Kodime camerjam mobile marketing masterclass retail


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Kodime camerjam mobile marketing masterclass retail

  1. 1. Mobile Marketing since 2003We enable interactive marketing viaApps, the Mobile Internet, TextMessaging, QR Codes and MobileSocial which means that our clientscan efficiently find, convert andengage their target audienceanytime, anywhere, in an instant.twitter @mobmarketing follow @mobmarketing
  2. 2. We do lots of Mobile  follow @mobmarketing
  3. 3. It’s confusing out thereiPhone Android Mobile Site Text Messaging QR Codes We provide ONE platform for maximum reach. We provide the services to get results. follow @mobmarketing
  4. 4. Complete Mobile Marketing Platform Contact Management Mobile CRM Behavioural Segmentation Opt-in / out Management User Device trackingHandset Detection SMS Text MessagingContent Conversion Mobile InternetMobile Sites Push NotificationsMobile Video ShortcodesApps QR Codes CMS Communication follow @mobmarketing
  5. 5. Mobile is the ultimate 1:1 channel• Find, convert and engage customers = CRM approach• Create loyalty and drive repeat business• Improve ROI from media budgets (offline & digital)• Understand your customer’s behaviour Jenny Smith DOB 7th Feb 1980 First interaction 28th May 2011 Current Mobile HTC Desire S on Orange First mobile order 16th Jun 2011 value £137 Last mobile order 29th Aug 2011 value £225 QR Code user = yes App user = yes (Android) Email Responder = no follow @mobmarketing
  6. 6. Mobile consumer in your store• Price Comparisons• Customer Reviews & Ratings• Stock Checks• Coupons• Accessing Offers & Promotions• Mobile Social & Viral follow @mobmarketing
  7. 7. Delivering effective Mobile Retail Campaigns• Why Mobile – Acquisition, Retention, Loyalty, Service?• Which Mobile channel? Text, Mob Site, App, QR – all?• CTA integration? POS & Media planning & embedding• What will trigger the CTA? User expectation?• What happens next? Footfall, a lead, transaction...?• Campaign KPIs? Clicks, transactions, downloads …?• Track, measure, analyse & finetune as required. follow @mobmarketing
  8. 8. follow @mobmarketing
  9. 9. How FIREZZA does it• Behavioural Segmentation – Customer Response on Mob Site/transaction? • Track order history • Tailor offers to maximise repeat purchase and order value – No response on Mobile? Sent to WEB with VOUCHER – No response on WEB? Send SMS with HOTLINE offer follow @mobmarketing
  10. 10. How Philips Avent does it – Mobile Marketing• SMS | Mobile Site• Outbound campaign – via 3rd party database• Segmented by location and profile – “near John Lewis store” – “purchasing decision imminent”• “Come and see us”, “Pick up your free gift”, “Register for Email list” follow @mobmarketing
  11. 11. How LSO does it – Selling Mobile Tickets• App iPhone, Android, HTML5 Site• Browse Events• Purchase in-app• Instant ticket delivery – Scan tickets at venue• Loyalty scheme built-in – Reward points management• Social sharing built-in follow @mobmarketing