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Camerjam public sector masterclass wikimedia

  1. 1. Main PageWelcomeWhoWhenWhereWhyHow Roger Bamkin and Terence Eden Chair - Wikimedia UK and Moblie Phone consultant This presentation is CC-BY-SA except for logos and screen prints which are Fair Use or used with permission
  2. 2. Wikimedia’s ObjectiveMain PageWelcomeWhoWhenWhereWhyHow Most Days !!!!
  3. 3. Top Ten Global Websites – Our Impact 1. Google  No. 1. Is this where You wants to be?MainPageMain Page 2. FacebookWelcomeWho 3. YouTubeWhen 4. YahooWhere 5. Baidu.comWhy 6. Blogger.comHow 7. Wikipedia  This is us. We have 450 million users/ month 8. Windows Live 9. Twitter 10. QQ,com Your customers, your tourists & your schools use Wikipedia
  4. 4. Who are we?Main Page Foundation Wikimedia UKWelcome • Promotes values of the Foundation • Keep sites runningWho • One of 40 national chapters • Employ central staffWhen • Support freely licensed material • Run global fundraisingWhere • Member-based & volunteer-run • Liaise with Volunteer communityWhy • Donor-sourced budget • Manage new initiativesHow • Non-profit seeking charitable status • Encourage outreach by chapters • In 3rd year as an organisation • Encourage outreach
  5. 5. Why now?Main Page Wikimedia UK have an invention - QRpediaWelcomeWho We have tried it in a Museum, An Art Exhibition and PhotoWhen exhibition.Where The Domesday Book uses this technology.WhyHow Its working in England, Spain, Russia, the U.S.A. And the Netherlands We’ve been on Spanish TV, Welsh TV, Russian TV We intend to transform a community.
  6. 6. Derby MuseumMain Page In Reality On WikipediaWelcomeWhoWhenWhereWhyHow Derby Museum Derby Museum is a small regional museum The wiki article was OK
  7. 7. Wikipedians & Derby Museum curators metMain Page After one meetingWelcomeWhoWhen As a result of the meetingsWhereWhy We wrote 10-20 articlesHow The Derby Museum article spread quickly to a dozen Derby Museum article now languages mentioned ~ 40 objects. It was bigger. And better
  8. 8. We did write some articlesMain PageWelcomeWhoWhenWhere But we wanted to do more ...WhyHow We don’t want to write a few articles about Derby (or Monmouth ....)
  9. 9. In Derby we wanted to do something betterMain PageWelcome We wanted to use QR codes inWho addition to labelsWhen We installed QR codes in DerbyWhere museum on sample objectsWhy So, visitors were reading factsHow not written by curators QR Code Devised in 1994 it is used in Both Wikipedians and curators UK as a gimmick, but is could edit the Wikipedia page being adopted by business
  10. 10. QRpedia supplies pages in any languageMain PageWelcome By April all QR codes replacedWhoWhen We created a web site to receiveWhere the QRpedia requestsWhy The website recognises theHow QRpedia Code language of the users phone • First used at Derby Museums in April. It redirects to the correct article in the language defined by the phone • Allows mobile access to the Wikipedia page in Devised by Bamkin and Terence Eden your language
  11. 11. How does QRpedia work?Main PageWelcomeWho But whereWhen will we findWhere all theWhy extra textHow in French,How German , Polish etc? We will ... ... And you can do it NOW!
  12. 12. “Collateral damage” The Wikipedia article about “Derby” is now in 60Main Page languages. Most objects now have a QRpedia codeWelcomeWho However:When • Nearby bridges got articles, churches, the library next door, castles,Where archaeological sites and in different languagesWhy • Paintings that people thought were in Derby (but are not) got articlesHowHow • Paintings that were in storage got articles • People who worked for the museum in the 19th century got articles Derby Museum Video
  13. 13. We made the front pages of the main WikipediasMain PageWelcome This will result in more hits Fulfils mission to educateWho to Derby Museum’s webpage and share knowledgeWhenWhereWhyHowHow Raises interest in & status of any city across the world
  14. 14. 14,000 English people read about this paintingMain PageWelcomeWho The article was written in FrenchWhenWhere ... was translated into EnglishWhy ... and then into RussianHowHow ... onto the Russian main page Where 53,000 read about it Can we get Monmouth related paintings published with “free licenses”
  15. 15. 1,200 articles on Derby Museum exhibitsMain PageWelcomeWhoWhenWhereWhyHowHow
  16. 16. Who wrote them all?Main PageWelcomeWhoWhenWhereWhyHowHow
  17. 17. Improving a town’s Google position on the webMain PageWelcomeGoogle uses thenumber of links toWhodecide how important aWhenpage is.WhereWhyHowHow Optimisation is done using links. Derby Museum=1200 On non-English Wiki s- best UK museum will not be National Museum of Wales
  18. 18. Can we make Monmouth a hub on the map?Main PageWelcomeWhoWhenWhereWhyHowHow Can you see Monmouth Shire Hall on the French map?
  19. 19. MonmouthpediA Main pointsMain PageWelcome 1. Wikimedia UK and MCC are committed to do thisWhoWhen 2. “1,000 codes by April”WhereWhy 3. WOW!How
  20. 20. Tesco Supermarket - KoreaMain PageWelcomeWhoWhenWhereWhyHow
  21. 21. Main PageWelcomeWhoWhenWhereWhyHow
  22. 22. Thank You For your timeMain PageWelcome For listeningWhoWhen For your questionsWhere For your patienceWhyHow This presentation is CC-BY-SA except for logos and screen prints which are Fair Use or used with permission
  23. 23. QR code statisticsMain Page • Worldwide usage on growth path: Q3/2011 growing by 20.0% over Q2/2011, with daily scans coming from 141Welcome different countries around the worldWho • Barcode usage in North America continues to expandWhen in Q3 with 42.1% growth in the USA and 35.1% growthWhere in Canada compared to Q2/2011Why • QR Code activity in the Spain and Australia showed a significant growth in Q3 of 66.5%, and 50.9%How respectively over Q2/2011 • In the Czech Republic, the continues activity of our partners Seznam ( ) to promote QR Codes resulted a 65.6% growth in Q3 compared to Q2/2011
  24. 24. Bragging ListMain PageWelcome The only museum you can use in Anglo Saxon,Who Belorussian, Catalan, Danish, Esperanto, Finnish,When Galacian, ...WhereWhy The Magna Carta, Domesday book, The ColossusHow computer have our codes There are Wikipedians who support this idea and ensure its success We are building the only wiki town in the world We are shortlisted for a DTi award for mobile innovation