Mastercard camerjam mobile finance masterclass


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Mastercard camerjam mobile finance masterclass

  1. 1. James DavlourosMay 24, 2011Mobile Finance Masterclass24th of May 2011©2011 MasterCard.Proprietary and Confidential
  2. 2. Mobile commerce is developing rapidly... 2014 Market Growth = $375bn* (2014 Actual = $664bn)Mobile Money Mobile ContactlessDESCRIPTION: A money transfer between two mobile phones DESCRIPTION: Mobile contactless payments within a physicalwhich can be redeemed for airtime, cash, or used to pay for $42bn retailer at POS. Card emulation (to replace card, cash andbills or goods by receiving parties. International = 66%, cheque) and delivering value-added services along the (2014 = ~ $60bnDomestic 33% of transaction value. purchase journey $48bn) (2014 = $60bn) PLAYERS PLAYERS: Telcos ~ $153bn $120bn Banks (2014 = $408bn) (2014 = $148bn)e/m-Commerce – Physical Goods e/m-Commerce – Digital and Virtual GoodsDESCRIPTION: Use mobile device to make payment over the air for physical goods DESCRIPTION: Purchasing music, tickets, games, gambling, content e.g. TV, applications(equivalent of online payments) PLAYERS: PLAYERS:(* Forecast volumes provided by Juniper Research a business intelligence analysis group focussed upon the communication sector) ©2011 MasterCard. March 22, 2011 Proprietary and Confidential Page 2
  3. 3. Disruption due to New entrants in payment spaceMNO initiatives (bank independent) Operating Systems’ initiativesFeb 4th 2011: O2 UK Dec 6 2010: Google & SamsungO2 seeks an e-money license for bank Google has announced the launch of one of theindependent P2P and mobile commerce wallet worlds first NFC smartphones with embeddedlaunch in 2011, to be expanded to NFC at later NFC, the Nexus S, which supports thestage. company’s new Android operating system version, Gingerbread. Dec 16 2010: Orange France Feb 8th 2011: Vodaphone signs WW Orange has announced its ambition to equip agreement to distribute Nexus S ! 500,000 clients with NFC phones by end of 2011. Apple…Feb 8 2011: Buyster Strong rumours that Apple’s iPhone 5 hasFrance’s leading operators, Orange, SFR and Bouygues postponed embedded NFC and will be based onTelecom announced JV to launch Buyster through Atos, a i-Tunes walletremote payment system with own acceptance brandFeb 9 2011: Belgian operatorsBelgian leading operators announced plans to launch a 9 Feb 2011 Nokia and Microsoft allianceremote and NFC payment system Nokia decided to use MS ‘Windows phone 7 Operating System, dropping Symbian. Plans to issueMarch 2010: Deutsche Telecom buys Android has overtaken Symbian as the world’sClickandBuy largest OS in January 2011.Deutsche telelcom buys a leading e-commerce wallet ©2011 MasterCard. March 22, 2011 Proprietary and Confidential Page 3
  4. 4. MasterCard Mobile Services Strategy Core Payment Services Mobile Value Added Services New Mobile Payment Services Proven products Utilize mobile’s Utilizing the and capabilities that flexibility and mobile platform to add new utility immediacy to add deliver convenience to traditional supplemental value and control payment channels to core solutions Remote Payments, Contactless Alerts, Apps, Mobile TopUp, (Mobile PayPass), Mobile Offers P2P/Remittance and Coupons ©2011 MasterCard. Proprietary and Confidential
  5. 5. MasterCard Mobile Services & Products Core Payment Services Mobile Value Added Services New Mobile Payment Services Mobile PayPass Location Services MasterCard MPG Phone applications for ATM MOTAPS Mobile Payment Gateway locators and offers based on Over The Air Provisioning A turnkey mobile payment processing your location Service, for instant issuance platform that allows issuers, acquirers, and control. Single connection Mobile CAP merchants and mobile network operators to enabling you to provision all quickly and cost-effectively provide Receipt of a dynamic CAP token your financial applications customized mobile solutions based on either two factor Mapping Service authentication MoneySend™ Instantly issue PayPass cards Under development Person-to-person transfers to phones, associating them to Mobile Offers Enable consumers to send money to each an existing consumer card Phone applications providing other by simply entering the recipients Mobile TAGS information on offers based on Mobile phone number An easy and convenient way to location (Next Jump integration) roll out PayPass capabilities to the phone with PayPass TAGS Others Alerts, Money Management, etc. The Mobile Convergence Solution Bridging together Proximity, e/m-Commerce and remote payments Standards and Approvals Standard Test and approval process for all 3rd party software and hardware components Partner Program An ecosystem player forum and a repository for all documents related to mobile payments ©2011 MasterCard. Proprietary and Confidential Page 5
