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Paul Mcnea - paythru

  1. 1. m-commerce – some big stats! Impulse culture – by 2015, over half of consumer spending will be immediate and opportunistic (2008 Henley Centre) 21.4 % of people supporting the survivors of the Haiti earthquake did via text. 7% of donations were made via a mobile phone. 70% of mobile internet access takes place in the home 87% of users access mobile internet more than once a day (Source: Buzz City/ GoMoNews Feb 2009) 2012 the number of mobile payment users -190 million, 3 % of total mobile users worldwide (source: Gartner Research) $200 billion of digital and physical goods globally by 2012, compared to just less than $100 billion this year (2010) [source:Juniper Research] 4.5 billion apps will be downloaded in 2010 across all platforms, generating $6.8 bn of sales [source:Gartner Research] 2014, 90% mobile penetration rate and 6.5 billion mobile connections predicted and 3 billion of the worlds adult population will be able to transact via mobile (source: Gartner Research)
  2. 2. you’re familiar with POS… use this… and this… to pay for goods or services
  3. 3. you may not be familiar with this… use this… and this… to pay for goods or services
  4. 4. what concerns consumers? Ease of use – simplicity is key especially for payments Security / privacy o Reading credit card details out in public o Reading credit card details out to call centre staff o Security and commercial risk of funds in an e-wallet o Java software apps – virus risk, maintenance…….and hassle o Data stored on the phone – what happens if mobile is stolen – identity theft and fraud Trust – responding to brands they engage with Cost
  5. 5. Mobile site or apps (or both)? The number of mobile applications available has grown dramatically iTunes : o April 2009 1 Billion. Jan 2011,10 Billion Android App downloads have now overtaken iOS App downloads There is an opportunity to make direct sales from Apps work for retail brands Mobile websites allow customers flexibility in how they interact with a brand o Impulsive o Responsive Mobile websites can be accessed from most handsets o communicating with a much broader market than Apps Combining Apps and Mobile websites can = powerful mobile engagement strategy
  6. 6. Frictionless payments A mobile device is another channel to engage brands. Customers expect to have the same experience on mobile as they do on the web Customers often let down by payments on mobile - 40% reporting they abandoned mobile sites Customers expect to be able to pay in the same way as they would from any other online point: using their credit or debit cards, without pre-registration Customers expect the payment mechanism to be easier than their experience on the web - they want a simple single click payment process. Customers want to replicate familiarity and security found online
  7. 7. the mobile payment eco-system Mobile devices are merely another channel to engage brands Should provide the same experience on mobile as the web Direct operator billing, premium SMS E-wallet systems NFC Credit and debit card payments
  8. 8. Key innovations in mobile payments Payments charged directly from credit or debit cards as online experience giving customers more choice on payment methods PCI DSS Level 1 (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) which means you can hold credit card details to create a single click payment system The ability to recognise and adapt the payment view for the particular handset, optimising the customer experience and streamlining the journey to the checkout No downloads or data stored on the phone No pre-registration or wallet required by the consumer which means they can respond directly to advertising and direct marketing campaigns No purchase value limitation – no micro-payment constraints
  9. 9. Does it work, whats in it for me? Increase revenue o 23 million Brits have used mobile phone to make payments/redeem coupons/ research products and services, (IAB Research). 51% of British mobile phone owners o Retailers - Marks & Spencer, John Lewis, Tesco and Debenhams have announced major mobile initiatives in the last quarter. ASOS, John Lewis and Marks & Spencer have developed mobile sites on the .mobi platform o 59% of retailers expect their mobile revenues to increase over the next 12 months. 94% see it as a real opportunity for their business Improve conversion rates o FOSSIL - "We increased our conversion rate through the mobile channel by 30% just by improving mobile usability...We also saw increased revenues of 43% on mobile devices for the holiday period”
  10. 10. Cont’d.............. Create a targeted and focused marketing campaign Increase marketing efficiency using the phone unique characteristics such as Geo Location or SMS o Targeting location-specific audience by city or region o Google says local intent is behind one third of mobile searches
  11. 11. paythru summary paythru works with any phone, on any network and handles all major international currencies Customers simply enter credit card number, expiry date and mobile number Extra information such as Gift Aid or Promotional Codes can be collected paythru collects the data, handles the transaction and pays the funds into your merchant account – immediately paythru gives merchants higher conversion rate It is secure, no data stored on the handset. Customers can shop with multiple merchants once they have used paythru for the first time
  12. 12. thank you text: demo to 67766email: phone: +44 (7720) 86583 web: