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Final Project

  1. 1. New technology: Start car with cell phone app Did you ever wish you could start your car with your cell phone? Wish came true! New app allows drivers to start car with cell phone.
  2. 2. A Review of Prior Similar Technologies • Radio waves • Limited features • Limited distance • New solution: cell phone app
  3. 3. Differentiating characteristics/ features of the new technology • Start vehicle app • Nissan’s Leaf • App availability • SmartStart app/Blackberry • Cellular/Wi-Fi Service
  4. 4. Benefits to Business? Current Future Remote start car from miles away (do not have to be in sight or even within 1 mile!) Ability to track start/stop times remotely and integrate with GPS systems to indicate driver/employee trends, offering more precise training which could save company or business money Unlock car with smartphone when keys/keyless entry remotes are misplaced/lost/stolen/locked inside automobile Allows for real time data of starts/stops, and cost associated with activities. Receive alerts quickly and efficiently on smartphone. Alarm notification means drivers/operators/owners do not actually need to hear alarm Current technology could be further automated with regards to automobile vitals, scheduling appointments for maintenance automatically and storing data into control systems for future use by data miners Monitor fuel, oil, air pressure levels and other important maintenance related details, providing real time data and easing additional monitoring cost associated with maintenance Free up tedious/redundant task related to maintenance, checking, and monitoring Remote start allows the driver to pre-cool/warm the vehicle before entering, cutting down on engine wear and fuel cost Camera and video feed integration could be used to monitor theft or damaged caused by foreign entities Available support for industry standard smartphones such as iPhone, Android, and Blackberry Pre-developed platform and global support makes implementation of new beneficial technology cost efficient and easy
  5. 5. Strategic implications of automotive applications • Statistics show optimism for wireless industry • Current applications and advantages • Emerging automotive technologies • Some disadvantages of the technology
  6. 6. Benefits vs Costs remotely lock and unlock doors Requires $500 adapter turn off the engine Limited software: blackberry series and Iphone only pinpoint a vehicle's location using GPS technology membership ($280 annually, or $520 for mbrace PLUS).
  7. 7. Video interview
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  9. 9. Contribution Table Vanessa Ramon 20% Reece Barnett 20% Cambridge Godwin 20% Serge Akpabie Akue 20% Bradley Roberts 20% TOTAL 100%
  10. 10. Contribution Table Vanessa Ramon 20% Reece Barnett 20% Cambridge Godwin 20% Serge Akpabie Akue 20% Bradley Roberts 20% TOTAL 100%