when needed
  41. 41. Thank You
  42. 42. AUDI AND SOMO: A YEAR IN MOBILE13.06.2012Naji El-Arifi | Technical Product Manager@FizzyCustard@somoglobal © Somo Ltd.
  43. 43. WHAT WE DO As the world’s largest independent mobile marketing company, Somo makes sense of mobile to... Increase sales Raise brand awareness Make businesses more productive © Somo Ltd.45
  44. 44. HOW WE WORK We’re the mobile marketing experts. Full-service, or one service, the choice is yours. © Somo Ltd.46
  45. 45. WHERE WE WORK We manage global campaigns for our clients, 24 hours a day. LONDON SAN FRANCISCO LOS ANGELES NEW YORK SINGAPORE © Somo Ltd.47
  46. 46. WHO WE WORK WITH © Somo Ltd.
  47. 47. EARLY 2011: GETTING MOBILE WEB RIGHT © Somo Ltd.
  48. 48. MOBILE SITE Use of industry first technology – 360˚ car views 8% of all traffic to is mobile © Somo Ltd.50
  50. 50. LE MANS APP SUITE Top 10 in 47 countries Ranked 3rd in Sport 237,000 minutes of engagement during the race © Somo Ltd.52
  51. 51. GOODWOOD FESTIVAL OF SPEED © Somo Ltd.53
  53. 53. RICH MEDIA: AUDI BIRD Cutting-edge HTML5 technology Platform agnostic Site visits doubled during campaign A CTR of twice the industry average © Somo Ltd.
  55. 55. CONCLUSION 2012 © Somo Ltd.
  56. 56. COMING SOON Business tools • Fleet • Enterprise • Aftersales New Technologies • Keen to retain position at the forefront of AR in premium automotive • Audio triggers • Better use of Smartphone and Tablet hardware © Somo Ltd.58
  57. 57. MAKING SENSE OF MOBILEwww.somoglobal.comLONDON SAN FRANCISCO LOS ANGELES NEW YORK SINGAPOREHaymarket House 181 Fremont Street 1530 7th St, Suite 100 1440 Broadway 50 Raffles Place, Level 3028 Haymarket San Francisco, CA 94105 Santa Monica, CA 90401 23rd Floor Singapore Land TowerLondon SW1Y 4SP New York, NY, 10018 Singapore 048623+44(0)20 3397 3550 +1 (415) 230 2756 +1 (310) 426 8685 +1 646 512 5127 Ext. 3432 +65 Confidential. © Somo Ltd. 2012 © Somo Ltd.
  60. 60. “Smart car designer”
  62. 62. “Vito Sport Freestyle”
  64. 64. Specificallydesigned foriPhone, iPad andAndroid.DevicerecognitionSeperate designsfor lower endmobiles
  65. 65. Location:Nearest RetailerMapsDriving Directions
  67. 67. ACQUISITION Advertising, TV Advertising, TV Cars on road Direct mail Newspapers Newspapers Dealer offer Dealer meeting Pub talk Dealer contact Magazines Magazines Negotiation Payment Rumour Test drive PR, Road tests PR, Dealer visit Web Handover Web Web Web Brochures, Web
  68. 68. The Mobile Car Customer Purchase Repeat Purchase Test Drive Test Drive Requests Conversion Customer Loyalty CampaignApplications Mobile Locator Mobile CRM Mobile Response Mobile Brochure MobileTestdrive Mobile ServiceAttention The Consideration Phase & Loyalty for Life Purchase
  70. 70. STRUCTURAL ROLL OUT PROVIDES ROI Mobile Service Mobile TestDrive Mobile Brochure Mobile Test Drive Mobile Brochure PROFILING & DATAQ1 2012 Q32012 Q1 2013 Q3 2013 Q1 2014 Q3 2014 Approved Used Applications Campaign Application Mobile CRM Campaign Application ATTENTION
  72. 72. Mobile marketing overview Mobile Marketing Magazine Automotive Masterclass 13th June 2012
  73. 73. Mobile strategies Revenue Brand Strategies Strategies Retention Differentiation Experience Acquisition Monetisation Accessibility Expectations Immediacy Lower CPAs McommerceGreater usage Comp advantage Better service Greater returns New rev streams CRM Strategies
  74. 74. Mobile strategies Revenue Brand Strategies Strategies Retention Differentiation Experience Acquisition Monetisation Accessibility Expectations Immediacy Lower CPAs McommerceGreater usage Comp advantage Better service Greater returns New rev streams Contact points Tech credentials Distribution of Location offers Additional services (Service info) Innovation new news Test drive booking Advice lines (Dealers) Speed of response Gaming (Mapping) QR code information(Mobile Manual) Low Behavioural CPC Automotive Strategies
  75. 75. Once you’ve invested in creating your mobile properties and presence,how do you maximise their success?
