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Camerjam mobile travel masterclass yoc

  1. 1. Adding value through mobile web services
  2. 2. at a glanceFounded in 2000 and listed on theFrankfurt Stock Exchange since 2006210 employees across 6 EuropeanofficesOver 40 employees in the UKEstablished in the UK in 2004Turnover $35m and EBITDA $2.8mCurrent market capitalisation $65m
  3. 3. why mobile webGlobal Mobile vs. Desktop Internet User Distribution 5) [User m] Mobile browsing projected to outstrip desktop by 2014! Source: Morgan Stanley Research, April 2010 High speed mobile networks and an increased distribution of mobile data-flat rates
  4. 4. advertising why mobileIn his Mobile World Congress keynote address,former Google CEO Eric Schmidt describes themobile ecosystem as a confluence of computingpower, connectivity and cloud computing, andproclaims a new focus for the industry:“putting mobile first”Eric Schimdt, outgoing CEO Google at the WorldMobile Congress 2011
  5. 5. UK penetration of mCommerce Mobile Media •Downloaded and used a mobile app 45,000,000 mobile •Downloaded a ringtone, music track. phone users aged 18+ •Used social media in UK •Accessed the internet/any website •Purchased a product or a service 26,545,00 mobile media users (59%) M-Commerce •Used mobile for research for purchasing 22,950,000 use •Used mobile for enhancing a purchasing M-Commerce experience (51%) •Paid for something on mobile straight to bill •Paid for something on mobile via card/bank/PayPalSource: IAB Consumer M-Commerce Study October 2010, Comscore August 2010Base – All mobile users (1039)
  6. 6. mobile as a percentage of eCommerce 6.3m people 30.2m people visited visited commerce commerce sites on the sites on the fixed line internet in mobile December 2010 internet in December 2010 Mobile makes up 17% of the total UK eCommerce audience (duplicated)Source: ComScore
  7. 7. latest industry data•Ebay saw £2.1 million spent on its UKmobile site on 12th December 2010•ASOS generated £1 million of sales on itsmobile site in December 2010Source: NMA 21/1/20211 Ebay
  8. 8. huge existing demand for travel on the mobile web Mobile Traffic by Sector7,000,0006,000,0005,000,0004,000,0003,000,0002,000,000 Unique Visitors1,000,000 0 *Source: ComScore
  9. 9. large volumes of mobile web traffic even when a site is not in place.. 79,951 Unique Visits1,408,302 Unique Visits 402,107 Unique Visits 419,817 Unique Visits 200,146 Unique Visits 286,889 Unique Visits 682,045 Unique Visits 178,451 Unique Visits *Source: ComScore
  10. 10. one scalable solution delivering a premium user experienceMOBILE INTERNET
  11. 11. the challengeThe mobile market is fragmented andconstantly evolving… Hi Paul, Vielen Dank für die 1983 2000 2007 2010
  12. 12. air berlin case studyAir Berlin is Europe’s 6th largest airline,carrying 34m passengers in 2010Operate 153 aircraft with a 2010 turnoverof €3.2billion98% of Air Berlin ticket sales are madeonline at airberlin.comIn 2009 Air Berlin started to see asignificant volume of web traffic frommobile devices
  13. 13. business case for mobileWeb analytics showed 3% of traffic coming to wasfrom a mobile device99% bounce rate from homepage from mobileAir Berlin decide to invest in a suite of mobile services to meetcustomer demand and tender for a mobile partner
  14. 14. analysis of requirementsHow did we approach Air Berlin’srequirements? Competitor analysis Online content 1-2-1 customer assessment research Target market Evaluate behavioral technical analysis infrastructure
  15. 15. developing a mobile strategyThree phased mobile strategyDevelop mCommerce mobile site to meet HTML5 mobile growing consumer Develop smartphone internet experiencedemand and open up applications & create and tabletthe mobile channel to mobile CRM strategy all devices in the applications market
  16. 16. mobile internet siteFully transactional mCommerce siteBookingsCheck-inLive arrivals/departures
  17. 17. how did we integrate? Dynamic Proxy Transcoding - use website as the content source No internal IT resource requirement Filter relevant content for display on mobile FIT ML PRESENTATION LAYERCONTEXT LAYER
  18. 18. optimisationYOC’ s platform supports every global mobile deviceOptimise for all models, browsers, OS versions, userinterfaces, media attributes, screen sizes, connectiontype and script supportCurrently over 14,000 different devicesDedicated handset database team
  19. 19. phase two iPhone applicationiPhone application developed enhancing the features on the mobile siteAdditional features added including video, twitter feed & service centreOver 90,000 downloads to date and Android application planned for Q3
  20. 20. seo, sem, email marketing65% of all traffic from searchSeamless mobile experiences fromsearch results and email campaignsProduct level mobile redirects ensurethat the user is automatically redirectedto the relevant mobile page (rather thanthe standard desktop version)
  21. 21. resultsOver 170,000 flight bookings sincelaunch in July 2010200,000 mobile check-ins since launch400% increase in mobile web traffic toJanuary 2011
  22. 22. Austrian Airlines
  23. 23. promoting a mobile site
  24. 24. hotels – HRS mCommerce Site
  25. 25. apps still play an important roleYOC developed iPhone Apps for each of the travel case studiesApps have delivered strong metrics for all 4 brandsBookings on mobile web exceed bookings on apps for each brand
  26. 26. apps which truly use native functionality will continue to add valueNandez ski resort app enables users to;Explore piste map, download weather info, transmit GPS location +augmented reality piste & mountain restaurant locatorUse of native features insures app will add greater value than avaiableon the mobile web
  27. 27. questions for you...• Where does the mobile web fit into my customer journey?• How can I deliver the best “quote & buy” journey on the mobile web?• How can I insure my mobile site will deliver a great experience on the every device available today and future devices?• How can I develop a high end mobile site quickly, at low cost and without having to engage internal resources?