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Group Weibo Account Analysis


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Group Weibo Account Analysis

  1. 1. Group Weibo Account Analysis (Three Different Kinds of Successful Weibo Account) Translated from 2011-5-集团帐号模式 forsocialbeta1. Adidas Content: products Commentary and forwarding information/offline the information of V users activities/ clothing match/ and official website attitude towards life Adidas Collaboration between each Interaction with users (reply account (adidas comments and arrange football/adidas basketball activities) etc)Type: Dandelion Communication Model
  2. 2. Matters Advantages need attention +Each account Enlarge the should be coverage of maintaining information and independence strengthen its otherwise influence by information forwarding redundancy +Dont forward weibo frequently otherwise users are disturbed2. Wanda Film Centre Content: official account Feature of account: one focus on brand construction official account + different and local accounts arrange local accounts different local activities Wanda Film Centre Every local accounts in Attach great importance to charge of forwarding weibo localization from the official accountType: Hub mode
  3. 3. • transfer information from centre to local directly Advantages • arrange local activities to attract local users Matters • different local accounts have to focus on different people need • pay attention to regional diversity attention3. Yiguan Group one official account, many Features of account: business leaders and professional, followers are professors account, specific high-end crowds accounts (e.g. news, events) Yiguan Group Business leaders have a focus on people who are strong influence on industry belonging to the related trends industiresType: Binary Star Mode
  4. 4. business leaders in one company people like to listen other must be the outstanding personspeoples opinon so that business in the industires and they haveleaders weibo has more power to publish their own valuable than official account opinions constantly