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Sir Peter Housden - Scottish Government


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Sir Peter Housden - Scottish Government

  1. 1. CAMERAS Conference 2012 18 April 2012 Peter Housden Permanent Secretary
  2. 2. Public Services in Scotland Competence and innovation Paths not taken
  3. 3. Essentials in ScotlandOutcomes for individuals, families andcommunitiesStrategic alignmentAt a variety of spatial levels
  4. 4. Four PillarsA decisive shift towards preventionGreater integration of public services at a local leveldriven by better partnership, collaboration and effectivelocal deliveryGreater investment in the people who deliver servicesthrough enhanced workforce development and effectiveleadership; andA sharp focus on improving performance, throughgreater transparency, innovation and use of digitaltechnology
  5. 5. Scottish Government Civil Service Business Strategy Choices for Scotland Flavours A Scotland that works A Creative Scotland Being the Scotland we want to see People Strategy Organisational Development Workforce 2015 Improvement Programme
  6. 6. £ Millions (2010-11 Prices) 20,000 22,000 24,000 26,000 28,000 30,0002007/08 32,0002008/092009/102010/112011/122012/132013/142014/15 Current CSR2015/162016/17 2010/11 Prices2017/182018/192019/202020/21 Projection2021/222022/23 Scottish Government DEL Expenditure2023/24
  7. 7. Devolution Settlement OpportunityCompetence Transition Plans Elephant traps
  8. 8. Sticking with the Knitting (Business Strategy)Effective change managementLeadership behavioursWorkforce engagementTalent management and succession planning