Procedure of Brazilian Hair Weaving


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In this document we illustrate the procedure of Brazilian hair weave extension. Selection process also is very much important. For more info call us at 877-319-4536

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Procedure of Brazilian Hair Weaving

  1. 1. Procedure of Brazilian Hair Weaving
  2. 2. Brazilian hair is the real humanhair, it have the nice soft texture.In retail shop you can get lots ofhair weaving option. Ordinaryhair weaving not be treated asthe natural human hair but itsometimes get out of control. Butthis is not happening withbrazilian hair weave.
  3. 3. In this Brazilian hair extension you candryer them, straight them, use anycolor on them or even swim with them.Bu they will remain as soft as naturalas ever before. Here we illustrate someinformation on this procedure.
  4. 4. Every person’s hair is braided onhis scalp. It may be in thehorizontally or vertically. Weavepieces are cornrowed with thickthread. Due to thick thread ofBrazilian hair it stays firmly forthe longer period. Number ofweave pieces and braidedcornrows depends on how muchheavy hair style you need.
  5. 5. After your head is weaved by allhairs then use Brazilian weave onthe top of braids. You don’t need tomix with your own hair to theweaving hair. Then you can use thebang it may be parted bang in oneside or in front as you want.
  6. 6. • Taking care of the Brazilian HairdoAlways try to use good shampoo or conditioner. Wash your haironly once or two times in a week. Take the shampoo in the tipof your finger and massage it between tow rows of Brazilianweave hair. Then rinse it with lot of water. The most importantthing after the shampoo that blow your hair until it becamedry. Don’t put it in the moist or wet.
  7. 7. For Wholesale BrazilianHair WeaveAddress: 6029 s.Croft, StLos Angeles, CA, 90056phone: 877-319-4536