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Magnus Jern - Golden Gekko


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Magnus Jern - Golden Gekko

  1. 1. Magnus Jern CEO Mobile Creativity Enabled
  2. 2. Golden Gekko on how to... TAKE MOBILE CROSS PLATFORMS Mobile Creativity Enabled
  3. 3. Cross platform specialists since 2005 Team of 100+ people across 5 offices180+ apps -> past 12 months Mobile Creativity Enabled
  4. 4. More than 100 brands and agencies have put their trust in us. Mobile Creativity Enabled
  5. 5. Some achievements +50% 300.000+ viral effect downloads in 4 months 8+ Million downloads Winner of 4 0,4% of users international awards shop in app Mobile Creativity Enabled
  6. 6. Everyone talks about iPhone and Android... ...but the Mobile OS war is still ongoing Other 5% UK Worldwide Symbian 4% Other 15% iOS 25% Android iOS 13% 41% Symbian Blackberry 30% 15% Blackberry 37% Android 15% Android is the fastest growing platform going from 3% to 13% market share in the last year Mobile Creativity Enabled
  7. 7. PROCESSGolden Gekko helps marketers navigatethrough the fragmented world of mobile apps and websites, including HTML5 Mobile Creativity Enabled
  8. 8. User centric design Agreeobjectives / targets Build User prototype testing Integrate final Visualise app / site Identify concept use cases Quality Assurance OptimiseKICK OFF DESIGN PROTYPE DEVELOP Mobile Creativity Enabled
  9. 9. 1 Customer TouchpointsIdentifying the use cases • Magazines/TV/Fashion shows 8 • Social Networks 2 • Friends & Family • TV • Billboards/Outdoor adverts • Reminder to come back • Magazines • Special offers in your store • Online (Web or Mobile) • Exclusive opening hours • Youtube • New collections/products • E-mail/SMS Cooupon/voucher Inspire Keep Adverts Engaging • Browsing • Wear the products products/fashion • Product/Service feedback • Store locator • Review/Rate products • Finding if/where 3 7 • Share info/photos Post Online product available about products with Visit • Shop online friends • Community (social Customer media room) Journey Cashier Outside Store • Paying for the products In Store • Signing up for loyalty program • Window shopping • Returning products • Interact outside of opening • Requesting assistance (size, etc) hours • Coffee shop nearby talking • Finding what you want about what to buy (size, color, etc) 6 • Assistance from staff 4 • Free browsing • Trying on the clothes 5 Mobile Creativity Enabled
  10. 10. The Key Use Cases are built around... First impressions -> homepage Search -> Navigation and Keywords Search Result or Browsing Product PagesShopping Basket -> Adding and Navigation Purchase -> Checkout Registration/Login -> Filling in details Delivery -> Distribution followup Returns/Refunds -> Notifications and confirmations Mobile Creativity Enabled
  11. 11. Background Example - MANGO MNGMango contacted Golden Gekko early2010 to develop a mobile presence thatwould stand out from the rest of thecompetition. Outperforming all targets: 300k+ downloads and 0.5% purchase rate after 3 months Mobile Creativity Enabled
  12. 12. Critical Success Factors End-to-end experience – mobile is everywhere Simplicity -> Consumers want an app/site that is as easy to use as their desktop app Customers expect same functionality/content on mobile as onlineUser Interaction -> Needs to be treated different betweenplatforms, screen sizes and input (Tablets, touch screen, Qwerty, etc) Reliability -> Key to success (off-line, crashes, etc) – must test on target devices Speed -> Performance make a huge difference Mobile Creativity Enabled
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  15. 15. Mobile Creativity Enabled