  6. 6. Value add services that utilize the mobile device to add supplemental value to payment and shopping experienceOffers with Money Send Applications Mobile CAPMasterCard Marketplace for Smart phones for eCom transactions Location Restaurant inControl Card Management Location based Services Offers in Italy via mobile applications for events ©2011 MasterCard. Proprietary and Confidential
  7. 7. An Overview of MasterCard Mobile Momentum Pioneer mobile phone debit payments in the Enable customers to make contactless payments Fully-integrated on-demand person- United Kingdom, using Maestro PayPass via phones with MasterCard PayPass Tags on Blackberry Rollout to-person mobile payment service SMS alerts and notifications Partnering in the development of a Mobile Payments proposition that focuses specifically on consumer convenience Commercial Launch of Mobile NFC using MFLEX Antennas200 phones payment pilot in partnership with ViVOtech First Market Trial of Personalised NFC-Enabled Mobile Phones First large scale deployment of PayPass in Turkey’s first mobile phones, enabled a mobile phone (60K Customer) with MasterCard PayPass Issuing Mobile TAGS to the consumers in the USACustom technology trial of NearField Communication and MTA Turkey’s first mobile phones, enabled Commercialization of mobile with MasterCard PayPass payments using NFC technology First trial in Taiwan to make Mobile Payment Gateway in Latin use of NFC smart posters America enabling consumers to pay and m-coupons bills and top-up air time First Mobile Pilot in India (Bangalore) using First trial of PayPass-enabled mobile Mobile PayPass phones for secure EMV payments ©2011 MasterCard. Proprietary and Confidential
  8. 8. Contribution to industry standards setting • EMVCo: Chip payment specifications – Common Contactless Interface (for PayPass cards and mobiles); Terminal Specifications (including mobile); Application selection on mobile; UICC profile; handset requirements • NFC Forum: NFC Contactless specifications – Technical Committee Chairmanship – Lead development of digital and analogue specifications for compatibility with PayPass – Major contribution to test cases for compliance program • European Payment Council, M-Channel WB: – Contributing to work on contactless mobile payment and remote mobile payment • AEPM: French specifications for contactless mobile payment – Developed French implementation of Mobile MasterCard PayPass M/Chip supporting AEPM requirements while using standard PayPass terminals for interoperability • GlobalPlatform: Smartcard standards – Monitoring Mobile Task Force – Contributing to other mobile payment related developments through EMVCo, including Composition Model for Security Evaluation • ETSI Smart Card Platform: SIM Card specifications – Member of ETSI. Monitoring SCP, and contributing when it is felt that work is closing off options for banking and payment deployment ©2011 MasterCard. Proprietary and Confidential
  9. 9. MasterCard support• Publications – Mobile MasterCard PayPass M/CHIP Issuer Implementation Guide – PayPass for Mobile Specifications – Reference User Interface for Mobile MasterCard PayPass• Project support – Product specialists & technical experts – MC Advisors (for heavier projects)• Marketing support – Marketing Templates for Mobile MasterCard PayPass Tags – Reference User Interface for Mobile MasterCard PayPass & MPG – Demonstrations of Mobile Payments (M/CHIP 4) for payments – Demonstrations of Mobile Payments and inControl integration solutions – Demonstrations of Mobile Payment Gateway mobile solutions ©2011 MasterCard. Proprietary and Confidential