  76. 76. Mobile activity process How could Mobile How can we bestBusiness and be used to help engage with our Marketing achieve these audience in Objectives objectives? mobile? The Role(s) of Mobile strategy mobile What is the most What is the How can we effective way ofmobile activity maximise delivering the achieving? Mobile’s strategy? effectiveness? Campaign Mobile Mobile delivery evaluation development
  77. 77. Maximising Mobile SuccessMobilising existing activities Activate Mobile Marketing ATL advertising Mobile Search Fixedline search Display Advertising activity Instore/promo material SMS/MMS marketing Existing CRM HTML mobile Activity Email marketing Mobile video/prerole Fixedline Display/Behavioral Appstore/marketplace presence Sponsorships Mobile SEO TV Advertising Publisher/Carrier partnerships Website In Game marketing Partnerships Mobile email marketing VOD Mobile social delivery Incentivised downloads
  78. 78. Mobile Opportunity minefield Rich media Mobile opportunities Mobile advertising Preroll video CPC competition Partnership SMS/ Mobile Mobile Social media Further information MMS search Destinations usage CRM behavioural Time sensitive LocationPublishers Google Search for info carriers Bing App Msite Signup Yahoo Search to MSite Richer Msite Search Interact experienceSite integration sponsorship Customerbase leverage
  79. 79. Three essential ingredients EffectiveTracking Creativity Planning and Buying
  80. 80. Effective tracking
  81. 81. The Right Tracking MsitePublishers (CPM) Optimisation Banner/ Banners HTML Ad Unit Tracking Networks Time of day Bannerclick Day of weekNetworks (CPC) Network Publisher Publishers Publisher groups App downloads Application Events Section searched Virtual CPA Carriers Actions taken Behavioural groups (CPC/CPM) Location Usage H/M/L Usage Activity Usage Retargeting
  82. 82. Mobile Creative
  83. 83. Rich Media Advertising Effectiveness Smartphone Users are 50% Ad awareness more likely to Increased By recall an 25% For expandable expandable banner bannersSource: IAB UK
  84. 84. Multi Banner HTML5 Expandable
  85. 85. Multi Banner HTML5 Expandable
  86. 86. Multi Banner HTML5 Expandable
  87. 87. Multi Banner HTML5 Expandable
  88. 88. Multi Banner HTML5 Expandable
  89. 89. Multi Banner HTML5 Expandable
  90. 90. Rich Media Capabilities SHAKE & TILT ANIMATION FACEBOOK Accelerometer control for Fluid automation engine with Post to wall on Facebook engaging experience / games high performance sequencing TWITTER 360 DegreesPost status update to Twitter Product Rotations & Panoramas DRAG & DROP IMAGE GALLERY UI for puzzles, builders and Tactile galleries with more thumbnails & downloads SMART DAYPARTING SOUND BOARD Creative or offer varies byTap to play sound immediately time of day COMPLEX ANIMATIONS Mapping FORM CAPTURESlide, fade, object paths and Link through to Google maps Text, pull down, checkbox & more 99 form validation for lead gen with option for branded pins
  91. 91. What can be provided?The most cutting edge HTML Ad CreationserviceBuild Once, Run Everywhere Ads run Across iOS & Android devices ( others to come Q2 2012 ) All Ads we create can be served through all major mobile ad networks and 100+ premium publishers 100
  92. 92. Creative Banner delivery - HTC
  93. 93. Rich Media For AutomotiveAd units that can:Showcase TV adsDeliver exclusive contentInteraction with the brand/the carSign up for a test drive“drive” the vehicleMap dealer locationsLike/tweet/connect/joinCompetition ( data capture)
  94. 94. Planning Mobile activity
  95. 95. Branding Works on MobileAverage Brand Lift of Mobile Display Campaigns +13% +16% +24% +76% +58% +44% 1) Sample includes hundreds of mobile display campaigns Source: Goole: Insight Express Online & Mobile Norms, Nov’07 to Dec’09
  96. 96. Mobile Drives ResponseConversions Click Through Rate Cost Per Acquisition +80% -15% +43% Separating out mobile campaigns from desktop drives significant performance gains Source: Google internal data, 10
  97. 97. The P&B Rule book1. Make sure your activity is trackable2. Use the right solutions for the objectives ie clicks, impressions, video, data capture, click to call etc3. Mobile is not just search, its also Networks, Publishers and carriers4. Test, learn and implement6. Buy effective prices not the cheapest
  98. 98. Thank you @yodelmobile