camera13Invest in a corporate video13/10/12 camera13                                                                      ...
Invest in a corporate video13/10/12 camera13Don’t be afraid. Engage:When confronted with Television please remember that V...
Invest in a corporate video13/10/12 camera13A few more things to consider in this regard:    •   Don’t forget to inform yo...
Invest in a corporate video13/10/12 camera13Partner with Camera13For us at camera13, apart from scripting, filming and edi...
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How to brief a video production company


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Video for Internet is on the rise. Often corporate folks are confronted with the task to produce a video for internal or external purposes, but dont know where to start. Start here.

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How to brief a video production company

  1. 1. camera13Invest in a corporate video13/10/12 camera13 camera13 Hawthorn Village 2434 Short Street 2055 Fourways Johannesburg South Africa Tel: + 27 82 263 5373 boris @ http://www.camera13.comHow to brief a video production company for your next video Johannesburg, the 13th of January 2013So you’ve decided to invest in a corporate video. Creating a video is a great idea,seeing as market penetration via mobile and fixed media is on the rise. But not everyvideo is entirely helpful and good for business. We’re going to give you a few tips tomake sure you get the most out of your video production efforts.Now, then and later.The first thing you need to do is ask yourself a few questions. Here’s a quick guide ofwhat you, your marketing team and PR professionals need to decide on before youcan get started: • What is the video for? • Audience/Reach: Who is going to watch it? Where are people going to see it? • What is the lifespan of video? • Pick a genre. How should it look? o something you have seen on you YouTube, or on TV? o Make a note of what you think works best. • Cost, Turnaround Time, Choice of Video Service Providers.After you’ve completed these questions, we could assist you in guiding your ideas into actionto produce a video of a particular duration for a specific audience.Are you going to spread your video online?In this day and age, many people are looking to spread their videos on social media. This iseasier said than done. If your goal is to spread your video via social media shares and likes,make sure you produce a short version. Ideally, a viral video (that gets shared by socialmedia users) should be between 30 seconds and 1 minute. It’s also in your best interest toproduce a longer version of between 5 – 7 minutes for people who aren’t necessarily clickingto your video via social media platforms.If your video isn’t being produced for the public, but rather for internal viewers, make sureit’s personal and that you speak to your audience directly.camera13 video and multimedia cc, Registration number: 2004/121780/23
  2. 2. Invest in a corporate video13/10/12 camera13Don’t be afraid. Engage:When confronted with Television please remember that Video recordings with camera, crewand gear can be intimidating. Keeping in mind that you are in charge; its your production.You know best of why you want, or at least are in charge of knowing.Often the commissioning party team hands over the task and then lets the productioncompany run with it.By the time you watch the video presented it its first version, the realisation might occur thatyou wanted it differently.Costs shall now increase, suddenly time pressure is up. More time is spend. Suddenly youfind yourself involved.Which is a good thing, if you would have started with it at the beginning.A good and precise video production is a joint-venture between client and video serviceprovider, in the sense that both parties have to gain insight of each other.This understanding shall create positive results, as it assists in managing expectations andfocusing on the HD Video product.Determining your exist strategyMost people don’t really think about the so-called “expiry date” of their videos.Different videos have different purposes and life spans. This is what you need toknow: • Topical, current affairs remarks of people in video date your product. Keep this in mind during script writing and video production. • You can get the most out of your marketing videos if they’re not limited to a certain month or year (in other words, they should be timeless). This allows for a fresh and dynamic feel to the audiovisual. • Using employees and known faces of an organisation for your video has many advantages, which may override the risk of outdating. If Staff fluctuation impacts on your video in a way that half the people featuring in your production are not members of the organisation anymore – then maybe you need a video update. • Using neutral actors and presenters may increase the overall shelf time of your video.After delivering your ideas, thoughts and considerations as per check list above to aproduction house, or videography service, set up a meeting to make sure the written briefwas understood and communicated properly to everyone involved in the video’s production.They should be able to provide you with results and progression reports to inform you aboutvideo shooting days and status of editing – or postproduction.As the person responsible for the results of the video, you will be the first person watching itafter it has been produced. Make notes and arrange a team viewing (try to include peoplewho aren’t involved in the project to get some objective input and comments). After this,send a detailed report to discuss changes, likes and dislikes. Your proposed changes shouldbe given to production house in writing, so they know what needs to be done. Take notethat these changes could cost you extra, depending on how it has been quoted.It’s imperative that your brief is followed and that you feel comfortable with the results.The quality, storytelling and ability to engage your audience is what makes a videoworthwhile.camera13 video and multimedia cc, Registration number: 2004/121780/23
  3. 3. Invest in a corporate video13/10/12 camera13A few more things to consider in this regard: • Don’t forget to inform your production house of choice “how the video will be used where”. It makes a difference if the produced video will be used as a PowerPoint video in the middle of a presentation, or if as opening sequence showcased at a gala dinner. • Keep an eye on the production, inform yourself and get involved • Make sure you obtain all necessary permissions of third party elements in your video. People who speak in the video need to be titled correctly. Ideally have them signing a micro form1 or document stating that permission is granted for use.Corporate Video Productions real cost and hidden advantages:Turn your spending into an asset.Allow yourself to attach more value to any video your organisation commissions andproduces.Naturally the value lies in the initial screening of your video in its designed purpose.True for all your video, graphics, media - No matter if the generated material led to SafetyVideos, Tv Advertisements, corporate event videos or other – you may use or allow others touse your material your material in a controlled manner. Any audiovisual production and moreimportantly the shot raw material, inclusive of all digital artworks and neutral by-productshave to be obtained and securely archived. Create, start, or add to your video library.Legacy building through audiovisuals.Utilizing older video material in a new production makes it special. Highlighting the successesof the past, adding credibility to organisation and key people. Not only does it make yourproduction more interesting it also costs less. This commonly used method is often found inday soap operas and Reality Drama TV formats.Still don’t know where to start?If you’ve been put in charge of the video production but have no idea where tostart, here’s a quick checklist that you should answer in order to get the ball rolling: • What is the purpose of the video? • How long does the video need to be? • Who is the video for? • How long will the video be relevant for your target audience? • Who’s shooting and producing the video? • Who’s helping me with the process?camera13 video and multimedia cc, Registration number: 2004/121780/23
  4. 4. Invest in a corporate video13/10/12 camera13Partner with Camera13For us at camera13, apart from scripting, filming and editing videos for all types of mediafields, it has increasingly become a substantial part of our services offering to ensure notonly the production but also the delivery of high quality experience for your chosenaudience. This is true for a good viewing experience through ideal compression to maximizeYoutube experience on-line, as well as it is important to a live audience at a conference viaHD Event Projection for smooth Audio and Video. We think video. Our impact on your videodepends on our communication and understanding with each other. If we have understoodyour message – so will your audience.After initial contact, we shall engage and learn about your plans, or ideas for a potentialvideo. We then suggest a detailed way forward and inform you about our ideas ofimplementation. Preferably, a face to face meeting shall allow for decision made towards abudget proposal and cornerstone data around the production, like potential time-line,request for internal or external interview partner. When we roll camera you shall haveenough information to make sense of it and are welcome to ask questions.Contact us for more information about video production services in South Africa.Boris Friedel, camera13camera13 video and multimedia cc, Registration number: 2004/121780/23